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Akeli hoon main piyaa aa

Posted on: July 23, 2011

Most music lovers, including myself, would think that O P Nayyar’s best phase as a music director was the 1950s. Indeed, professionally he ruled the roost in the 1950s, so much so that many other established music directors too were instructed by their producers to create O P Nayyar kind of music. and we have in fact noticed the music of some other music directors resembling O P Nayyar music in that decade.

During this era, O P Nayyar mostly worked with Rafi as his male playback singer of choice.

Ironically, O P Naiyyar’s best musical score in a movie may have come in late 1960s, when he, alongwith other music directors of his generation were on their way out. And curiously enough, he achieved this feat with artists who were not his preferred choices.

I am talking about the movie called “Sambandh” (1969). In this movie, he utillised Mukesh, Mahendra Kapoor and Hemant Kumar as male playback singers. He had worked with them sparingly in a few occasions in the past, but when it came to the lyricist Pradeep, it was the very first time that he was working with him.

And the combination gave us some amazing musical gems that are remembered to this day. Who can forget the fabulous Mahendra Kapoor song andhere mein jo baithhe hain and the stunning Mukesh song Chal akela chal akela chal akela tera mela chhoota raahi chal akela !

As far as the female playback singing in this movie was concrned, Asha Bhonsle, whose career he helped shape, was still there with him. With Asha Bhonsle, he created another masterpiece. But unfortunately, this song was not utlised properly in the movie. This song was picturised half heartedly as a mujra song and then it was curtailed as well. This song is best savoured in its audio form and in its entirety.

This song, which is a lovely semi classical song is a forgotten gem, that deserves to be better known. I am thankful to Prakashchandra who sent me the lyrics of this song.

The song is picturised on Manisha (playing a mujrewaali) and Pradeep Kumar (playing her client). But, as mentioned above, this song is best savoured while listening to its unabridged audio form.

Incomplete Video

Complete Audio

Song-Akeli hoon main piyaa aa (Sambandh)(1969) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Pradeep, MD-O P Nayyar

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Main khud hoon chandramukhi
par chamak se darti hoon
apne mukde ki anokhi damak se darti hoon
ye solwaa jo lagaa saal,
isne maar diyaa
ab to paayal ki zaraa si
chhamak se darti hoon


akeli hoon main piya aaa
akeli hoon main piyaa aaaa
roop nagar ki kunwari tarse
roop nagar ki kunwari tarse
raja preet nibhaa
akeli hoon main piya aaaa

roop ki dhoop mein,
main jaloon sainyaan
roop ki dhoop mein,
main jaloon sainyaan
kar de pyaar ki sheetal chhainyyan
roop ki dhoop mein
main jaloon saiyaan
kar de pyaar ki sheetal chhainyyan
ab mat aur jalaa aa aaaa
akeli hoon main piya aaa
roop nagar ki kunwari tarse
roop nagar ki kunwari tarse
raajaa preet nibhaa aaaa
akeli hoon main piya aaa

jab jab dekhoon main darpan mein
jab jab dekhoon main darpan mein
aag si lagti naazuk tan mein
jab jab dekhoon main darpan mein
aag si lagti naazuk tan mein
kaa karoon tu hi bataa aaaaa
akeli hoon main piya aaa aaaa
roop nagar ki kunwari tarse
roop nagar ki kunwari tarse
raja preet nibhaa aaaa aaa
akeli hoon main piya aa

2 Responses to "Akeli hoon main piyaa aa"

Hemant kumar also sang in this film alongwith mahendra kapoor for the song ” Jo diya tha tune ek din, mujhe phir woh pyaar de do, ek karz maangtaa hoon, bachpan udhaar de do”-picturised on debh mukherjee and pradeep kumar.



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