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Hamne sunaa thhaa ek hai Bharat

Posted on: November 14, 2011

“Didi” (1959) was a Sadashiv Chitra Production. It was directed by Narayan Kale. The movie had Sunil Dutt, Shubha Khote, Alhad, Sajjan, Feroz Khan, Daisy Irani, Honey Irani, Javdekar, Salvi, Om Prakash, Jayshree, Lalita Pawar etc in it.

From the picturisation of the scene, I deduce that Sunil Dutt plays a school teacher in this movie. There are several songs this this movie involving children.

Here is one such song from this movie. In this song, school kids ask inconvenient questions about Indian lives based on their experiences and Sunil Dutt tries to explain the reason behind them. That way, this song is different from the usual children’s songs that make the politically correct noises.

This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Rafi. Asha Bhonsle’s voice is used for several school kids who take turns to lip sync, expressiong their doubts about issues like casteism,regionalism, religioous differences, poverty etc. Sunil Dutt, singing in Rafi’s voice explains that these are all the legacies of past and they were encouraged by policies of the erstwhile rules and hopefull all that would change with time as the nation advances on the path of progress and deals with these problems.

This song is penned, not unsurprisingly, by Sahir Ludhainvi, who was known for his progressive ideas and who was writing songs on such burning issues.

N Datta is the music director.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by nahm.



Song-Hamne sunaa thhaa ek hai Bharat(Didi)(1959) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhainvi, MD-N Datta

Lyrics(provided by nahm)

ham ne sunaa thha
ek hai Bharat
sab mulkon se
nek hai bharat
lekin jab nazdeek se dekha
soch samajh kar theek se dekha
ham ne naqshe aur hi paaye
badle huye sab taur hi paaye
ek se ek ki baat judaa hai
dharma judaa hai zaat judaa hai
aap ne jo kuch ham ko padhaaya
wo to kahin bhi nazar na aaya

jo kuch main ne tum ko padhaaya
us me kuch bhi jhoot nahin
aasha se bhaasha na miley to
is ka matlab phoot nahin
ik daali par reh kar jaise
phool judaa hain paat judaa
bura nahin gar yoon hi watan mein
dharm judaa ho zaat judaa
apne watan mein

wahi hai jab quran ka kehna
jo hai ved puraan ka kehna
phir yeh shor sharaaba kyun hai
itna khoon kharaaba kyun hai
apne watan mein

sadiyon tak is desh mein bachchon
rahi hukumat gairon ki
abhi talak ham sab ke munh par
dhool hai un ke pairon ki
ladwaao aur raaj karo
yeh un logon ki hikmat thhi
un logon ki chaal mein aana
ham logon ki zillat thhi
yeh jo bair hai ik dooje se
yeh jo photo aur ranjish hai
unhin videshi aaqaaon ki
sochi samjhi bakhshish hai
apne watan mein

kuch insaan Brahman kyun hain
kuch insaan harijan kyun hain
ek ki itni izzat kyun hai
ek ki itni zillat kyun hai
dhan aur gyaan ko
taaqat walon ne apni jaageer kahaa
mehnat aur ghulaami ko
kamzoron ki taqdeer kahaa
insaanon ka yeh batwaara
vehshat aur jahaalat hai
jo nafrat ki shiksha de
wo dharma nahin hai la’anat hai
janam se koyi neech nahin hai
janam se koyi mahaan nahin
karam se badh kar kisi manushya ki
koyi bhi pehchaan nahin

ab to desh mein azaadi hai
ab kyun janta fariyaadi hai
kab jaayega daur puraana
kab aayega naya zamaana

sadiyon ki bhookh aur bekaari
kya ik din mein jaayegi
is ujde gulshan par rangat
aate aate aayegi

5 Responses to "Hamne sunaa thhaa ek hai Bharat"

Thanks nahm ji for the song, and thanks Atul ji for the post!
Sahir Saab hi aise geet likh sakte thhe !!
Salute to the great poet-lyricist !!
This song is the need of the hour, we are at a very very crucial stage of re-building the nation with radical transformation.


The missing lines of the song at the end:

sadiyon ki bhook aur bekaari
kyaa ik din mein jaayegi
iss ujde gulshan par rangat
aatey aatey aayegi
ye jo naye mansoobe hain
aur ye jo naye taamiren hain
aanewaale daur ki kuchh
dhundhali dhundhali tasweeren hain
tum hi rang baroge in mein
tum hi inhe chamkaaoge
navyug aap nahi aayega
navyug aap nahi aayega
navyug ko tum laaoge

If one sees the video clip in the write-up, there is a break in the song as the school peon brings some message. After reading the message, Sunil Dutt continues his answers with a repeat of the last four lines of the video clip above.

The partial video clip:


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