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Ye faasle teri galiyon ke

Posted on: October 11, 2011

I am not much aware about the movies and songs of 1990s and later. So when it comes to discussing the movies and songs from these movies, I am in unfamiliar territory. When I needs to discuss songs sung by Jagjit Singh (8 feb 1941-10 oct 2011), I need the help of those regulars who are failiar with such movies and their music in which Jagjit Singh figured. I am extremely thankful to Prakashchandra who promptly sent me the lyrics of a few songs (as well as details about these songs and their movies).

Here is a moving song sung by Jagjit Singh. This song is from “Mammo” (1994) which was a movie whose original story was written by Khalid Mohammad, who also wrote the screen play of this movie. The movie was presented and produced by National film development corporation and Doordarshan. Shyam Benegal was the director. The movie had actors like mit Phalke, Farida Jala, Surekha sikri rege,Himani Shivpuri,Shri Vallab Vyas,Rajshree sachdeva,Rajit Kapur,Ameya Balsekar, Soumyadhan,Sandeep Kulkarni,Ganesh Yadav,Lalit Tiwari,Ravi Jhankal,Kishore Kadam, Salim Shah,Rupal Patel,Siraj Ahmed,Snehal Vilankar,Sanjay Batra etc in it.

Here is a song from this movie. this song, which is sung by Jagjit Singh appears in the movie twice. The first version is picturised on Rajit Kapur,and Surekha Sikri while the credits appear on the screen. The second version is picturised on Farida Jalal ,Surekha Sikri and Amit Phalke.

Here is the second version of the song.

Gulzar is the lyricist. Music is composed by Vanraj Bhatia.



Song-Ye faasle teri galiyon ke (Mammo) (1994) Singer-Jagjit Singh, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Vanraj Bhatia

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

Ye faasle teri galiyon ke
humse tai na huye
ye faasle teri galiyon ke
humse tai na huye
hazaar baar ruke hum
hazaar baar chale
hazaar baar ruke hum
hazaar baar chale

na jaane kaun si matti
watan ki matti thhi
na jaane kaun si matti
watan ki matti thhi
nazar mein dhool jigar mein liye
gubaar chale
hazaar baar ruke hum
hazaar baar chale
hazaar baar ruke hum
hazaar baar chale

ye kaisi sarhadein
uljhi huyee hain pairon mein
ye kaisi sarhadein
uljhi huyee hain pairon mein
hum apne ghar ki taraf
uthhke baar baar chale
hazaar baar ruke hum
hazaar baar chale
hazaar baar ruke hum
hazaar baar chale

14 Responses to "Ye faasle teri galiyon ke"



Atul ji,
From 1970 to mid 90s was a period when the ART FILM wallas like Shabana Azmi,Benegal,Girish Karnad,Satyadev Dubey and people of such groups were very active.Mammo was one of such attempts.
Raj Pius produced Mammo,under the NFDC banner and direction was by Shyam Benegal,in which a host of ART workers participated.Mammo is supposed to be the first of the Muslim Triology produced by NFDC.Mammo was followed by Sardari Begum-96 and Zubeida-2001.It culminated with WELL DONE ABBA-2010.
MAMMO(1994) won 5 National awards in 1995.
Farida Jalal for Best Acting
Surekha Sikri for Best Suppo.Actress
Best Film
Best Feature Film and
Critics Award.
Mammo is the name given by her sisters to Mehmooda Begum(Farida Jalal) who marries Farukh(Soumya Dhan) from lahore.They become Pakistani citizen after Partition.When Farukh dies,Mammo is thrown out by relatives,for property.She comes to Bombay,on visitor’s visa,to stay with her sister Fayyazi(Surekha Sikri) who has an adopted orphan grandson Riyaz(Playes as a child by Amit Phalke and Rajit Kapoor as an young man).Mammo goes on extending visitor’s visa to continue staying in India,but that limit ends.An agent Raju(Kishore Kadam) takes money and arranges to remove her name from foreign visitor’s list.Mammo is happy.
The culprit in this racket is caught,Mammo is arrested as living illegally and despatched to Pakistan,where she has nobody………….
This was an excellent movie and the acting of the real ators(NOT STARS) was worth watching.
it was quite appropriate that Gulzar wrote songs and singers like Jagjit Singh sang those songs.
I pay my respects to Jagjit Singh ji.


This gem of a song got lost amidst of “Dhak dhak Karne laga” and all all other such songs.
When I went to market enquiring about the availability of the above song, they just watched me with blank expression and said
” MAMMO???!!!” We haven`t heard the name of the movie, forget the song.”

Till to date, I am not able to procure the record of this song from market,You will find dvd and cd of the movie but the record of this song, I think, was not released officially.

This song was repeated throughout of the movie(more than twice)

Madan Mohanji`s Haqeekat song “Khelo na mere dil se “(which was not picturised in the original movie)has been picturised in this movie partially (as a flashback song in black and white)on Rajahsree sachdeva(who played the role of Amit phalke`s mother)

I request all of my friends here to watch this sensitive movie(I am a sucker for these type of movies???!!!!!)you will not get disappointed by this movie or more or less directed as docudrama.

Farida jalal, Surekha sikri rege(she starred as a young artiste alongwith Late Manohar singh in famous KISSA KURSI KA and Prakash Jha`s famous movie PARINATHI)and the child artiste Amit Phalke(I thought Amit Phalke received National award for his portrayal, May be I am wrong)

Thanks atulji
for giving such a beautiful interpretetion of the story and the other details of my favourite movie


I have seen this movie on T. V. very soon after its release. I remember reading that this was the story of Khalid Mohammad himself so was ‘Zubieda’. The grand son of Surekha Sikri and Zubieda’s son from first marriage is one and the same. In the film “zubieda” karishma leaves her son with her parents, (Surekha Sikri and Amrish Puri) to marry the rajput prince, and they both die in the plane accident. Earlier she is divorced from her pakistani husband (child’s father). Amrish Puri is a big shot film maker in Bombay. Karishma tries her hand in acting and stars in some films, before she re-marries. As far as i know this whole story is based on truth. I dont know what was the real name of “Zubieda” and the films she must have starred in. At least in the film “Zubieda” there is one song which is shot for a film.

About Khalid Mohammed himself, he is noted film critic, was associated with the Times of India group for a long long time. I have read a number of film reviews by him in The times of India. He was the Editor of Filmfare magazine too. Khalid mohammed also made ‘Fiza” starring Karishma, Hrithik, Jaya Bachchan, Suhsmita sen etc.


Nahm ji,
You are right in concluding that it was based on real/true story.However,in the film Zubeida,some cinematic liberties were also taken.
The film was based loosely on the life of hindi film actress Zubeda begum,who acted only in silent movies.She married HANWANT SINGH,Maharaja of Jodhpur as his second wife after a relationship of 3 years,before marriage.Khalid Mohd. was her own son from the first (Muslim) husband,whom she had left with her parents.She and the Maharaja died together(their bodies were found in an embrace) in an aircraft accident while going to Delhi.She had insisted to go with him,as if she had the sixth sense suggestion of death !
Note; This Zubeda Begum is NOT to be mistaken with Zubeida of India’s First Talkie ‘Aalam Aara’.This zubeida quit films to marry a rich person from Hyderabad(Dn.) Raja Dhanrajgir and got converted to Hinduism.She died in the early eighties at Bombay.



Thanks a lot for the details. The role of Karishma’s husband(Prince) in ‘Zubieda’ was played by Manoj Bajpai, who is already married to Rekha. The movie was made memorable by the performances of lead actors and A. R. Rehman’s music. “Zubieda” joins him for the flight at the last moment, in the movie too even though the prince, who is in politics too, had decided to go alone.

I liked the movie ‘tehzeeb’ too a lot.



Khalid Mohammed tried his hand at direction again in 2003-TEHZEEB(someone written it as remake of autumn sonata-starring shabana azmi,Arjunrampal,rishi kapoor,urmila mathondkar,diya mirza,namrata shirodkar)

2005-SILSIILAY(narrator-shahrukh khan-picturised as 4 stories of 4 different female characters, the roles of which essayed by tabu,bhoomika chawla,riya sen,celine jetly.other actors in the movie were kay kaymenon, rahul bose, jimmy shergill,divya dutta,anita hassnandani, ashmit patel


Prakash ji,
There is one more movie,produced by Shantanu Sheorey “Tareekh”
(2003) which was also directed by Khalid Mohammed,starring Ravina Tandon and Munawwar Khan.



aap mujhe apna SHISHYA ki DEEKSHA deejiye,
kitna gyaan rakhthe hain apne paas?????!!!!!!
aapki gyaan ko aur aapko “saastaang PRANAAM”

(Really, maine ye TAREEKH movie ka zikr bhi kahin,kabhi nahin padha hoon)

Thanks for enriching our knowledge about movies.

regards and lot`s of love






short video


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