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Bachchon tum taqdeer ho kal ke Hindustan ki

Posted on: November 14, 2011

Yesterday this blog reached 5000 songs. Today is 14th november, which is celebrated as the children’s day in India. The day is over and it is night time, and not a single song has been discussed on this occasion !

No, I have neither run out of steam nor I have forgotten about this day. In fact I ensured that the 5000 th song was discussed one day advance so as to keep 14th november free for children’s songs. It is just that I was neglecting several important tasks which I completed in the day time. Now I have time to discuss songs for today. It may be too late for the real children, but those who are young at heart (which includes lots of readers of this blog), the day is not yet over. So I will try and discuss a few songs on the occasion as long as it is still 14th november in India. so I still have more than four hours at my disposal. 🙂

Here is a song from “Didi”(1959). This song came at an age when India was a newly independent country and a country that was euphemistically described as a “developing” nation. In reality, the country was badly in need of nation building and nation building was a cherished aim of India at that time.

Hindi movies too reflected this mood. Movies on the theme of national building were being produced at that time. Not just grown ups, even children were caught up in the enthusiasm of nation building. There were movies like “Jaagriti”(1954), “Ab Dilli Door Nahin” (1957) etc on this theme where children were depicted as the future nation builders of the nation.

Here is a song on this theme. This song is from “Didi” (1959). This song is picturised on Shubha Khote, Sunil Dutt and several kids. Shubha Khote and Sunil Dutt sing this song to the school kids telling them that they are the future of India.

This inspirational song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Rafi. Sahir Ludhainvi is the lyricist. Music is composed by N Datta.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by nahm.



Song-Bachchon tum taqdeer ho kal he Hindustan ki (Didi)(1959) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-N Datta
Asha Bhonsle + Rafi =Fuchsia

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

aa aa aa
aaa aa aa
bachchon tum taqdeer ho
kal ke Hindustan ki
Bapu ke vardaan ki
Nehru ke armaan ki

bachchon tum taqdeer ho
kal ke Hindustan ki
Bapu ke vardaan ki
Nehru ke armaan ki
bachchon tum taqdeer ho

aaj ke toote khandharon par tum
kal ka desh basaaoge
jo ham logon se na hua
wo tum kar ke dikhlaaoge
tum nanhi buniyaadein ho
O o o o
tum nanhi buniyaadein ho
duniya ke naye vidhaan ki

bachho tum taqdeer ho

deen dharm ke naam pe koyi
beej phoot ka boye na
jo sadiyon ke baad mili hai
wo azaadi khoye na
har mazhab se oonchi hai
ae aeeeeeeeee
har mazhab se oonchi hai
qeemat insaani jaan ki
bachho tum taqdeer ho

phir koyi jaichand na ubhre
phir koyi Jaffer na utthe
gairon ka dil khush karne ko
apnon par khanjar na utthe
dhan daulat ke laalach mein
ae ae ae
dhan daulat ke laalach mein
tauheen na ho imaan ki

bachho tum taqdeer ho

naari ko is desh mein
devi keh kar daasi jaana hai
jis ko kuch adhikaar na ho
wo ghar ki raani maana hai
tum aisa aadar mat lenaa
aaaa aaa aaaa
tum aisa aadar mat lenaa
haar ho jo apmaan ki
bachchon tum taqdeer ho

reh na sake ab is duniya mein
yug sarmaaya daari ki
tum ko jhanda lehraana hai
mehnat ki sardaari ka
tum chaaho to badal ke rakh do
Oooooo ooooooo
tum chaaho to badal ke rakh do
qismat har insaan ki
bachho tum taqdeer ho
kal ke Hindustan ki
bapu ke vardaan ki
Nehru ke armaan ki

5 Responses to "Bachchon tum taqdeer ho kal ke Hindustan ki"

Hullo atul
congrats on reaching 5000
i can imagine the kind of feeling u must ve had on getting here. that explains ur absence from here for a major part of the day (i checked 3 times during the day for ur new post). chalta hai kabhi kabhi doosre kaamon par bhi dhyaan dena zaroori ho jata hain,
all the best for the future lets get on to 10000


What a wonderful way to celebrate the childrens day.All the lyrics on all the songs relates to our life.I wish it happens in our country.Yes the children are our tomorrows TAQDEER,,whether it will acheive these with all sorts of corruption going on in our Motherland. Prey to God that these future generation can acheive their ambitions.


I want meaning of this song in english


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