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Allah tere saath hai Maula tere saath hai

Posted on: November 6, 2011

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The Indian media happens to be in the news at the moment, what with Justice Markandeya Katju, Chairman – Press Council of India, stirring up a hornet’s nest in an explosive interview with CNN-IBN’s Karan Thapar where he has pretty much ripped apart the media for failing in its duty to the nation.

I have my own, fairly strong, views on the subject too but will refrain from discussing them here as this is certainly not the right platform for this subject. All I will say is I share some of Justice Katju’s views although I also believe, at the same time, that some of his comments are somewhat unfair to Indian media.

You may wonder what this has to do with this blog. Well, you’ll know in a minute – I have my own convoluted (I call it “going to Churchgate from Virar via Thane”) way of getting to my point.

Well, one of Justice Katju’s criticisms about the Indian media was on the quality of reporting. In his opinion, much of the reporting is sensationalism and lacks analytical content. Any neutral observer of Indian TV will find it hard to disagree with this assessment.

This is one reason why I have cut down considerably on my TV watching. I refuse to watch inane TV debates (like someone said “there’s more heat than light in these debates”) or other programmes which insult your intelligence.

But in all this, there is still one type of programme on TV that I am fond of, and do watch. And that is programmes on old Hindi movies and songs. Various channels do fit in a slot for this and I am thankful to them for that. Not that there is necessarily new information coming on these programmes (nowadays, to be honest, there’s a lot out there already on the interwebs) but it is still fun to watch a programme that talks about the legends of the past, or a movie of yesteryear.
Doordarshan still has its Rangoli, Times Now has a programme “Total Recall”, NDTV and CNN-IBN have their versions of retro Bollywood. And only recently (because I’ve never really watched that channel much), I discovered that NewsX has its programmes too – “To Catch A Star” and “Flashback”.
I watch some of these – whenever I have the time and whenever I remember the programme is on. In particular, I’ve come to like the NewsX programmes, mainly because they have very few ads. And I’ve found the quality of the programmes and the choice of songs to also be quite likeable (i.e not always the usual fare that you see all the time).

Today I happened to watch NewsX’s “Flashback”programme. It was a Sanjeev Kumar special. It was just lovely to see a programme on one of Bollywood’s finest actors ever – and one of my favourites.

The programme traced his career from its early days (“Nishaan”) to his Gulzar days to his last roles (“Professor Ki Padosan”). It also showcased some of his better-known songs (“manchali kahan chali”, “tere bina zindagi se koi”, “jaadugar tere naina” among others).

But the song that really caught my attention – and is therefore presented today on this blog – is one that appeared towards the end of the programme.
It is “Allah tere saath hai” from Love and God (1986).

When I heard this song, I literally jumped up.

Now I remember hearing this song sometime in the 1970s/early 80s and I knew it was from “Love and God.” But I’d completely forgotten about it. I’d forgotten both the song and the movie.

This movie used to be in the news at that time for one big reason – the discussion was always about whether this movie would ever get completed or not. It had been in the making since the 1960s but ran into all sorts of problems. First the lead actor Guru Dutt died in 1964. Then, when director K.Asif (of “Mughal-e-Azam” fame) died in 1971, the project got shelved temporarily.

Asif’s widow did revive the movie later, this time starring Sanjeev Kumar. And it did get released – in incomplete form – much later in 1986, ironically only after Sanjeev Kumar’s death in 1985.

I don’t think it did well at the box-office but then so much had changed by then in the country that I’m not surprised if it bombed.
I have not seen the movie but it looks like it is a story based on the classic “Laila Majnu” tale. I’ve always enjoyed such movies – the sets are usually majestic, there’s lots of Urdu to listen to and the songs are also usually wonderful.

The songs of “Love and God” are no exception. One would expect nothing short of high quality from Naushad saab anyway and he does not disappoint. The songs were out well before the film was released – I remember listening to a couple of them in the early 80s.

This particular song from Rafi saab, now being presented here, used to be played quite often at that time. I must admit I never paid very much attention to it then – I probably had other things on my mind. Today when I listened to it again after all these years, it has a different meaning for me altogether. I’ve listened to it multiple times already today and am getting goose pimples listening to it. I just cannot seem to get enough of it.

On the occasion of Sanjeev Kumar’s death anniversary, I would like to present this song for this blog. There may be other songs that may showcase a happier Sanjeev Kumar but this one seems to somehow capture him (and the sad way he left us at such a young age) better than most.
“Allah tere saath hai, maula tere saath hai”.



Song-Allah tere saath hai maula tere saath hai (Love and God) (1986) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Khumar Barabankwi, MD-Naushad


jaane tamanna
husn ki duniya
jaane tamanna
husn ki duniya
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai

hothon ko apne seetaa jaa
ashq bahen to peeta jaa
shiqwa na kar majboori ka
pyaar mein kya gham doori ka
ishq mein kaisa faaslaa
dil se na hoga dil judaa
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai

Yaa habeebi
Yaa habeebi
Yaa habeebi

mujhko tadapta rehne de
dard e judaai sehne de
toote dilon ke afsaane
zaalim duniya kyaa jaane
chhod Khuda par faislaa
tod na dil ka hauslaa
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai

dil se lagaa le yaadon ko
bhool bhi jaa fariyaadon ka
basti ho chaahe veeraanaa
Kaaba mil ya butkhaanaa
duniya mein naghmaa pyaar ka
manzil manzil gaaye jaa
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai
Allah tere saath hai
Maula tere saath hai

1 Response to "Allah tere saath hai Maula tere saath hai"

Raja ji,Atulji

Thank you very much,for posting this song.
There are atleast 4 or more melodious songs are there in this forgotten movie which belongs to this blog.

If my memory serves me right,one song must be “mohabbat khuda hai”(it has been sung by many singers seperately, I think, I may be wrong)

Another very good song “rahega jahaan mein tera naam,banenge tere bigde kaam, hamein kuchch raahien khuda de de” has been sung by Mannadey,talat mehmood, rafi, lata and there are more 2 (Balbeer or ??)unidentified voices in this song”

I didn`t find more information about the songs of this movie anywhere. I have mentioned about the songs of this movie in Farmaish section, I think, long back.

In various musical shops, I am still searching for the cassettes ,MP3 and compact discs of the songs of this movie(from 1986 to till today, I haven`t found one song from this movie in the various compilations released by T.series(or super cassettes).

T.seris has the audio rights of the songs of this movie. I think they have not given much importance regarding the publicity of the musical score of this movie, when it was released by K.C.Bokadia in 1986(It was the era of gulshan kumar, anuradha paudhwal, anand milind and nadeem shravan-aashiquie,dil,tezaab,laall dupatta malmal ka)


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