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Zindagi sehra bhi hai

Posted on: September 9, 2011

In this blog, we sometimes discuss songs that despite being great ones were excluded from the movie. And they we give vents to our feelings on the matter.

But there is at least one case in which not just the songs, but the movie itself was excluded from the movie halls. and no it was not done by the censors or the government, but by the maker of the movie himself.

This curious case happened with “Kahin Aur Chal” (1968). Biggest name in the industry were signed up for this movie. Vijay Anand was signed up as the director. Dev Anand and Asha Parekh were signed up for the lead roles, while Shankar Jaikshan were the music director. Vijay Anand thought that the movie was shaping up nicely and he had good hopes from it. But much to the surprise of everyone, Tolaram Jalan, the maker of the movie stopped paying the artists and stopped taking any interest in the making of the movie. He got the movie to get released in one show in one movie hall and then had it promptly withdrawn and declared it as a flop.

Yes, making of this movie was Talaram Jalan’s way of adjusting his books for income tax purposes. The songs of this movie made its way into the market, but the prints never did. And as a result, no one has ever seen how the songs of this movie were picturised.

We have discussed as many as three songs from this movie, and here is another song from this movie. This song is sung by Lata. Hasrat Jaipuri is the lyricist.

Lyrics of the song were sent to me by Prakashchandra who mentioned that he has not seen the picturisation. You are not alone. No one has ever seen the picturisation of this or any other songs of this movie.

Song-Zindagi sehra bhi hai (Kahin aur Chal) (1968) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar Jaikishan

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Zindagi sehraa bhi hai
aur zindagi gulshan bhi hai
zindagi sehraa bhi hai
aur zindagi gulshan bhi hai
pyaar mein kho jaaoge to
pyaar mein kho jaaoge to
zindagi madhuban bhi hai
zindagi sehraa bhi hai
aur zindagi gulshan bhi hai

raat mit jaati hai
hota hai sawere ka janam
dheere dheere toot jaataa
hai andheron ka bhi dum
hanste sooraj ki tarah se
hanste sooraj ki tarah se
zindagi roshan bhi hai
zindagi sehraa bhi hai
aur zindagi gulshan bhi hai

paar utregaa wohi,
khelega jo toofaan se
mushqilen darti rahi hain
naujawaan insaan se
mil hi jaayenge sahaare
mil hi jaayenge sahaare
zindagi daaman bhi hai
zindagi sehraa bhi hai
aur zindagi gulshan bhi hai
pyaar mein kho jaaoge to
pyaar mein kho jaaoge to
zindagi madhuban bhi hai
zindagi sehraa bhi hai
aur zindagi gulshan bhi hai

2 Responses to "Zindagi sehra bhi hai"

Atul ji,
KAHIN AUR CHAL(1968),a J.M.Films’ production was directed by Vijay Anand who also wrote the screenplay.MD was S-J and lyrics were by Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri.
The cast was Dev Anand,Asha parekh,Shubha Khote,Padma Chavan,Madan Puri,Jagdish Raj,Sunder,Tun Tun,Rashid khan,Hari shivdasani etc.
The story was Shail(Dev Anand) is shattered when he sees his wife Leela(Padma Chavan) in arms of his friend Paul (Madan Puri).He is so much disturbed that one day he shoots Paul and drowns himself in ocean to commit suicide.But as the luck
would have it,he survives when Rajani(Asha Parekh),a simple and innocent girl finds him and takes him to hospital.She nurses him back to health and in the process,falls in his love.Shail however does not want to start this all over again.Rajni helps him to forget the past.
The matters are complicated when it transpires that Paul also survived Shail’s attack and Paul and Leela are enjoying Shails wealth openly.
The film details how Rajni helps him to take revenge and they both go away’kahin aur jagah’.


As Arunji has mentioned in his comment, the movie was released in 1968. Kindly update the year to 1968 on List of songs moviewise, song O laxmi O saryu…. & this one. (song Doobte huye dil ko tinke ka sahara… has the correct year)


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