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Bahut purdard hai ae sunanewaalon

Posted on: June 2, 2012

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This movie “Birha ki Raat” (1950) had Dev Anand and Nargis playing lead roles, which is a rare occurance. Video links are not available on youtube for the songs of this film, so we make do with only the audio links. Only one song, a duet by Rafi-Lata is posted in the blog so far. When I heard this Rafi solo “bahut purdard hai ae sunnewaalon daastan meri” for the first time, it touched me. Then on second hearing I found it to be a very endearing ghazal.

Some of the sad songs of Rafi’s early period are evergreen classics. But some songs which I had not heard before and only hearing now due to Youtube, sound so pure and are deserving of more popularity and exposure.

This particular song is written by Sarshaar Sailani and composed by Husnlal Bhagatram.

The name of poet Sarshaar Sailani needs translation.

“Sarshaar” – Totally covered or submerged (In spirituality)
“Sailaani ” – In hindi this word is used for “tourist” or ‘traveller”. In urdu it means “traveller” or a person full of desires for good things of life – a “Shauqeen” or a “man mauji” person.

Both the words he might have used as his takkhallus. All the songs of this film are written by Sarshaar Sailani. And I personally have always liked the songs of Husnlal Bhagatram. So this film is sure to be treasure of lovely songs.

Song-Bahut purdard hai ae sunanewaalon (Birha Ki Raat)(1950) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sarshar Sailaani, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


jahaan mein jin ki ummeedon ke bede
paar hote hain
woh khush qismat hazaaron mein kahin
do chaar hote hain

bahut purdard hai ae sunnewaalon
daastaan meri
ho gham ki daastaan meri
hazaaron ranj hain aur ek
jaan-e-naatwaan meri
ho jaan-e-naatwaan meri
bahut purdard hai aye sunnewaalon
daastaan meri
ho gham ki daastaan meri

safar to zindagi ka
tu ne bakhshaa
bakhshne waale ae
bakhshne waale
zara yeh bhi bataa detaa
ke manzil hai kahaan meri
ke manzil hai kahaan meri
bahut purdard hai ae sunanewaalon
daastaan meri
ho gham ki daastaan meri

muhabbat aur naakaami
jawaani aur barbaadi
ee ee
jawaani aur barbaadi
inhi do chaar lafzon mein
chhupi hai daastaan meri
chhupi hai daastaan meri
bahut purdard hai ae sunanewaalon
daastaan meri
ho gham ki daastaan meri


2 Responses to "Bahut purdard hai ae sunanewaalon"

nahm ji,
Please read my comments on song ‘chhotasa fasana….’ from Birha ki Raat’ on 24-3-2012,for additional info on Dev-Nargis films.
Sarashar Sailani was the pen name of poet guessed it right.


I have read your comments in the post “chhotasa fasaana hai”. The other film of Nargis-Dev Anand is ‘Khel’ with Sajjad Hussain completing the score for once. If such music doesnt work for a film to be a hit, than nothing would, i guess, as in 50’s songs used to be the main stay of films. Nargis pairing with Dilip-Kumar in “jogan’ also didnt seem to have worked. Dilip Kumar has done too few films, i would guess the total to be less than half of Dev Anand’s films.

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