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Dil ka na karna aitbaar koi

Posted on: July 1, 2011

“Halaaku” (1956) is a movie which may not be remembered much today, but what a musical extravaganza it was ! The movie has one great song after another following each other.

I have discussed three songs from this movie in the past. Here is another song from this movie that I became aware of only after our regular reader and contributor Mr Prakashchandra sent its lyrics to me.

This song is sung by Rafi and Lata. Rafi sings just a few lines and these lines are lip synced by a bit actor playing a guard. Bulk of the singing is done by Lata and it is picturised on Helen. Yes, it is a Helen song sung by Lata ! And we thought that Helen songs were sung by Asha Bhonsle !

Here is this fabulous song from “Halaaku” (1956) which is written by Shailendra and its music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

This is a song where both Rafi and Lata are at the prime of their singing prowess. The lyrics is nice and the music is fantastic.

I request our knowledgeable readers to help identify the junior artist who had the good fortune to lip sync a song in Rafi’s voice.



Song-Dil ka na karna aitbaar koi (Halaaku) (1956) Singers-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

ho o o o
ho o o o
ho o o o

dil ka na karna aitbaar koi
ho o o o
bhoole se bhi na karna pyaar koi
dil ka na karna aitbaar koi
dil ka na karna aitbaar koi
ho o o o
bhoole se bhi na karna pyaar koi

laakh manaaya ,
dil na maana
jaan ke dhokhe mein,
aaya deewaana
jaan ke dhokhe mein ,
aaya deewaana
aayaa deewaana
kiska hua hai , dil-e-zaar koi
ho o o ,
kiska hua hai di-e-zaar koi
dil ka na karna aitbaar koi
dil ka na karna aitbaar koi
ho o o o
bhoole se bhi na karna pyaar koi

kyun kehte ho,
pyaar kiya thha
keh do kisi se dard liya thha
keh do kisi se dard liya thha
dard liya thha
badle mein le gaya qaraar koi
ho o o
badle mein le gaya qaraar koi
dil na ka na karna aitbaar koi
dil ka na karna aitbaar koi
ho o o o
bhoole se bhi na karna pyaar koi

doobe sitaare, khoye nazaare
phir na milenge dil ke sahaare
phir na milenge dil ke sahaare
dil ke sahaare
karta rahega intezaar koi
ho o o
karta rahega intezaar koi
dil ka na karna aitbaar koi
dil ka na karna aitbaar koi
ho o o o
bhoole se bhi na karna pyaar koi

23 Responses to "Dil ka na karna aitbaar koi"

Atul ji,

I may be making a bold statement here, and I request other readers, especially Arun ji, to correct or confirm. This is what I have been able to find out about the male actor who accompanies Helen in this song.

The name in the film credits is WM Khan. I matched this with a photo that I have of WM Khan, and find that this the actor. As I checked the Geet Kosh for the film Halaaku, the name is fully spelt out as Wazir Mohammed Khan. I was a bit taken aback. Wazir Mohammed Khan is the same name that is listed in the credits of the first Hindi talkie movie Alam Ara (1931). And this actor is credited with singing the first song on the Hindi film screen, ‘De de khuda ke naame pe pyaare’.

I tried some more search, and find that the film Alam Ara was remade in 1956. The notes in Geet Kosh say that Wazir Mohammed Khan, the singer of the first song (in 1931) also acts in this remake in 1956, after a gap of 25 years. And the film includes a reprise of the original song ‘De de khuda ke naame pe pyaare’, sung again by Wazir Mohammed Khan himself, in 1956.

I further recall that the film Alam Ara was produced a third time in 1973. As I looked up the Geet Kosh for the details of this 1973 version, once again the name Wazir Mohammed Khan is present, and the accompanying notes clearly state that it is the same person who also acted in the 1931 and 1956 versions. Following up with more search on the net for films for this actor, I find that he continues to appear in the movies well into the decade of 70s.

So unless this is some amazing co-incidence, the person accompanying Helen in this song is none other than the renowned Wazir Mohammed Khan who sang the first song in Hindi films.

I think we are face to face with an original legend here.

Again request Arun ji and others to please confirm or correct.



This is a really amazing discovery. Let us wait for others to react to this fact.


Sudhir ji / Atul ji,
I too spent few hours since your revealations on this song to fathom information,from available matters with me.I have following points:
1) In my opinion,it is unlikely that the artist is W.M.Khan,because,at the time of Aalam Aara(AA),he must have been atleast 25 to 30 years,as he had,by then, acted in atleast 15 silent films-according to Dr.Ashok Ranade in his book”Music beyond boundaries”.
It means by Halaaku’s time he would be around 45 to 50 years.The artist in the song looks quite young.
2) W.M.Khan has sung “aye mere pyare watan” from Kabuliwala on the screen.If you see him he looks quite aged and different in 1961.
3) I also checked his photo.Except an impressive nose(a common facial feature in all Pushtu Pathans-like the kapoor khandan,for example),there does not seem to be any similarity.
4) W.M.Khan was in Halaaku,but is it possible that he did some other role ?
5) To me,the artist looks to be one of the choreographers,like Satyanarayana always featured in such type of songs.

I must,however,appreciate Sudhir ji for his enthusiasm and eagerness to get the truth-as always !


Yes, the artist lip syncing Rafi does look quite young.


Whether it is “Tu bemisaal hai, teri tareef kya karoon” sung by rafi,(I think it is from BRAHMACHARI)??????


This is interesting discussion. I had never heard of W M Khan. I thought “Aye Mere Pyaare watan” was picutrised on Balraj Sahani. I saw it again yesterday, there are a no. of people in that room where Balraj Sahani is listening to the song.

About the song “Dil ka na karna aitbaar koi” : These songs are like long lost friends. Heard it many times on vividh Bharati, only thing i remembered was a Lata-Rafi duet song with rafi singing only one line in the stanza’s. And that it is a very melodious song. Thanx to Prakashchandra ji, i have it again.

There is another Rafi song which i am trying to remember for some time now. It has a single line in the stanza or mukhda which is repeated 4-5 times and each time it is sung in a different way/style. It is well known song and for the life of me, i cannot remember the words or tune. It could to be OPN or S-J song.


Do you mean this song ?:
Ye chaand sa roshan chehra(Kashmir ki kali)(1964)


Not this song. This also has the line “tareef karun kya uski” repeated at the end. I am looking for another song.


Look like i have found the song, this could be it :

I meant the line ” Salaamat Raho ” repeated 3 times and four times is the end, each line is sung differently. Must be the only example of this kind, at the higher pitch and speed of the song.


Oops,sorry, I have posted my mail above the question asked by “nahm”ji

Whether it is Rafi`s song “Tu bemisaal hai teri tareef kya karoon ???(from BRAHMACHARI)?


Thanx for trying, but this is not the song. This may not be Shammi Kapoor song, i am not sure. There are thosuands of song, may be it will come to mind one fine day and it will be posted here on this blog, or i will find it somewhere like a long lost friend.



Atul ji,

Due to our discussion on W.M.Khan,we have taken the name of India’s FIRST talkie AALAM AARA many times.Since no songs from this film are available,you are not likely to discuss about this film.
For the benefit of our readers,I am putting up a small write up about this film.We cant expect our younger generation to know about this heritage,unless they are informed about it.
AALAM AARA was produced by Ardeshir Irani,in 1931.the cast included:
Master Vitthal
Prithviraj Kapoor
Jagdish Sethi
W.M.Khan(Wazir Mohammed Khan)
L.V.Prasad(he is the same Prasad,who became a very big Producer and Director in South) etc.
The length of the film was 10000 feet and the total cost of the entire movie was a staggering amount of Rs.40,000 !
The movie had many songs.Generally believed to be 7 songs,but some researchers put the figure at 50.
The first song was : De de khudake naam pyare
Taqat ho gar dene ki,
kuch chahe agar to maang le mujhse,
himmat ho gar lene ki.
This song was actually and on the screen sung by W.M.Khan,who acted the part of a Faqir.Since there was no playback singing,he had to sing it loudly and with the accompaniment of Tabla,Harmonium and Violine.The players had to be careful not to come in the frame,as it was shot live.With this kind of circus,it is unlukely that this first talkie had 50 songs !
Wellknown producer/director of 40s and50s,Mehboob khan was to do the Hero’s role,but it was felt that Master Vithal(called India’s Douglus Fairbanks,because of his handsome looks)was more suitable.So Vithal,who was on the pay roll of Sharada Movies was signed by Irani.
Once the shooting started,Sharada Movies dragged Vithal to court for breach of contract.That time Barrister Mohd.Ali Jinnah defended Master Vithal in court.
After few days’ shooting it was realised that Master Vithal,who was famous in silent movies,had a difficulty in speaking in Hindustani.He was summarily removed and Mehboob was called.This time Vithal went to court with Mohd.Ali Jinnah and Irani had to continue with Master Vithal.
To counter the Hero’s disability in communication,Vithal,who did the role of Army Chief,was either shown wounded,unconcious or murmurring,in the film !
The story was about a prediction of a Faqir about who will be the next king,out of the two queens’ sons.despite the efforts of Dilbahar(the bad queen),the son of Navbahar(the good queen) marries the daughter of the Army chief,and becomes King.
Aalam Aara was the end result of Ardeshir Irani’s efforts.He was the Producer,Director,Lyricist,Story writer,screenplay writer and distributor of AALAM AARA.

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Arun ji,

Thanks for this informative write up on Alam Ara. As always, you add so much more anecdotal information, than is generally available elsewhere.

Regarding the number of songs in the movie, an additional input from my side. A little while back, I had a telephonic conversation with Mr. Harmandir Singh Hamraaz, (whose indefatigable efforts have brought about the compilation of the Hindi Film Geet Kosh). As part of the work on this compilation, he has met with Kersi Mistry, son of Ferozeshah Mistry, the music director of the 1931 version of Alam Ara. Kersi Mistry gifted him the original booklet of the movie, which contains the list of seven songs in the movie. Kersi Mistry also confirmed that his father had composed the music for all seven songs in the movie.

Regarding our discussion on Wazir Mohammed Khan, I have scanned a couple of other sources, and also viewed the Kabuliwalla song (Ae Mere Pyaare Watan), once again. There is one more item I do want to check, but it does seem that I may have mistaken the identity of the actor accompanying Helen in this song. I will write again to finally confirm, within a couple of days.

And I must add one more thing. I am so happily surprised at how this group is coming together to discuss this subject, that is dear to all our hearts. Till a few months back, I had no inkling that so many like minded folks will be together somewhere to share and enjoy this music. My vote of thanks to Atul ji, for his perseverance and his commitment, that has made this possible.

I share a very appropriate couplet, for this blog.

mein akelaa hi chala thha, jaanib e manzil magar
log saath aatey gaye, aur karwaan badhtaa gayaa
[I had set out alone for my destination; people kept joining me, and the cavalcade kept on growing]

Cheers and best wishes to all of us



Thanks for the valuable information there is a minor correction in the sher (couplet) please note as below:

maiñ akelā hī chalā thā jānib-e-manzil magar

log saath aate ga.e aur kārvāñ bantā gayā


Please accept my deep appreciation for the song and the vastly informative comments. It’s always a pleasure to read the background info and other stories associated with the making of a film, when told so sincerely.
Master Vitthal – actress Nanda’s father?


Desi-at large ji,
No.Father of ( Baby)NANDA was MASTER VINAYAK KARNATAKI and mother was MEENAKSHI SHIRODKAR(Grandmother of actresses Namrata and Shilpa Shirodkar).


Thanks for the correction, Deshmukhji. And for the bonus info. Wow, the Shirodkars are Nanda’s nieces, I didn’t know that. Now I will begin the annoying process of spotting resemblances, after the fact.


Sudhir ji,
When I started using Computer about an year back,my sole intention was to listen to old film music from various sites,as suggested by friends.once I chanced upon a blog discussing ohf music.I decided to visit all such blogs.In this process I visited Atul ji’s blog also.
After sometime I realised that compared to all other blogs I was comfortable here and I was impressed by the way Atul ji conducted his affairs here,so I decided to stick here and give vent to my thoughts on this blog.
I must confess that I am very happy with my decision.
You have already seen what Mr.IDLMan has said after his all India Survey of Blogs of this type.
I totally agree with him on all points.
N.B.: is it karvaan badhata gaya or karvaan banata gaya ?(because the journey started alone,so the question of ‘growing’ does not arise).


Sudhir Sir & Deshmukh Sir,

Main akela hi chala tha jaanib-e-manzil magar
Log saath aatey gaye aur karavan banta gayaa

This shair is a creation of Majrooh Sultanpuri. This is one of the few, which i have never forgotten, once i read it somewhere long back. It has come to mind several times during the last few months since i am actively following this blog, it describes the process beautifully.


I posted this qt on the wall of a group…. I want an answer which I don’t know…….”dil ka na karna aitbar koi” from “Halaku” picturised on Helen while Lata lends voice for Helen ..tell me who is the person with mandolin for whom Rafi has given playback in this song..
Priya Pakanati an FB freind gave me this answer, “yamini it is niranjan sharma …..for whom rafi is singing …..” I have asked her for the source of the info, the moment she tells me I’ll convey it to you.


Yamini ji,
Thanks to you and ur FB friend.
Yes,indeed it is NIRANJAN SHARMA,no doubt whatsoever.One can check his foto available with Surjit singh ji or memsaab ji.


Working video Link :

Audio Link :



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