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Jaane kyaa soch kar nahin guzraa

Posted on: August 4, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Celebrating and remembering Kishore Da on the anniversary of his birth today. 🙂

There is another magic of a different kind that happens when RD Burman, Gulzar, and Kishore Da come together. There are a number of examples of this combination having created such wonderful offerings. “Musafir hoon yaaro” (Parichay, 1972), “O maanjhi re” (Khushboo, 1975), “Aane waalaa pal” (Golmaal, 1979), “Phir wohi raat hai” (Ghar, 1978), “Raah pe rehte hain” (Namkeen, 1982), “Tumhen chhod ke” (Baseraa, 1981), “Achhi nahin sanam dillagi dil-e-beqaraar se” (Raakhi Aur Hathkadi, 1972), “Tum aa gaye ho”, “Is mod se jaate hain” (Aandhi, 1975), “Gulmohar gar tumhaara naam hota” (Devta, 1978). . . I could go on, and I am sure the readers of this blog can add many more to this list.

Here is another gem of a song from the film Kinaara (1977). This is an offbeat movie, produced by Pranlal Mehta and directed by Gulzar. In the 70s and even in the 80s, there was a keen movement for offbeat cinema, wherein the non mainstream producers and directors came together to create movies that were without the formula, and closer to real life. Some of these movies were created with less known or unknown stars, and some of these had well known actors from the commercial side of the industry.

Kinaara has a cast that includes Hema Malini, Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Shriram Lagoo, Om Shivpuri and Dina Pathak. It is a story about tragic events in life, and how real life people deal with them. Where lies the responsibility for tragedy? Is the people who appear to cause it, intentionally or inadvertently, or it is a play of destiny which is pulling the threads behind the scenes. Inder (Jeetendra) somehow seems to be responsible for making Aarti (Hema Malini) lose everything of significance in her life. She comes to hate him. And yet, as the events take their course, Inder (impersonating as Prakash) actually becomes the mystery redeemer in her life. He is not able to fill the losses that have happened in Aarti’s life, but he is able to influence her to get past her hate and sorrow and pick up the threads of life that she had let go.

The story line is a very poignant and sensitive handling of human relations, especially a relation between a man and a woman, none of whom is actually wanting a relationship. Gulzar’s direction is superb, and I strongly recommend readers to see this movie, if you have not already seen it.

This movie has some very good and memorable songs. And strangely, out of the six songs in this movie, RDB used Bhupinder as the male lead voice in four of them. This song is the only Kishore Da song from this movie, and what a gem of a melancholy song this is. At this time only the audio is available online, but this song is performed by Jeetendra on screen.

Kishore Da is in a totally different mettle without his teedee reedee reyee, when it comes to rendering soft and mellifluous songs of despondency. If his fun side has been around forever, so has been his melancholy, from the days he started singing in the late 40s. And then as he gets into this mode, the mood is unbeatable.

Enjoy is wonderful melancholia from the combination of magic that is RD Burman, Gulzar and Kishore Da.



Song-Jaane kyaa soch kar nahin guzraa (Kinaaraa) (1977) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-R D Burman


jaane kyaa soch kar nahin guzra
jaane kyaa soch kar nahin guzra
ek pal raat bhar nahin guzra
jaane kyaa soch kar nahin guzra

apni tanhaayi ka auron se na shiqwaa karna
apni tanhaayi ka auron se na shiqwaa karna
tum akele hi nahin ho
sabhi akele hain
ye akelaa safar nahin guzraa
jaane kyaa soch kar nahin guzra

do ghadi jeene ki mohlat to mili hai sabko
do ghadi jeene ki mohlat to mili hai sabko
tum bhi mil jaao ghadi bhar
to ye kam hotaa hai
ek ghadi ka safar nahin guzra
jaane kyaa soch kar nahin guzra
ek pal raat bhar nahin guzra
jaane kyaa soch kar nahin guzra

7 Responses to "Jaane kyaa soch kar nahin guzraa"


There is a video available for this fantastic song.

check it out


Thanks a lot for this link. I have now included it in the writeuo.


What a lovely write-up for a lovely song, Sudhir ji. Indeed the Kishore da – Gulzar – RD Burman combination was brilliant! I think this was the combo that enriched the 1970s music. Gulzar’s awesome lyrics, RD’s soft music and Kishore da’s rich voice. I am singing “phir wohi raat hai” as I’m typing this. 🙂


Thanks Raja ji




This is one of those songs, I hum to myself, whenever I am in dumps. Thank you sudhirji
For the nice article about the movie and the song. I always cherish the memories of this movie, the scenes, songs,dances are picturised beautifully. I remember myself pestering my mummy to take me to this movie, with no positive results.
Those days I used to be in 4th standard, I think. All those memories came back to me while reading the post and hearing the song.





Gulzar had written a non-filmy song sometime in the 1960s which was recorded in the voice of Sabita Chowdhury under the music direction of Salil Chowdhary for All India Radio. The mukhda of this song was used for ‘Kinaara’ (1977) song. Audio link of the non-film song:


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