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Apni nazar se unki nazar tak

Posted on: January 18, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

There are some Hindi film songs, especially of early 50s, which have been in my memory bank since childhood and those includes the songs from “Hum Log” (1951). Two songs of this film viz. Chali jaa chali jaa chali jaa and Chhun chhun chhun baaje paayal (Ham Log) were very popular when the film was released. Those days, these songs were quite often played over loudspeakers in my neighbourhood.

I was not aware of one of the songs “apni nazar se unki nazar tak” from this film until early 70s when I heard this song at my friend’s house. At that time, this song did not impress me much other than that Mukesh rendered this song in his usual style.

Recently, I saw a video clip of this song on YT for the first time and I was completely bowled over by its audio-visual presentation. The main feature of this song is that although Sajjan is singing the song on a piano with Mukesh’s voice, the camera is prominently focused on a young Nutan for capturing her varying expression as the singing progresses. Hum Log was probably Nutan’s 2nd film and she gave a splendid performance just by way of her varied expression. The orchestration style of this song was quite different from those of the four songs of this film which have already been discussed in this blog. The lyrics of the song was written by Uddhav Kumar which was composed by Roshan. With this film, Roshan’s career graph as a music director reached a high point.

Both video and audio links are given as some words are missing in the video clip. However, this is one of those Hindi film songs which, in my view, can be better appreciated by watching the video clip than the audio clip.



Song-Apni nazar se unki nazar tak (Ham Log)(1951) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Uddhav Kumar, MD-Roshan


apni nazar se unki nazar tak,
ek zamaana ek fasaana
kitne hon aap jaise,
aise zamaane mein,
apne dil ka kaun thikaana

unki jafaa mein meethi wafaa hai
zahar hai lekin kitna mazaa hai
unki jafaa mein meethi wafaa hai
zahar hain lekin kitna mazaa hai
marne ke hote hain,
laakhon bahaane
jeene ka hai bas ek bahaana
apni nazar se unki nazar tak,
ek zamaana ek fasaana

door hi door se
dil mein samaaye
yoon nahin aate to sapnon mein aaye
door hi door se
dil mein samaaye
yoon nahin aate to sapanon mein aaye
kaam hain unka paas na aana
kaam hamaara preet nibhaana
apni nazar se unki nazar tak,
ek zamaana ek fasaana

dil jo liya hai dard hi denge
is ke siwaa wo
kuchh na karenge
dil jo liyaa hai dard hi denge
is ke siwaa wo
kuchh na karenge
hota hai dil to
hone do is ko
teer-e-nazar ka yoon hi nishaana
apni nazar se unki nazar tak,
ek zamaana ek fasaana

10 Responses to "Apni nazar se unki nazar tak"

HUM LOG-1951 was one of those films of Zia Sarhadi,with which he wanted to reflect his communist ideology by bringing to the notice of the people that everything was not alright with Indian people.There is so much of poverty in the society that govt. alone can not do anything,it is the people who will have to take up these issues.
Zia sarhadi actually made a Trilogy of this scheme with Footpath-53 and later Awaaz-56.Luckily for India,people didnot accept his theories and all that he wanted to propogate remained only on the screen !
HUMLOG was a Ranjit Movietone film,which churned out film after film on its assembly lines,without Chandulal Shah looking into the details of any films himself.However,it is said that after this film was released and its reviews appeared in the papers,Ranjit Movietone closed its door forever to Zia Sarhadi,to an extent that he was not even allowed to enter the studios even to collect his payment-which was sent to his home directly.
The theme of HUMLOG was an extremely sad,melancolic and depressing one.Zia himself had written the story,Screenplay,Dialogues and Directed it.
Lala Harcharan Das(manmohan krishna) is an ordinary clerk with a salary of Rs.80 pm.He stays with his wife(Durga Khote),son Raj(Balraj),daughter Paro(Nutan) and son Chotu(Ratan kumar).Raj is unemployed,Paro suffers from T.B.,and because of the cost of her treatment,Chotu can not continue schooling.Paro loves Anand(Sajjan)but being sick all the time can not do much.Raj loves Shefali(Shyama) but has no money to entertain her.
Doctors announce that Paro must be hospitalised.There is no money.Lalaji,brings home Rs.1000 from the Seth ji(Kanhaiyalal) to release a Hundi next day.Raj steals the money and gives to friend Kundan(Anwar Hussain) who runs away with the money for gambling.Police arrest Lalaji.Raj tries to make ends meet by working any job.One day kundan returns and with shame commits suicide in presence of Raj.But Raj is arrested for his murder.While the case is going on,Raj dies of Heart attack in the court.
Paro and Anand together stage a drama written by Paro,titled Hum Log ,in order to bring conditions of the poor in India etc etc.
The overdose of sorrow and misfortune repulsed the moviegoers and the film was summarily rejected.
No wonder Chandulal Shah was furious with Zia Sarhadi !


Thanks for the details.
I had read somewhere on the internet sites( may be on YT) that Balraj Sahani was in jail during the making of this film. During shooting, he was brought out from the jail in the morning and taken back to the jail in the evening. Is to true?


Kamath ji,
Balraj Sahni was a card holding worker of CPI.In1949,he was arrested along with many others including his wife for disruptive acts against the state.Initially,he was kept in Bareilly jail,but later was shifted to Arthur road jail,in Bombay.
He was working in K.Asif’s HULCHAL during that period.In the bombay jail he got A class.Asif secured court’s permission for him to go out escorted by Police,but without Handcuffs for shooting.Thus he was in jail while shooting for HULCHAL and not Hum log.Though Hulchal started shooting in 1949,it was released in 1951,like all K.Asif”s films(always delayed).
Few people know that the script of Guru Dutt’s Baazi was written by Balraj Sahni and that there were strained relations between them as GD frequently made changes unilaterally in his script.Both Baazi and Hum Log were on the shooting floors at the same period.Sahni later complained to Chetan Anand about GD and never worked for him or Navketan again.
(based on Autobiography of Balraj Sahni info.)


Thanks for clarifications.


Arun ji,

A brief comment about the statement made in this detailed write up, viz. “However,it is said that after this film was released and its reviews appeared in the papers, Ranjit Movietone closed its door forever to Zia Sarhadi”.

This statements needs to be reviewed in the context that the 1953 film ‘Footpath’ directed by Zia Sarhadi, is also produced under the banner of Ranjit Movietone. This is apparently in conflict with the statement that the company closed its door firmly to Zia Sarhadi in 1951 after the production of ‘Hum Log’.

It might have happened after ‘Footpath’, since the third film you mention, ‘Awaaz’, is produced under the banner of Mehboob Productions.



Sudhir ji,
I wrote these details from a book”story of Ranjit studios”.
It further says, by 1952,Chandulal Shah fell on bad financial times.He had produced and directed many Ranjit films earlier,but had quit doing so.Now,to have a come back and earn some money,he directed PAPI-1953,a Raj kapoor/Nargis film,which did no good to him.
He used to allow other producers to use his studio stages for production and earn rent.
He did not produce Footpath,but allowed its producer to use Ranjit banner and studio stages to earn money.During the making of Footpath,he never spoke to Zia Sarhadi nor was he allowed to enter his office when he was around.Anyway,the same time Chandulal himself was busy with Papi shooting.
Because of all this,when Zia wanted to do AAWAZ, he approached Mehboob,who too had leftist inclination and faith in Nehru’s socialism.
After Papi,Chandulal did only 3 films,Utpatang-55,Zameen ke taare-60 and Akeli mat jaiyo.


D J Samant
Feb 20,2012
Raj Kapoor had a fascination of the tunes of this song. He insisted for a copy in his film Mera Naam Joker for the song Kehta hai joker


What a lovely song. And yes, it is obvious that Kehta Hai Joker from Mera Naam Joker (1970) was copied.. oops i mean inspired 😉 from this song :).


Mr. Deshmukh’s comments as usual are very informative. However, in his January 18, 2012 comments, he states the following:

Lala Harcharan Das(manmohan krishna) is an ordinary clerk with a salary of Rs.80 pm.He stays with his wife(Durga Khote),son Raj(Balraj),daughter Paro(Nutan) and son Chotu(Ratan kumar).

Mr. Deshmukh also mentions “Seth ji(Kanhaiyalal)”

If you watch the film and see the titles only, you will notice several unusual things. Names of lyricist and music director appear before actors’ names. The cast is list by the character names as well as actor names. You will find Lalaji to be Kanhaiyalal, mamaji as Mamohan and sethji as Ramesh (Thakur). Those who are familiar with old Hindi films can easily recognize Kanhaiyalal and Manmohan by their distinct voices.

Just a minor observation and not any criticism.


I rate this song of Mukesh from Humlog in best 10 of Mukesh. It is so soothing and ever fresh. La Jawab


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