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Ek nazar ek adaa keemat e dil aur hai kyaa

Posted on: August 16, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir,a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this blog.

The shock of news was too much to digest yesterday. I was browsing this blog, when Nahm Bhai’s brief message appeared in the comments. I couldn’t believe. Just very recently, I had read an interview in the newspapers. And the Yahoo-man seemed to be set to go on forever. Age seemed never to have touched his spirit. A childhood idol for me, he is the Prince, the true Prince of the clan, and will always remain thus for me.

For all these years, just as he was there, seemed as if that the youth and excitement was sustained in my life too. As a small pre teen kid, I would memorize his songs, listened over the radio or sometimes viewed in a cinema. These racy melodies committed to memory have always been my companions, for they expressed my feelings when I would be on the high, and would help me get out of the lows. I would always remember him and one of these songs would start to play in my head. I remember having seen Junglee on Doordarshan, and the two images that have kept with me for all these years is the unbridled enthusiasm as he belted out the yahoo scream, and the candy faced innocent look when he says the words ‘Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujh Par. . . ‘. One after another, with a very regular frequency, his characters and his antics played on through the years and into the young hearts. The song ‘Tumse Achha Kaun Hai, Dil o Jigar Lo Jaan Lo’ from the film Jaanwar, is probably one of the best performances on screen to render a song. The lines,

“seene mein dil hai, dil mein tumhin ho
tum mein hamaari, chhoti si jaan hai
tum ho salaamat, hum ko nahin gam
tum se hamaari, duniya jawaan hai”

are simply the most expressive with the minimum movement. He is sitting on his haunches, he has blanket wrapped around him, does not have too much scope for movement, but these lines are rendered simply with very tiny movements of hand and the very rapid action facial expressions. Wow, so much more got expressed than all the decibels of the Yahoo song put together. This rendering and this song is such a treat to watch.

But then which one is not. Whether it is the assertive and pushy ‘Badan Pe Sitaare Lapetey Huey’ from Prince, or it is the soft and slow ‘Akeley Akeley Kahaan Jaa Rahey Ho’ from An Evening In Paris, or whether the boisterous ‘Govinda Aalaa Re Aalaa’ from Bluff Master, or even the melancholic “Hai Duniya Usi Ki Zamaana Usi Kaa, Mohabbat Mein Jo Ho Gayaa Ho Kisi Kaa’ from Kashmir Ki Kali, and then many many more to continue listing. . . His rendering of the action in ‘O Haseena Zulfon Waali. . .” (Teesri Manzil) is a performance that can be seen over and over and over again, and yet once more. Each one a gem of a performance, each one a display of total immersion into the character and the scenario, living the part with complete zest and passion. None of roles he played or antics he did or the songs he sang, nothing was ever half way or half hearted. Living life to the hilt off and on screen.

The passing of years seemed to mean nothing to him. Late 60s, and sporting a heavy midriff, getting to woo the younger crop of heroines like Hema Malini (Andaz), Babita (Tum Se Achha Kaun Hai), and Leena Chandawarkar (Jaane Anjaane), he smoothly and simply transitioned into senior roles with Parvarish in 1973. And the real blast came as one met Dhoopu, the huge bellied bearded owner of the Dhoop Chhaaon bar, who sported suspenders to keep his pants on, in the film Manoranjan (1974). What a character and what a performance; and what rendering of the song “Goya Ke Chunaanche. . .” with Zeenat Aman and Sanjeev Kumar. I went to see this film on a promise, and sure enough the promise was true. With this performance, he was back with a bang. Many would recall his antics in Vidhaata (1982), as he banged a harmonium to belt out “Saat Saheliyaan Khadi Khadi. . .”, know that the joie-de-vivre never ever left this ‘Ayyeee Ayyeee Yaa Sukoo Sukoo’ man.

Aamir Khan, at an awards function recently introduced Shammi Kapoor with the sentences, “I don’t believe Shammi Kapoor is the Elvis Presley of India. I believe Elvis Presley is the Shammi Kapoor of America”. Yes, he is the original material, he is the pioneer in what no one could imitate. The built up energy was visible as soon as he would make an entry, whether it was a song, whether wooing his lady love, whether telling off the other comedians, whether kicking the wind out of the villains, or whether being sad and emotional; no matter what feeling he would be playing, the brimming energy was just dripping from the ears, and he had the capacity to make the audience feel it too, and be infused by it.

All the living come into this world, they play and then they go away. But it is a rare person who would enter the world hanging from a chopper with a raucous declaration, ‘Aasmaan Se Aayaa Farishta. . .”. All the hats off to the Prince, who will be, always the Prince.

Raat Ke Raahi is a 1959 offering that starred Shammi Kapoor and Jabeen. Other main players in the film are Achla Sachdev, Nazir Hussain, Anwar, Iftekhar, Manohar, Prem Sagar, Shashibala, etc. It was produced under the banner of Pushanjali Pictures and directed by Naseem. The lyrics are written by Vishwamitra Adil and the compositions are shared between the duo Bipin-Baabul and Jaidev. The film has 6 songs, out which Jaidev has composed 2 and the remaining are scored by Bipin Baabul. This song is composed by the duo, and the singing voice is that of Mohammed Rafi. The song has the shades of ‘Yoon To Hum Ne Laakh Haseen Dekhe Hain’; the same ride on a horse drawn buggy in the night hours. But a very enjoyable melody in its own right, and of course, Shammi Kapoor is what he always it.

Enjoy this wonderful gem scored with lovely music and rendered with his usual passion.



Song-Ek nazar ek adaa keemat e dil aur hai kyaa (Raat Ke Raahi) (1959) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Vishwamitra Adil,MD-Bipin Baabul


aaa haa haa
haa haa haa haa haa
haa haa haa
ho ho ho
ek nazar ek adaa
keemat-e-dil aur hai kyaa
aah haa
ek nazar ek adaa
keemat-e-dil aur hai kyaa
o ho ek nazar

gaal surkh hain,
chup zabaan hai
ho na ho koi meharbaan hai
gaal surkh hain,
chup zabaan hai
ho na ho koi meharbaan hai
kaun hai wo
kaho jaane jigar
aa haa
ek nazar ek adaa
keemat-e-dil aur hai kyaa
aa haa ek nazar

uljhi saans kyun,
dil pe haath kyun
dil diya to phir aisi baat kyun
uljhi saans kyun,
dil pe haath kyun
dil diya to phir aisi baat kyun
aankh ladegi to
hogaa asar
ek nazar ek adaa
keemat-e-dil aur hai kyaa
haan ek nazar

zulf mein hai jaan,
arre gaal par hai kyaa
kho gayee hai to,
wo nazar hai kyaa
aa haa haa haa haa haa
chhed-chaad kya, kaam kar gayee
honthh khil gaye, latt bikhar gayee
lenaa ji ab zaraa apni khabar
haaye ek nazar ek adaa
keemat-e-dil aur hai kyaa
haan haan ek nazar

chhodo in adda’on mein dam nahin
tum haseen ho, ham bhi kam nahin
chhodo in adda’on mein dam nahin
tum haseen ho, ham bhi kam nahin
ho naa yaqeen
to milaao nazar
ek nazar ek adaa
keemat-e-dil aur hai kyaa
haan haan
ek nazar ek adaa
keemat-e-dil aur hai kyaa

5 Responses to "Ek nazar ek adaa keemat e dil aur hai kyaa"

Sudhirbhai, beautiful homage to a wonderful man! We all grew up with Shammi Kapoor, the man and the actor you aptly call “Prince”…..I vividly remember watching “Jeevan Jyoti”, his first movie, at the Super Cinema in Bombay, some years after it was first released.

It was after nearly 50 years in 2005 that I saw him in person in Atlantic City, NJ, USA, when he came to receive his Special Achievement Award at the Bollywood Movie Awards. Humble as ever, he gave a good short speech at the event.

Farewell, friend, I am sure you will be happy wherever you are! And like your shots, you will not fade away ever from the screen of our hearts.


What a beautiful write-up, Sudhir ji. We can sense the love and affection for Shammi ji in this.

And you are absolutely right – that “tumse achha kaun hai” song from Jaanwar (I call it the “blanket” song :-)) could only have been done by Shammi. He had very little scope and space to move and yet he managed to come up with such a fantastic, lively performance (thanks to Rafi saab too, btw, for his energy in this song).

Shammi ji will always have a very special place in all our hearts. As the TOI headline went “Tumsa Nahin Dekha”.


Sudhir ji,
I have no words for your article on Shammi Kapoor.It shows how much you liked him and what must be your feelings on his departure.
As a fan of Shammi,I have seen him from his First movie to the last movie and also enjoyed his transformation from ‘also ran’ to the leader of the race !
He shall always remain in our hearts.


Arif Bhai, Raja ji, Arun ji,

Thanks for your kind words. Shammi Kapoor is very dear in my heart, and I am happy to see my feeling reflected in so many minds.

Yahoo, forever. 😀



Here is the link of this beauty without any sign – in !!!


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