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Deewaane tum deewaane ham

Posted on: August 26, 2011

“Bezubaan” (1962) was a movie of Gope productions, which was a production house owned by Gope and his brother Ram Kamlani. Ram Kamlanai was also the director of this movie.

The movie had actors like Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy, Preeti bala, Helen, Radhekishan, Premsagar, Babloo, David Abraham, Shammi, etc.

Prakashchandra, who sent me the lyrics of this song as well as details about the movie, wonders if Preeti Bala, who appears in this movie, was the same as Zeb Rehman. I request our knowledgeable readers to help unravel this mystery one way or the other.

This song is a Helen song. Yes, Helen, who was then just a few years old in the film industry, goes about her job of dance cum seduction with aplomb in this song. The song is sung not by Asha Bhonsle, but by Lata, and she sounds as exuberant in this song as Asha Bhonsle would.

Prem Dhawan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Chitragupta.

Readers are requested to help identify the two male actors figuring in the picturisation. One of them is described as Aroop Kumar in the YT comments, but then one should take the information of YT with big dollops of salt. That site in fact gets the years of release, as well as the lyricist of the song wrong. So there !



Song-Deewaane tum deewaane ham (Bezubaan) (1962) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Chitragupta

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Deewaane tum deewane hum
kise hai gham kya kahe ye zamaanaa
deewaane tum deewane hum
kise hai gham kya kahe ye zamaanaa
wohi hai dil,
wohi hain hum
magar nazar mein naya hai fasaanaa
deewane tum deewane hum

naye andaaz liye aayee hai ye raat nayee
naye andaaz liye aayee hai ye raat nayee
zaraa saa chhed bhi do aaj koyee baat nayee
nayee mehfil nayee hulchul ,hain kahaan hum jaane na
deewaane tum deewane hum
kise hai gham kya kahe ye zamaanaa
deewaane tum deewane hum

yahaan nazron mein kayee rang bhare daur chaley
yahaan nazron mein kayee rang bhare daur chaley
phir bhi pyaas kahe daur zaraa aur chaley
jali shamma uthe sholay jale kyun parwaane naa
deewaane tum deewaane hum
kise hai gham kya kahe ye zamaanaa
deewaane tum deewane hum

nahin hai hosh mein wo hosh ki jo baat kahe
nahin hai hosh mein wo hosh ki jo baat kahe
nashe mein jhoome chalo hansti huyee raat kahe
koyee kitnaa hamein roke rukenge mastaane naa
deewaane tum deewaane hum
kise hai gham kya kahe ye zamaanaa
deewane tum deewane hum

10 Responses to "Deewaane tum deewaane ham"

If I am not wrong,In the movie Saanjh aur Savera(1964) Zeb Rehmaan was there in a role opposite Gurudutt, her name was not there in the credits, instead of her name, a name Preethi Bala is there.

In 1963 movie NARTAKEE, also Zeb rehman is there, but her name is credited most probably as Preethi Bala.

The above two intances, made me to write about my doubt about Zeb rehman having two names one as zeb rehman and another as preethi bala.

In Hindi movie industry, such instances are many I think,
For Example,like the above case one character artieste Parveen Paul`s name also credited in some movies as Ruby Paul.

Any one who knew about this fact, can clarify the confusion.


As far as my memory goes, Zeb Rehman started her filmy carrier as Preeti Bala. I remember to have read in some filmy magazines those days that since she had some resemblance with Madhubala, the producer of her first film ( I don’t know the name of her first film) renamed her as such. Since her filmy carrier did not take off, she reverted to her original name Zeb Rehman. I think, her first film as lead actress and also as Zeb Rehman, was Kidar Sharma’s FARIYAAD (1964) I have seen her in two other films – CHITRALEKHA (1964) and AANKHEN (1968) as supporting actress..


Thanks sadanandji for the information,
she was also there in Meenakumari`s Bahu Begum, Jeetendra`s Mere Huzoor,Dharmendra`s Jeevan Mrithyu, Chetan anand`s Heer Ranjha.


Prakashchandra ji,
In Sanjh aur savera Meena Kumari acted opposite Guru Dutt and in Nartaki it was Nanda opposite Sunil Dutt.
In both films neither Preeti Bala nor Zeb Rehman’s name appears.
Please check up again.


At least in SANJH AUR SAVERA, Preeti Bala’s name appears.


Preeti Bala’s name also appears in NARTAKI.


in “Saanjh aur savera”,
Preethi bala aka zeb rehman plays the daughter`s role of manmohan krishna, who runs away from house with her two timing lover/fiancee. Thus breaking away the alliance between her and gurudutt, which has been decided by her father. Then Meena kumari, to save the dignity of manmohan krishan, takes Zeb rehman`s place and get married to Gurudutt, pretending as Zeb rehman.

I haven`t seen Nartakee, but I have seen one song from that movie.

In Nartakee(1963) Zeb rehmaan gets one song to lip sync, in front of piano and sunil dutt “aaj duniya badi suhaanee hai, aisi rangeen”(playback by Asha Bhonsle)


The male actor in the song appears to be Prem Sagar. I have seen him in small roles in some of Dev Anand’s films.

By the way, there used to be a Cinematographer Prem Sagar who I believe, was the brother of Ramanand Sagar. If I remember correctly, his name used to appear in the credit title of TV Serial RAMAYAN produced by Ramanand Sagar.

I have no idea whether Prem Sagar, the actor and cinematographer is one and the same.



Actor is Anoop Kumar Son of Ashok Kumar , he worked in this only movie.


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