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Ye pyaari pyaari paati

Posted on: March 2, 2012

I have discussed it in the past that there are very few songs in Hindi movies which are picturised on dogs. Now that I have mentioned this fact, our alert contributors are bound to inform me when they come across any such songs.

Mr Sadanand Kamath sent me the link of one such song. This song will please not only dog lovers but also fans of old songs, viz. Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh who loves it when I discuss songs from 1940s. This song is in fact from 1930s ! It is from a movie called “Janmbhoomi” (1936).

It is a cute song indeed. Devi Rani receives a letter informing her that she was going to get married. And she begins to think of how she would have to conduct herself in her in laws place. In Hindi movies, heroines typically share such feelings with her sahelis, and sometimes with her pet parrot, but Devika Rani does something unusual 🙂 . She shares her feelings with her pet dog. The dog is quite young and cute. Talk of wedding , in laws etc, and how she was required to conduct herself in her new place are obviously not of any interest to him, though he tries hard to pay attention.

Did you understand what I told you ? Devika Rani asks the dog. The dog, like a backbencher in class is blank. “You are a dumb ass ! Go away”. Devika Rani admonishes her good naturedly. Here is an instruction the dog has no difficulty following, and he goes away, and he does not seem much unhappy either 🙂 .

This lovely song is written by J S Kashyap. Music is composed by Saraswati Devi. We are fortunate that the video of this song is available. Dog songs can be appreciated only if we are able to watch the video.

I wonder what the dog is called. From the picturisation, it seems that he has a significant enough role in the movie. I am so pleased to note that dogs were given roles in Hindi movies as early as in 1936 itself.

In the past, I had done research on songs on a host of subjects, viz rain songs, rail songs etc. It appears to me that songs picturised on dogs will be another nice topic to investigate. I at present know of a couple of more songs picturised on dogs in addition to the ones that have already been covered.

Mr Sadanand Kamath was amused that the dog was not interested in what Devika Rani was telling to him. Indeed Devika Rani was lost in her own world. She was not aware how to hold the attention of a dog. If she ever invited toaddress a gathering of dogs, dogs will not be interested in her talk if all she talked about was wedding and in laws 🙂 .

Dogs, especially young ones, are interested in action, not talk. Devika Rani should have held the dog by his fore limbs and done a jig or two. That is what Memsaab’s and our favourite Ted Lyons does with his dog. The two of them dance in tandem, much to the appreciation of Ted Lyon’s friends. And teaching them to stand on their hind leg is not all that difficult either. Just hold their favourite stuff (chewbone, hen’s paws etc) up at a height and the jogs would try to reach there by standing on their rear legs. If they are desperate to have them, they will even jump up to grab the goodies.

If one is observant, one learns more and more about dogs and gets more and more impressed by their intelligence. My younger dog Chhote loves to run away from the home to see the outside world and then comes back after a few hours when he begins to miss the home. Same is the case with Bhhole, but the difference is, Bhhole knows the way back home and Chhote does not. In the past, Chhote was brought home by nuppy the cat, as well as Bhhole. Of late, even the street dogs have become familiar with Chhote and Bhhole. The last time that Chhote was stranded, he was brought home by a street dog ! Yes, indeed, and my daughter rewarded the street dog by offering him some nice goodies.

For much of the first half of the day, the two dogs stay alone at home. They bark whenever they hear strange sounds, but they seem to know beforehand that my wife is arriving back home. My wife suspects that the street dogs, who watch her coming back may be informing about her arrival to our pets through telepathy or any other system of communication among dogs, so that the two dogs are already waiting at the doorstep to welcome her.

In the past, when we only had nuppy and Bhhote and both were young, they were kept in a rear room of the home. After coming home, I would hear the call of distress from nuppy. On watching through the window, I would find Bhhote grabbing Nuppy by the neck. I would go out and disengage them and take them out of the room. My wife on the other hand would act nonchalant. It is their ruse to attract your attention, so that you may take them out of the room. Otherwise they stay in the same room when they are alone, and all that while they co exist happily, she pointed out, and I had to agree.

Just imagine these tiny creatures thinking up of such schemes. Moreover, they also know which human being is gullible enough to fall for their trick.

Listen to this song, and watch the video. I am sure readers will agree that Hindi movie makers have not utilised the potential of the dogs to the full in Hindi movies to any extent. But something is better than nothing, I guess.

Song-Ye pyaari pyaari paati (Janmbhoomi)(1936) Singer-Devika Rani, Lyrics-J S Kashyap, MD-Saraswati Devi


Ye pyaari pyaari paati
maaloom hai kiski paati
ye pyaari pyaari paati
maaloom hai kiski paati
chupke se batlaaoon
unkee unkee unkee

sun jald paraaye ghar ki
ab karni hai taiyyaari
sun jald paraaye ghar ki
ab karni hai taiyyaari
ki wahaan sharaarat toone
to khunt hamaari yaari
ki wahaan sharaarat toone
to khunt hamaari yaari
wahaan nichle niche rahna
aur kahaan sabhi ka karna
wahaan nichle niche rahna
aur kahaan sabhi ka karna
nit aankh dekh maalik ki
nit aankh dekh maalik ki
hardam unka man rakhna
hardam unka man rakhna
nahin samjha

tu to hai niraa gadha


4 Responses to "Ye pyaari pyaari paati"

Atul ji,
This week seems to be my lucky week,getting two songs from the 30s !
My thanks also to Kamath ji for selecting this song.
Bombay Talkies was in full swing in the 30s to 40s.
JANMABHUMI-1936 was a sort of limited,or shall we say,desguised,patriotic flavoured film.Those days film producers had to be careful not to step on the Govt.’s toes,lest film got banned as anti British.
The story of the film and the Direction was by Franz Osten.
This osten came from Germany,and joined the local Nazi party in India.He was a foreigner but had cought the Indian pulse right.On social issues,for which Bombay Talkies was famous,he directed 15 films from 1936 (Achhut Kanya) to 1939 (Kangan) successfully.In 1939,when the II world war started he left for Germany,joined the Hitler’s Nazi Army and was killed soon after.
The Cinematographer was Joseph Wirsching,also from Germany.He too left for Germany for the same cause and fate later.In Bombay Talkies he was called ‘Veersingh ji’ by other artists.
The MD was Saraswati Devi,who also sang in this film for her younger sister Chandraprabha-who was acting in this film.(Both sisters were Parsis).The Lyrics and S/play was by jamuna Swaroop Casshyap ( he insisted on this spelling,instead of simpler Kashyap).Dialogues were by Niranjan Pal.
The cast was Ashok kumar,Devika Rani,Chandraprabha,Kaiser,Pithawala,Mumtaz Ali(Mehmood’s father,who sang the famous ‘Main to dilli se dulhan laaya re’ on screen),pramila,Kamta prasad etc.
Ajay(AK) and his beloved Protima(DR) fight for the welfare and justice of the Indian villagers.They invite the anger and enemity of the local Zamindar(Kaiser) and a conservative fanatic Sanatan(Pithwala).These 2 villains give lot of trouble to the workers-these things occupy almost 7o% of the film scenes,but the AK and DR jodi is not broken.Ultimately they are able to convert Zamindar and Sanatan to their side.Zamindar gives up his entire property to the villagers’ welfare cause.Thus Class conflict is changed to class collaboration.
Many patriotic songs like ‘Jai jai janani’ became quite popular those days.

Thanks a lot for these fantastic details about this movie.

This is such a sweet song. Devika is indeed very pretty. Maybe she did not want to muss up her saree by holding the dog up as you suggested, Atul.

One more ‘dog song’ from ‘Hum Bhi Insaan Hain’ (1948).
Video link :

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