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Sarkaar na lautaanaa mere pyaar ka nazraanaa

Posted on: October 16, 2011

The title “Shaahi Lutera” appears to be quite a popular title for B grade movie makers. The first such title appeared in 1935. The next “Shaahi Lutera” was released two decades later in 1965, and another one in 1976. Considering the paucity of authentic information available about old movies in general and B grade movies in particulr, i is very easy to get facts about them mixed up. I have, for instance seen the songs of “Shaahi Lutera” (1965) being mixed up with songs of “Shaahi Lutera” (1976) in sites who in any case do not seem willing and /or capable of ensuring authenticity of information ( if any )being dished out.

As things stand, very little information is available about these movies. “Shaahi Lutera” (1965) is a movie which was produced by Nirmal Anand and directed by Akko. I am not aware who these people were. And the cast of the movie includes names like Azad, Chitra, Tiwari, Indira, B M Vyas, Nirmal Anand etc.

When I watched the picturisation of songs of this movie, I realised that I was unfamiliar with the lead actors of this movie on whom the songs of this movie are picturised.

But one thing in these B grade movie is certain.The music of these movies have to be top notch.

Here is a song from “Shaahi Luteraa” (1965) to illustrate my point about the songs of this movie. This song is what would be called an item song in modern day parlance. In this song, Bela Bose, playing an apsara/hoor as the case may be comes up and sings this seductive song for the benefit of Tiwari. It is a nice song sung by Kamal Barot with gusto and performed by Bela Bose with matching gusto. During the dance perfoprmance, Ramayan Tiwari (yes that is his full name) paces up and down while inspecting Bela Bose, obviously deciding on his next course of action once the song ends.

This movie apparently had four lyricists in this movie, whereas another source seems to maintain that Gulshan Baawra was the only lyricist. And then there are “authentic” sources that are not even aware of the existence of “Shaahi Lutera” (1965).

From the available information, I assume that this song is written by Gulshan Baawra. There is no ambiguity about the music director though. The music is composed by Bulo C Rani.

Song-Sarkaar na lautaanaa mere pyaar ka nazraanaa (Shaahi Lutera) (1965) Singer-Kamal Barot, Lyrics-Gulshan Baawra, MD-Bulo C Rani


sarkaar na lautaanaa
mere pyaar ka nazraanaa
suno jee
armaan bhara dil hai
ye aap ka deewaana
sarkaar na lautaanaa
mere pyaar ka nazraanaa
suno jee
armaan bhara dil hai
ye aap ka deewaana

tu kyaa jaane
tere liye
main kidhar kidhar gayi
tu jo nazar aaya
meri zindagi sanwar gayi
zulmi nazar teri sanam
dil mein yoon utar gayi
mujhko aisa laage jaise
jeete jee main mar gayi
haay mar gayi
suno jee
armaan bhara dil hai
ye aap ka deewaana
sarkaar na lautaanaa
mere pyaar ka nazraanaa
suno jee
armaan bhara dil hai
ye aap ka deewaana

jee mein aaye
badh ke sanam
haath tera thhaam loon
daal ke aankhon mein aaankhen
pyaar bhara naam loon
tu hi bataa
japt(?) se main aur kitna kaam loon
jab bhi dard dil mein uthhe
tab bhi tera naam loon
tera naam loon
suno jee
armaan bhara dil hai
ye aap ka deewaana
sarkaar na lautaanaa
mere pyaar ka nazraanaa
suno jee
armaan bhara dil hai
ye aap ka deewaana

9 Responses to "Sarkaar na lautaanaa mere pyaar ka nazraanaa"

This is a very good collection. Congratulation for your effort.
One film is still missing which is titled as “Yatrik”.
Dhananjay Bhattacharya Was Playback singer
Pankaj Malik was music director
Abhi Bhattacharya main character.
This is a film from 50s.
Can you find it?



Desai ji,
I am both surprised and happy that someone has remembered the film was a New Theatres,calcutta film made from a Bengali film’Maha prasthaner pathe’ which was based on a novel of the same name by prabodh kumar Sanyal.
It had shown the Teerthyatra by its Hero,showing many places of worship in Himalaya and entire India too. The songs in it actually were sanskrit shiv stuti,vishnu stuti,pushpanjali,prarthana and upnishad sooktas.
only people who understood sanskrit or enjoyed bhakti marg liked this picture.The first stanza of Kumarsambhava about Himalaya was a devine experience to hear from Pankaj Mullick.
I hope Sudhir ji will give us this feast in coming days in the series of Pankaj Muullick songs.
Thanks once again for remembering Yatrik.


Arun ji, Desai ji,

Very much so, I do have the songs of Yatrik on my list to post; they should be coming on in the next 7 to 10 days. 🙂



Atul ji,
SHAHI LUTERA-1965 was a BNT films movie produced by Nirmal Anand and Directed by AKKU( Akku has directed about 23 B/C grade movies from 1951 to 1965
,films having weird names containing,words like Gorilla,Zorro,Simba,Tiger,gypsy etc )
Only Gulshan Bawra is the sole Lyricist of this movie as per HFGK.
This is a typical Raja-Rani-Vazir story of Chandangarh,its Maharaja Vikram Singh,his evil brother Jagat singh,senapati Durjan singh.Vikram’s daughter Roop and her lover Ajit,Jagat’s daughter Indira and her boy friend Nirmal etc.Without going into the complicated storyline,it is sufficient to describe it as a cat and mouse story to gain the Rah Sinhasan.Finally,as usual the good people win after entertaining the audience with fights,dances and songs,wild animals thrown in for a good measure too !
The lead pair was Azad and Chitra,a permanent fixture for such type of movies.Azad Irani was a Parsi young bodybuilder from Bombay who continued the tradition of Parsis in films,with his first film Zimbo in 1958.
From 1958 to 1980,he worked (can not say acted,for obvious reasons) in 60 films.His films were Jungle and stunt films having names containing,Jungle,toofani,Pedro,Ustad,Tarzan,Gorilla,Zimbo and such odd words.There was a certain class which patronised such ventures,but with the advent of TV,these films slowly disappeared.


Hahaha, it is a nice and entertaining way of describing this kind of movies. Indeed this kind of movies too catered to a certain class of clientele. And as far as music of these movies was concerned, it was as good as the music of A grade movies, as we are discovering.


These types of movies were generally patronised by the viewers who used to flock to see the so called “free style wrestling” of King Kong, Dara Singh, Randhawa etc in the 60’s.


I’m firmly in that certain class myself I guess! I am always happy to see Azad in a film (the Zimbo movies are so fun), and Tiwari too (he’s in this song). And of course Bela 🙂


Indeed I remembered you when I realised that this song had Bela Bose and Tiwari in it. 🙂


That makes me so happy Atul 😀


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