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Aajkal ke sabhi naujawaan bade jhoothhe bade beimaan

Posted on: September 28, 2011

In the earlier days of Hindi movie music, the songs were based on classical songs alone. With time, folk music based songs became to be composed and that led to a surge in the popularity of Hindi movie music.

In many cases, one can identify the folk music on which the song is based on. But on other occasions, the connection may be less clear. I am aware of two Hindi movie songs which were based on a folk song belonging to Lata’s grandmother’s village. One song was Tu naa aaya aur hone lagi shaam re from “Asha” (1958) and another was Meri patli kamar lambe baal re from “Mere Laal” (1966). On both occasions, Lata had asked the music directors (C Ramchandra and Laxmikant Pyarelal respectively) to use that folk tune for those particular tunes.

When I heard this song from “Johar in Bombay” (1967), I was reminded of the songs mentioned above. To my untrained ears, it appears that this particular song too is based on the same folk music. And my guess is further strengthened by the fact that Lata is the singer in this song too. Not just Lata, her younger sister Usha also joins her in singing this song.

My guess may or may not be correct, but the fact remains that this song is based on some folk music and it is an extremely hummable song. The song is picturised as a dance song on Laxmi Chhaaya and Jeewan Kala, who give fantastic dance performances. Keeping such perfect co ordination in accordance with the song, while dancing with such vigour, and while also keeing on smiling, is just unbelievable.

Qamar Jalalabadi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Usha Khanna.

On the occasion of Lata’s 83rd birthday, here is this fantastic song from “Johar in Bombay” (1967)



Song-Aajkal ke sabhi naujawaan bade jhoothhe bade beimaan (Johar in Bombay) (1967) Singers-Lata, Usha Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Usha Khanna
Lata + Usha Mangeshkar


Aaj kal ke sabhi naujawaan
bade jhoothhe
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan
aaj kal ke sabhi naujawaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan

uff ye shaahaana andaaz inke
hamse poochhe koi raaz inke
naam kuchh aur hai to kaam kuchh aur
arre subah kuchh aur hai to shaam kuchh aur
hoy hoy hoy
inki taareef ho kyaa bayaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan
aaj kal ke sabhi naujawaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan

inke waadon pe na jaaye koi
inki baaton mein na aaye koi

kabhi ikraar hai to kabhi inkaar
arre kahin jhoothha pyaar hain to kahin taqraar
hoy hoy hoy
inpe koi na ho meharbaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan
aaj kal ke sabhi naujawaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan

hamne dekhe hain din raat inke
koi kyaa jaane halaat inke

aaj koi roop hai to kal koi roop
arre ek pal mein chhaaon hai to
ek pal mein dhoop

hoy hoy hoy
inki poochho na ab daastaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan
aaj kal ke sabhi naujawaan
bade jhoothhe bade beimaan

9 Responses to "Aajkal ke sabhi naujawaan bade jhoothhe bade beimaan"

The actors appearing in this songs were:
Randhir (with spectacles)
Narmada/narbada shankar(old man with black cap)
Sonia sahni , I.S.Johar,
the other lady`s name who(sits alongwith Sonia sahni) plays the role of Rajendranath`s love interest in the movie is JEEVANKALA/JEEWANKALA/JIVANKALA.

Jeevankala is there in the 1963 EK RAAZ(She lip syncs for lataji`s song “Utegi tumhari nazar dheere dheere”and dances in front of Prab saab)
Please someone correct me .I don`t have any concrete proof about her identity.

The name of lady who dances alongwith Laxmi Chhaya is there in many hindi movies as one of dancers, dancing alongwith main heroines in many dance sequences.But I don`t know her name.

If my identification is right, I have seen her upto late 90`s(She is there, in Raakesh roshan` Karan Arjun(as a old lady who dances in the climax song and also in Govinda`s AAG-dancing with shilpa shetty)



No one(!!!!!!) is confirming nor correcting me about the fact that the other dancer`s name is NOT JEEVANKALA.

In fact, the lady who sits alongwith sonia sahni is JEEVANKALA.
She plays Rajendernath`s love interest in the movie.

The OTHER DANCER`s name I don`t know,she may be one of the prominent junior dancer of Hindi movie industry.

Sudhirji aap busy hai kya????
Kuchch tho liko na???



Prakash ji,

Apologies for having earlier missed these two comments from you. I am trying to get hold of the released disc version of this film; not successful so far, but hopeful to get it soon.

I did play the video many times, and I agree with you that the lady sitting with Sonia Sahni is Jeevankala. There is other circumstantial evidence also. Based on the cast and crew list and the brief synopsis available on IMDB, it is clear that Jeevankala plays the role of Sunita in this film; and Sunita is the love interest of Rajendranath, and is the daughter of Narbada Shankar in the film. The six people in audience in this dance item, Rajendranath, IS Johar, Sonia Sahni, Randhir (Sonia’s father in the film), and Narbada Shankar, indicates that the lady sitting with Sonia Sahni is Jeevankala.

Regarding the second dancer in green dress, I tried comparison with photos of some other actress-dancers during that mid 60s. One close match I can make out is Madhumati. Although not confirmed by other source yet, since all available cast list for this film (incuding Geet Kosh) do not contain this name. Hence I am trying to locate the disc of this film.

Do you think this can be Madhumati?



Sudhir bhai

I have just seen that unidentified second dancer(dancing with laxmi chhayaji) in Teesri manzil famous song “Aa ja Aajaa main hoon pyaar tera”.She is the same dancer(I think she is a prominent junior dancer but her name was not credited in the title sequences of that movie also).If you watch full version of that Teesri manzil song, please watch when asha parekh arrives shammi kapoor calls ashaji with hand signs to dance and sit with him.Then One dancer calls shammi kapoorji for dance and snatch his hand(0.58),her full close up is shown in that sequence, she is the same unidentified dancer we are talking about from this movie Johar in Bombay.

Yesterday I have seen Shammi kapoorji`s Professior song “Ye umar hai kya rangeeli” .(the unidentified dancer is featured in that song also)In that song also many dancers are there but main dancers are kalpana, praveen chaudhari,bela bose and that unidentified dancer(we are talking about).

Sorry, the title card of both the movies doesn`t show the names of this junior dancer, so I am not able to find out her name.




No, 100%she is not madhumati. She is another prominent Junior dancer, who is active in Hindi film industry till late 90`s.
I assure you that. I will search for her identity. I will let you know exactly in which song she is there, as soon as I got hold of her dance
video(she featured in many of them) I will let you know

I thank you for your response.
I am in a hurry, I will catch you afterwards.

regards and lot`s of love


I have got the name of of other (along with laxmi chhaya) lady dancer with blue dress .She is SHEILA RAMACHANDRA
(Courtesy:Artiste Gallery(1960`s) of Gretaji`s Memsaabstory.)


Prakash ji,

Sorry, I seemed to have missed this comment earlier. Thanks for the identification. The actress name you suggest appears to be the right one.


Thanks and regards


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