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Ke aajaa teri yaad aayi

Posted on: July 23, 2011

When a normal human being misses his/her beloved, you expect them to bear it privately. But a Hindi movie hero/heroine missing his/her beloved decides to make a public spectacle of themselves. They quickly burst into a missing you song whose lyrics could be something like “Main yahaan hoon tu hai kahaan” or “Ab to aa jaa” etc. They go all over the town singing the song. One can expect them to be doing that in India, but imagine doing them in the streets of Venice, Italy and the local population not even batting their eyelids !

Here is the song that I am talking about. This song is from “Charas” (1976) and it is quite a well known song too. Hema Malini and Dharmendra are missing each other. Their separation is underlined by a background song being sung by Anand Bakshi. Yes, Anand Bakshi, the lyricist of this song, sings the opening line of this song, after which the trusted pair of Lata and Rafi take over.

The music is archtypically Laxmikant Pyarelal. The separated duo soon find each other and spend the rest of the song singing all over Venice, whether they ae walking on their feet or riding a boat. The boating scene in this song reminds one of another famous song picturised on the same locations(Do lafzon ki hai dil ki kahaani(The Great Gambler)).

This song was quite popular during its time. Personally I did not like the songs and did not bother to watch the movie because of its title which basically means hooch (a drug).

With time, I have decided to shed my antipathy to this song. So here is this song from “Charas” (1976). Its lyrics were provided by nahm.

23rd July is the birthday of Anand Bakshi. So on this occasion, we pay our tribute to Anand Bakshi, one of the most prolific lyricists in the history of Hindi movie music.



Song-Ke aaja teri yaad aayi (Charas) (1976) Singer-Anand Bakshi, Lata, Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi,MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

Dil insaan ka ek tarazoo
jo insaaf ko toley
apni jagah par pyaar hai qaayam
dharti ambar dole
sab se badaa sach ek jagat mein
bhed anek jo kholey
prem bina jeewan soona
ye paagal premi boley

ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
o baalam harjaayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
o baalam harjaayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
o baalam harjaayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi

zaalim kitni der lagaa di
zaalim kitni der lagaa di
tum ne aate aate
ab aaye ho ab na aatey
to ham jaan se jaatey
dil deewaana deewaane ko
ham kaise samjhate
detey raam duhaayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi

fursat bhi hai mausam bhi hai
fursat bhi hai mausam bhi hai
man hai rang raliyon mein
chhup gayi hai tu khushoo banke
shaayad in kaliyon mien
maine tujh ko kitna dhoonda
aawara galiyon mein
ye awaaz lagaayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi

mast hawa ne baat koi
mast hawa ne baat koi
aisi keh di kaanon mein
jaise koi madira bhar de
khaali paimaano mein
tadpa daala aaj machal ke
dil ke armano ne
rut ne li angdaayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
o baalam harjaayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi
ke aaja teri yaad aayi

4 Responses to "Ke aajaa teri yaad aayi"

This is a song I remember well, and hear very often. Although Charas was a memorable movie in 1976, I had forgotten this song’s locale, so thanks Atul!

On this July 23rd (which is today here in the US), we remember Anand Bakshi Saheb for giving sweetness to our lives through his lyrics. Bakshi Saheb, you will always remain in our hearts!


This song I will never forget not only for the lyrics but also the fact that this was the first film which I saw by bunking college. After hearing this song I wanted to know who has sung the first few lines since the voice was not heard always and I came to know after some time that it is the lyricist Anand Bakshi himself. Anand Bakshi has written such good songs that it is practically impossible to the best.

thanks Atul for uploading my favourite song.


Ha ha..loved your opening paragraph. 🙂 There are plenty of songs like this. “Aaja re ab mera dil pukaara”, “chhupi hai kahaan, main tadapta yahaan”, “aa ja re mere pyar ke raahi” etc.


beautiful song no doubt :)..spel coz its written n d mukha is by bakshi saab 😉


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