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Yaad aayi hai bekasi chhaayi hai

Posted on: January 20, 2012

“Nageena”(1951) was a Pancholi Productions movie. It was directed by Ravindra Dave. Starcast of the movie included names like Nasir Khan, Nutan, Gope, Hiralal, Mohana, Goldstein, Shamlal, Bipin Gupta etc.

This film is by and large forgotten by now alongwith its songs, but the songs are nice to listen to, especially if one loves to listen to “bhlle bisre geet”. I have discussed as many as three songs from this movie in the past.

Here is the fourth song from this movie. This song is a melancholic missing the beloved genre of song. It is sung by Lata.The song is picturised on a very young Nutan who it would seem to me is trying to look like Nimmi in this picturisation. 🙂

Shailendra is the lyricist. Music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.



Song-Yaad aayi hai bekasi chhaayi hai (Nageena)(1951) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan

Lyrics(Provided by Atif M)

yaad aayi hai
be-kasi chhaayi hai
ro rahi hai khushi
aankh bhar aayi hai
yaad aayi hai
be-kasi chhaayi hai
ro rahi hai khushi
aankh bhar aayi hai

aansoo bhi piye
teri yaad mein har dum
mar mar ke jiye
ab kis se kahein hum
haaye kya ho gaya
woh kahan kho gaya
dil mera so gaya

zaalim zamaane
na itna sata
woh hain kahaan
tu bata de pata
zaalim zamaane
na itna sata
woh hain kahan
tu bata de pata
aas miti
mera chain luta
chain luta
mit gaya hai nishaan
lut gaya aashiyaan
maut ka hai saamaan

toofan mein hai
ulfat ka safeena
khoya hai
mere is dil ka nageena
pyaar tu na hua
dard door na hua
saath tu na hua
yaad aayi hai
be-kasi chhaayi hai
ro rahi hai khushi
aankh bhar aayi hai

3 Responses to "Yaad aayi hai bekasi chhaayi hai"

Atul ji,
NAGINA-1951 was a Pancholi Production movie.
This name Pancholi has a tremendous importance in Indian Film industry.
Dalsukh Pancholi,born in Karachi was a very hard working man who built an empire of Film making in the then centre of films,Lahore by the name of PANCHOLI PRODUCTIONS.
That time there were 3 centres of films production.The First,ofcourse was Calcutta,the second Lahore and the 3rd was Bombay.The centre at Madras also has a history,but it started slightly behind Bombay.
In Lahore Pancholi studios was an institution by itself.The best of the talents in every field,be it Acting,Direction or Music,evrybody wanted to work with Pancholi.Dalsukh Pancholi has the credit of giving openings to many Actors and other artists,who later became famous in Bollywood.
Pran,Omprakash,Balraj Sahni etc were indebted to Pancholi for their begenings.
After Partition,Pancholi Studio was the target of many in film industry at Lahore.Dalsukh had to run away for life,with family,few film prints and some money.He landed in Bombay,naturally and started his own production house with the same name.Many in the industry at Bombay offered their free services to him.
Dalsukh was a man of great courage.He had made iconic films like Khazanchi,Khan sahib and Gulebakavali in Lahore.He started afresh with zeal.
Some of the early films of Pancholi in India were Nagina,Aasmaan etc.he also gave an opportunity to OPNayyar.He called C.H.Atma whom he liked immensely,from calcutta to sing for his films.
Pancholi lost a court case against Baburao Pai,who objected to his claim for compensation as a displaced perso,in the court of Justice Chhagla,but undaunted he build his empire and then died in 1959.


This film’s songs are far from forgettable, I am afraid. In fact one of Lata’s all time great hits Tu Ne Haaye Mere Zakhm-e-Jigar is from this movie. Two other wonderful Lata solos viz. Yaad Aayi Hai Bekasi Chhaayi and Kaisi Khushi Ki Hai Raat plus three C H Atma renditions complement the score. Truly remarkable soundtrack it is.

When one mentions C H Atma, this film springs to mind straightaway. The other one being Geet Gaya Pattharon Ne. But Nageena stands out and is indelibly associated with C H Atma.


Unforgettable soundtrack !!
Seedha zakham-e-zigar ko chhoo jata hai ye geet bhi !
Always wondered for many years as to what was the exact literal meaning of the word ‘ BEKASI ‘ 🙂


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