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Ab to aa jaao

Posted on: June 17, 2011

“Raakhi” (1949) is a movie about which very little information is available online. I became aware of this movie when I came across a few songs from this movie.

Here is a song from this movie. This “calling the beloved” song is sung by Geeta Dutt. Sarshar Sailaani is the lyricist . Music is composed by Husnlal Bhagatram.

I request my knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this movie and this song. I have not been able to get the words properly in the last paragraph. So corrections/filling in the missing words by readers with keener ears will help us fill in the gaps in the lyrics.

PS-From the details given by our extremely knowledgeable reader Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh,it appears that this song is picturised on Kamini Kaushal.

song-Ab to aa jaao (Raakhi) (1949) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Sarshar Sailaani, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


seene mein aag aankhon mein paani liye huye
baithhi hoon dil mein daag e jawaani liye huye
nigaahon mein andhera thha
kahaan hai
ab to aa jaao
nigaahon mein andhera thha
kahaan hai
ab to aa jaao
tadap kar dil hamen tadpaa rahaa hai
ab to aa jaao

tumhaari raah kab tak
raat din dekha kare koi
kisi ka dam labon par aa rahaa hai
ab to aa jaao
kisi ka dam labon par aa rahaa hai
ab to aa jaao
nigaahon mein andhera chhaa rahaa hain
ab to aa jaao

bahut tadpaa chuke
tadpa chuke thukra chuke ham ko
zamaanaa bhi hamen thukraa rahaa hai
ab to aa jaao
zamaanaa bhi hamen thukraa rahaa hai
ab to aa jaao
nigaahon mein andhera chhaa rahaa hain
ab to aa jaao

tumhaari ?? pe
aankhon mein
mari (?) begam jahaan se jaa rahaa hai
ab to aa jaao
mari(?) begam jahaan se jaa rahaa hai
ab to aa jaao
nigaahon mein andhera chhaa rahaa hain
ab to aa jaao


9 Responses to "Ab to aa jaao"

Atul ji,
RAKHI,produced by Prakash Pictures and Directed by Dr.Shanti kumar,famous in that era for tear jerkers(like AANSOO,for example),had music by Husn/Bhagatram.The story,dialogues and screenplay was by Shams Lucknowi.
The cast was Karan Diwan,Kamini Kaushal,Pran,Ulhas,Gope,Kuldeep,Yashodhara,Urvashi,Raj Adeeb(younger brother of Prem Adeeb),Urvashi etc.etc.
Shankar(Pran) is the brother of Kamini and is a vagabond.Because of him ,the sister suffers quite a lot,but ties a Rakhi always.Shankar is arrested for fraud and is in Police custoy,when Karan Diwan -his sister’s husband is accused of Murder,which he has not done.Knowing this,Shankar runs away from lock up to get the real culprit and when he does,he is shot and dies in the arms of sister Kamini-who ties a Rakhi on his wrist as it is the Rakhi Poonam that day.Highly melodramatic indeed !

As mentioned by Sudhir, I too look forward to your comments. The information that you regularly furnish in this blog are not to be found elsewhere. I know, because I have searched for such information elsewhere. We are indeed privileged to have you as a valued member of this community of music lovers.

Arun ji,

Hats off sir, to your depth of information and knowledge of Hindi movies of the earlier years. Whenever there is a question on this blog, I am eagerly awaiting a comment to appear from you. And almost never disappointed. 🙂

Truly remarkable.


Atul ji and Sudhir ji,

I am truely embarrassed by your appreciation.Thank you very much.
It is always my endeavour to provide required information in as interesting manner as possible by adding some asides/anecdotes.
I feel honoured to be associated with this monumental project.

Arun sir,
it is astonishing to see that you have so much of knowledge about old films,actors,singers etc.I wonder how you must have gathered such vast information !
While reading your notes,I go into a trance and relive those days.
Thank you,sir.

Thank you,Boodhemiyan ji.

Missing Lyrics are:
Tumhari deed ko atki hui hai jaan aankhon mein
Mareez-e-ishq jahan se ja raha hai ab to aa jaao

Second line is

Mareez-e-ghan jahan se jaa raha hai ab to aa jaao

Srry yet again. It seems my fingers are not working properly today.

It is

Mareez-e-gham jahan se……..

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