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So jaa raajkumaari so jaa

Posted on: June 13, 2011

I became aware of the movie “Zindagi” (1940) only just recently, but I was familiar with a couple of songs from this movie for some four decades. I had been listening to these songs at the srtoke of 8 AM on radio many a times in 1970s.

One of these songs is Main kyaa jaanoon kyaa jaadoo hai , which I have already discussed. The other well known song from this movie is “So jaa raajkumaari so jaa”. This must be one of the first lullaby in Hindi movies, if not the first. We are mostly used to lullabies sung by female singers , but here is a lullaby sung by a male singer. And it is easily one of the most well known Hindi movie lullabies sung by a male singer.

Here is this timeless song from “Zindagi” (1940). It is sung by K L Saigal and it is picturised on him as well. Kidar Sharma is the lyricist. Music is composed by Pankaj Mullick.

Song-So jaa raajkumari so jaa (Zindagi ) (1940) Singer-K L Saigal, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma, MD-Pankaj Mullick


so jaa aa
so jaa aa

so jaa raajkumaari ee
so jaa
so jaa raajkumaari ee
so jaa aa
so jaa main balihaari ee
so jaa
so jaa raajkumaari
so jaa

so jaa meethhe sapne aayen aen
sapnon mein pea daras dikhaayen
so jaa meethhe sapne aayen
sapnon mein pea daras dikhaayen
ud kar roopnagar mein jaayen aen
ud kar roopnagar mein jaayen
roopnagar ki sakhiyaan aayen aen
roopnagar ki sakhiyaan aayen
raajaji maala pahnaayen
choome maang(?) tihaari so jaa
so jaa raajkumaari
so jaa
so jaa raajkumaari ee
so jaa

3 Responses to "So jaa raajkumaari so jaa"

Kidar Sharma (KS) had originally written this song as a lullaby for his wife Raj Dulari [‘so jaa raj dulari so jaa, so jaa main bulhari so jaa]. Saigal liked this song so much that he put immense pressure on KS to offer it to the public. Finally with consent from his wife, KS agreed and it was altered to ‘so jaa rajkumari so jaa’.

[Source : THE ONE AND LONELY KIDAR SHARMA – An Anecdotal Autobiography]


in the book Saigal sangeet , the full lyrics for this beautiful and melodious song are as under:
so jaa , so jaa
so jaa rajkumari so ja ,
so jaa mein balihari so jaa , so jaa rajkumari so jaa .
so jaa meethe sapne aye , swapno me pea daras dikhaye
udakar roop nagar mein jaye ,
roop nagar ki sakheeya aye,(2)
choome maang tihari , so jaa,
so jaa rajkumari so jaa (2)
it seems that the two lines in capitals add meaning to this song.
hope to hear from you. thanks


I listened to the song again, with headphone on. The lyrics contained in the write up are accurate based on the song whose link is provided in the writeup. The diction of Saigal in this song is crystal clear and there is no room for ambiguity as far as I am concerned.


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