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Aayaa re aayaa re aayaa re bhaajiwaalaa

Posted on: July 6, 2011

I have noticed that majority of Hindi movie characters do not seem to do anything for their living, at least as far as songs are concerned. Most songs are about feelings of happiness, sadness, love etc. There are very few songs about the activities that help people make a living.

There are some exceptions though. There have been a few songs in which a chana zor or moongfalli vendor is seen selling his wares. In fact, I have been able to count three such songs, two of them being,Chane jor garam babu (Bandhan)(1938) and Chana zor garam babu main laaya mazedaar (Naya Andaaz) (1956) .

I wonder why we do not have any song on say chaiwaala. There should have been a rail song where a chaiwala is selling chai, preferably in kulhad. But alas, no such luck. Then there could be songs selling fish in a fish market. And what about songs on say garments ! Indian women are so fond of shopping (and that too mainly shopping for garments), but there has not been a single song on this topic.

Here is a sales pitch song. It is not for garments, for for the more humble bhaaji (vegetables). This song is from “Toofaan Aur Diya” (1956). In this movie , a young kid supports his younger sister by doing menial jobs, and selling vegetables is part of that.

He carries his wares in a cycle rickshaw driven thhela and sells vegetables by singing this song.

The song is sung by Geeta Dutt. Bharat Vyas is the lyricist. Music is composed by Vasant Desai.

This song is a less known song from a movie that has some well known song. became aware of this song for the first time just a few hours ago.

This song certainly deservves to be bette known among music lovers.



Song-Aayaa re aayaa re aayaa re bhaajiwaala (Toofaan Aur Diyaa) (1956) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Vasant Desai


aayaa re aayaa re aayaa re bhaajiwaala
na ham koi saahab hain
na maanus hain sarkaari
arre ham to bech rahe hain baabu
hari bhari tarkaari

aayaa re aayaa re aayaa re bhaajiwaala
phal ki bahaar hai
kele anaar hain
ambuwaa ke nimbuwaa ke ham hain vyaapaari
phal ki bahaar hai
kele anaar hain
ambuwaa ke nimbuwaa ke ham hain vyaapaari
phal ki bahaar hai

banda hai sethh ka
par dhandhha hai pet ka
banda hai sethh ka
par dhandhha hai pet ka
aaj kare nagdi aur kal hai udhaari
ambuwaa ke nimbuwaa ke ham hain vyaapaari
phal ki bahaar hai

aji chakhh le jo mere phal ki bahaar
o o o o
o o o o
chakhh le jo mere phal ki bahaar
dikhne lagegi wo Rambha si naar
dikhne lagegi wo Rambha si naar
kakdi si chaal ho
makdi se baal ho
narengi si khaal ho
tamaatar se gaal ho
naak jaise
naak jaise mooli ki nok se sanwaari
ambuwaa ke nimbuwaa ke ham hain vyaapaari
phal ki bahaar hai

palley mein daam hai to galley mein aam hain
palley mein daam hai to galley mein aam hain
aam ke hain aam aur guthhli ke daam hain
aam ke hain aam aur guthhli ke daam hain
o ho ho ho
o ho ho ho ho
o ho ho ho ho
o ho ho ho ho

paise ki babu na karna jee khhatpat
lena hai jee maal to de daalo jee jhatpat
uthha lo
ho ho ho
uthha lo lutaa di hamne phulwaari
ambuwaa ke nimbuwaa ke ham hain vyaapaari
phal ki bahaar hai
kele anaar hain
ambuwaa ke nimbuwaa ke ham hain vyaapaari
phal ki bahaar hai
aayaa re aayaa re aayaa re bhaajiwaala

31 Responses to "Aayaa re aayaa re aayaa re bhaajiwaalaa"

hi Atul
Hey ur query has an answer.
there is a song on Babita in the Jeetendra movie “Banphool” “Aahe Na Bhar thandi Thandi” in which she is the chaiwali


Yes, thanks for reminding me of this song. But she is not selling tea here. 🙂 Chaiwala in Railway stations and trains is such a commom sight So a song where a chaiwala (or even a cahiwaali) is selling chai would be highly desirable.


and oh yes there is an Aruna Irani song on “Bhandiwali” the people who sell vessels in exchange for old clothes, i think they are common only in western India. that song was in the Rekha-Shailendra Singh movie “Agreement”


There are many such songs, with sales pitch. In Manoj Kumar’s “Kranti” there is a song which goes ” Chana jor garam babu main laayi mazedaar chana zor garam”. There is the Jaya Bhadhuri song in Zanjeer ” Chakku chhurriyaan tez karaalo”.


1)Mumtaz`s song from Apna desh “Le lo re le lo baabu, le lo naariyal paani”(lata):R.D.Burman

2)Jeethendra sells sarees in Mera pati sirf mera hai(1990)(“aayiye farmaayiye..boliye kya chahiye.meri dukaan mein har cheez milegi”….)
(amit kumar)(anand milind)
3)Babita sells flowers in “Sone ke haath”-“le lo champa chameli gulab le lo”(ravi)(asha bhonsle)


Yes, I had totally forgotten about the “Apna Desh” song. And thanks for informing about the Sari selling song, which should have been quite a common genre of songs in Hindi movies.:)


Atul ji,

There is one Kishore kumar song from Shararat “mera naam Abdul Rehman,Pistawala mai hun Pathan” He sells dry fruits.



Some more sales pitches 🙂
– Ber le lo ber, mewa gareebon ka (Paisa Ya Pyar)
– dekho dekho dekho, baiscoop dekho (Dushman)
– sar jo tera chakraaye (Pyaasa)
– khaali dabba khaali botal (Neel Kamal)
– rang rangeeli botal ka (Shriman Satyawadi)


Waah waah, so some sales pitch songs are there in Hindi movies, after all. But no songs selling soaps and detergents and motor bikes and chocolates etc etc as I can see. 🙂


Atul ji,
Sorry,the song ” Main hun abdul rehman….” is not from Shararat,but it is from BHAI BHAI (1956).
Some more such songs:
1) Lete jao babu lala,maal mera hai aala-Rafi(Chandrashekhar Azad-1963).
2) Lelo chudiyan-Kishore/lata(Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi-1970)
3)lelo babu pudia-Manna Dey/Rafi(Madan Manjiri-1961)
4)Lo aaya Japani Maal wal-Rafi(Tel Maalish Boot Polish-1961)
5)Lelo gubbare-Chitalkar(Amardeep-1958)
6)Lelo chudiyan-Rafi(Ghar ki laaj-(1960)
7)Lelo gubbare-Rafi(Bandish-1955)
There might be many more such songs left uncovered.


There’s Aaya main laaya chalta phirta hotel by Manna Dey from Naya Zamana.
Peevsie’s Mom beat me to the chaiwaali song from Banphool.
Then there’s `Evening News’ by Manna Dey from the film Dooriyaan – it sounds like the singer is selling `The Evening News of India,’ first for 20 paise, then tired, exhausted, by the end of the song, at a bargain price. Would love to see the video,but have been unsuccessful in finding one so far.
Rekha the panwaali bai in `Biwi Ho To Aisi.’
ZArina Wahab? as kelewaali of Bambai, I forget the name of the movie, it’s by Asrani.
Amitabh Bachchan in Don -and HEma and Dharam in Seeta Aur Geeta, singing Zindgi Hai Khel.


Oops, typo – Peevesie’s Mom.
Amitabh Bachchan in Don singing E hai Bambai nagariya.


1)Zarina wahab`s song with asrani must be chala murari hero banane or Salam memsaab

2)There is one more song of dev anand selling ice creams-MAYA(1961)
“Zindagi hai kya sun meri jaan,pyar bhara dil meeti zubaan…honton se meeta meeta ras tapakaaoji, icecreamwala aayaji”(rafi-salil chowdhury)

3)TAANGEWALA-(aayare khilonewaali aayeei,nainon mein kaajal dhaalke haaye, -lata sings for mumtaaz selling toys(naushad-majrooh)

4)BACHPAN:rafi:sanjeev kumar:laxmi pyare:anand bakshi:”Aayare khilone wala khel khilone leke aayare”



I’m not 100% sure, but I think the Zarina Wahab movie (no googling) might be Do Hawaldaar. Yes, Salaam Memsaab and CMHB were the other two names that came to mind.
And I’m delighted to see you mention that Aas Paas number, though it is a stage performance, I think?
As for the Sadhana number, it has been a harsh truth of our world.


The “Aas paas” song is a stage song, which is “main phool bechti hun main hun phool waali…….main hun phool waali ” I was looking for it on You tube but couldnt find it.

Another similar song of Hema Malini is from “Krodhi”
“Phoolwati ka gajra na pehna ho aisa to koi shehar main nahin…. haan haan phoolwati”. The context of this song is more bragging then selling.


sorryji, andhere mein teer chala diya, It must be from DO HAWALDAAR Usha mangeshkar song “Jo bhi chaahe aake le le”
(Bappi lahiri & shailey shailendra)


AASPAAS:lata:hemamalini selling flowers:”Main phool bechthi hoon main hoon phoolwaali”:laxmi pyare(1980)

This song I think doesn`t fit into this category, still i want to recommend
SADHNA:Kahoji tum kya kya kharidoge, yahaan tho har cheez bikthi hai(vaijayanthimala):N.Dutta


Rafi singing, `Main rickshawaala, main richsawaala/ Hai chaar ke barabar yeh do taangwaala/ kahaan chaloge babu, kahaan chaloge lala?’ Name of the movie eludes me.
Also, Amit Kumar singing `Main Hoon Main Hoon/Hero Hiralal’ for Naseeruddin Shah playing a rickshawdriver in Hero Hiralal.


Hello all,
(This is going to be a long comment 🙂 ).

Wow, what a list got generated at such short notice. The capacity of the creators of songs for Hindi movies seems to have an endless variety. I am summarizing all the songs listed above, plus some more that I remember. Would you believe, there is song for a roadside dentist, and a song for promoting a face cream, and a song for a barber. 😀

The list below is 45 songs already, and I have not even included songs of street performers (e.g. “Zindagi hai khel, koi pass koi fail” from Seeta Aur Geeta), which is a big category by itself.

1. 1938 / Brahmachari / Le lo le lo le lo sookha mewaa / (Unknown) selling dry fruits
2. 1938 / Baazigar / Le lo kapde le lo yaar / (Unknown) selling cloth or garments
3. 1939 / Bandhan / Chane jor garam babu mein laayaa majedaar chane jor garam / (unknown) sellin chana jor garam
4. 1944 / Qaatil / Le lo phool le lo phool, maalan bole beech bajariyaa / (unknown) selling flowers
5. 1952 / Mr Sampat / Lo Mein Laayee Suinyaan Chakoo Kainchi Chhuriyaan / (Unknown) selling knives, scissors, needles etc.
6. 1954 / Boot Polish / Tthehar zaraa o jaane waale / Master Ratan, Baby Naaz polishing shoes
7. 1954 / Chakradhari / Arre suno re suno re suno…main bech rahi bhagwaan / Nirupa Roy selling toys and idols of God
8. 1955 / Bandish / Le lo jee gubbaare hamaare / Bhagwan selling balloons
9. 1955 / Jalwaa / Surma bareilly ka kaajal ye dehli ka / (most probably) Meena Shorey selling surmaa, kaajal
10. 1956 / Naya Andaz / Chana jor garam babu mein laaya majedaar / Kishore Kumar and Meena Kumari selling Chana, Moongfali, Jalebi, Ganderi etc. (On screenThis song actually is a stage performance, and not an actual roadside seller)
11. 1956 / Bhai Bhai / Mera naam abdul rehman, pistawala mein hoon pathaan / Kishore kumar, Nimmi and David selling dry fruits
12. 1956 / Toofaan Aur Diyaa / Aayaa re aayaa re aayaa re bhaajiwaalaa / Satish Vyas selling vegetables
13. 1957 / Pyaasa / Sar jo tera chakraaye / Johnny Walker doing tel maalish
14. 1958 / Amardeep / Le lo gubbaare rang birange phoolon se / (unknown) selling balloons
15. 1958 / Kabhi Andhera Kabhi Ujaala / Surma mera niraala, aankhon mein jis ne daala / Kishore Kumar selling surma
16. 1959 / Chhoti Behan / Mein rickshawala, mein ricksawala / Mehmood pedalling a cycle rickshaw
17. 1960 / Ghar Ki Laaj / Le lo choodiyaan mein layaa niraali rangdaar / Johnny Walker selling bangles
18. 1960 / Ghar Ki Laaj / Laila ki ungaliyaan bechoon majnu ki pasliyaan bechoon / Johnny Walker selling kakdi
19. 1960 / Shriman Satyawadi / Rang rangeeli botal ka dekh lo jaadoo / Mehmood promoting face cream
20. 1961 / Tel Maalish Boot Polish / Ek anna tel maalish, do anna boot polish / Sheikh Mukhtar and group of kids for boot polish and tel maalish
21. 1961 / Maya / Zindagi hai kya sun meri jaan / Dev Anand selling ice cream
22. 1961 / Jhumroo / Babu aana sunte jaana / Madhubala and Kishore Kumar selling miscellaneous wares, in competition
23. 1961 / Madan Manjari / Le lo babu le lo ye jaadu waali pudiyaa / (unknown) selling homemade remedies for staying young
24. 1961 / Tel Maalish Boot Polish / Lo aayaa japaan waalaa / Agha selling toys
25. 1962 / Begaana / Danton ka zamaana, pyaare daant bachaana / (most probably) Dharmendra plays a roadside dentist
26. 1963 / Chandrashekhar Azaad / Lete jaao babu lete jaao lala maal mera hai aala / (most probably) Jairaj, Nirupa Roy selling many items – Surma, Naan Khataai etc.
27. 1963 / Pyaar Ka Bandhan / Ghoda pishori mera tanga lahori mera / Raaj Kumar driving a tonga
28. 1968 / Do Kaliyan / Muslim ko tasleem arz hai Hindu ko parnaam mein hoon ik hajjaam pyaare mein hoon ik hajjaam / Mehmood plays a door to door barber
29. 1968 / Neel Kamal / Khali dabba khali botal le le mere yaar / Mehmood as junk salesman (kabaadiwala)
30. 1969 / Piasa Ya Pyaar / Ber le lo ber, mewaa garibon ka tere mere nasibon ka / Tanuja selling ber at chowpatty
31. 1970 / Bachpan / Aaya re khilonewaala kehl khilone le ke aayaa re / Sanjeev Kumar selling toys
32. 1970 / Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi / Le lo choodiyaan le lo choodiyaan / (most probably) Sanjay selling bangles
33. 1971 / Banphool / Aahen Na Bhar Tthandi Tthandi / Babita selling tea (not in train, but at a wood cutters
34. 1971 / Dushman / Dekho dekho dekho, baiscope dekho / Mumtaz peddling biascope show
35. 1971 / Nayaa Zamaana / Aayaa mein laayaa chalta phirta hotel / Mehmood selling eatables in a trolley
36. 1972 / Apna Desh / Le lo re le lo babu pee lo naariyal paani / Mumtaz selling nariyal paani
37. 1972 / Tangewala / Aayee re khilonewaali aayee nainon mein kajraa daal ke / Mumtaz selling toys
38. 1973 / Zanzeer / Chakku Chhuriyaan Tez Karaa Lo / Jaya for sharpening knives.
39. 1973 / Sone Ke Haath / Le lo champa chameli gulaab le lo / Babita selling flowers
40. 1979 / Dooriyaan / News, evening news evening news / Jalaal Agha selling evening newspaper
41. 1979 / Do Hawaldaar / Jo bhi chaahe aa ke lele, chaar aane mein do do kele / Zarina Wahab selling bananas
42. 1980 / Agreement / Suno Suno Suno Suno Baat Pate Ki / Aruna Irani selling Utensils in exchange for old clothes
43. 1981 / Aas Paas / Mein phool bechti hoon, mein hoon phool waali / Hema Malini selling flowers
44. 1988 / Biwi Ho To Aisi / Ho babuaa khaata jaa ek paan / Rekha selling paan
45. 1990 / Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai / Aayie farmaayie boliye kya chaahiye / Jeetendra selling sarees

Another two songs of the extreme variety.
1972 / Raaste Ka Patthar / Mein sharaab bechti hoon / Laxmi Chhaayaa
1958 / Sadhna / Kaho ji tum kya kya kharidoge / Vijayantimala



Wow! What a list. This gives so much food for thought for songs to be discussed in future.


My,My My ! what enthusiasm,what involvement,what participation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sure no other blog can claim so much of the above from its readers,writers and wellwishers.
Atul ji,hats off to your ability to bind people with mutual love and respect.We all feel being a part of your efforts.
I am sure all will agree with me.


This humble bhaajiwaalaa song has elicited such enthusiastic response from readers. 😀


Hello All,

I totally second Arun ji’ statements. 😀



How about :

” I am krishnan Iyer M A i am nariyal paniwala ” from ‘Agneepath’


I was wondering how this one was left out.


“Duniya maange kyon maange gaadi bangla roti:MUJRIM:1989:Anu malik:Anu malik & mohammed aziz: mithun chakraborthy, shakthi kapoor,jhohnny lever selling paav bhaaji


These songs will not fit into this category, but still I want to recommend

a)ANAARKALI:1953:Lata:C.Ramachandra:”Aaja, ab tho aaja mere kismet ke khariddaar ab tho aajaa:Bina rai

b)ALIBABA AUR CHAALIS CHOR:1980:R.D.burman:lata:Hemamalini sells herself on a marketplace:”Aaja sare baazaar tera pyar bik raha hai, inkaar bik raha hai, ikraar bik raha hai”:Anand bakshi

c)DULHA BIKTA HAI :1982:Bappi lahiri:”Dulha bikta hai, bolo kharidoge,ye jo sansaar hai, chor bazaar hai, dhokha bikta hai, bolo kharidoge”(raj babbar)

d)TAWAIF:1985:Asha bhonsle:Ravi:Hasan kamaal:
“Joban anmol baalma, bajariya mein aake, kadariya ganwaake, bika bin mol baalmaa:(picturised on Rathi Agnihothri)

e)Dastak:1970:Madan mohan:Majrooh sultanpuri:”Hum hain mataa-e-koocha- o-baazaar ki tarha, utathi hai har nigaah khariddar ki tarha”
(Rehana sultaan,kamal kapoor, Sanjeev kumar


is this the post with the longest list of participants?
wow! what a snowball effect!!!! now u ve enough material to reach the next 1000 super quick


Fashion photographer’s song (Grrrr at the picturization) – Main tasveer utarta hoon – Heera Panna
A fashion photographer’s song (cutely picturized) – Ready, steady, smile – Aamir Khan and Madhuri in Deewana Mujhsa nahin.


video link


missed audio link


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