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Koi bechaaraa

Posted on: June 30, 2012

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Apropos nothing in particular I just remembered of a wonderful song, that led to more songs from the same film. And on an impulse, I checked the blog. And thought, wow, this picture is not yet represented here. (Another category maybe – ‘How come this picture is not yet on this blog’).

The film that tickled my memory today is the 1966 production ‘Sannaata’. The film has only 4 songs, and all of them are absolute gems of melody created by Hemant Da. The film is produced under the banner of GC Films, Bombay and is directed by Mohinder Sabharwaal. One of the earliest films for Gulzar as a song writer, in fact his sixth film of the career, as per the available filmography. The star cast includes Tanuja, Anil Chatterjee, Veena, Raj Mehra, David, Asit Sen, Poornima, Janakidas, Protima Devi, KN Singh, Ravikant, Bhola, Jugnu, Durga Singh, Vishnu Dutt etc. I guess this song may have been picturized on Tanuja, but not certain. I would request other knowledgeable readers to please add more information for this film and the song.

All the songs in this film are rendered by Lata Mangeshkar. One of the songs is a twin song, and its male version is sung by Hemant Da himself. I hope to be able to post all the songs of this film shortly.

For me, the most enchanting thing about this song is the words as penned by Gulzar. Just take the line “. . .os ke sheeshon se paaon na kat jaayen” – a hallmark turn of phrase that one can expect from Gulzar. The line simply descends somewhere inside and almost evokes a sigh full of pain. The feeling imparted is that of extreme and ultimate softness, most imperceptibly merged with a pain that knifes through the heart when one contemplates this line. Think of the softness of the feet that would be hurt by drops of dew – what incredible softness such feet would be having. And then, think of dew drops as shards of glass, which is really the poets imagination going far out to catch a simile. And then contemplate such soft feet getting sliced by the shards of glass that be dew drops. Gosh, it gives me slump in the pit of my stomach.

Enjoy is wonderful melody by Hemant Kumar. Let the words by Gulzar play in the mind – and just savor the lovely, poignant, almost a gloomy feeling.

Note by Atul- This song is the 1800th song of Lata in the blog.

koi bechaara
dil ko kho kar khoj rahaa hai
chaahat ka maara

A poor lost soul
Smitten with tender yearnings
Having lost a heart
Now searches for
(Nobody knows what)

jaise jaise boond boond chaand ghulegaa
akhiyon mein ek aur khwaab ghulegaa

As the night will progress
The moon shall dissolve drop by drop
And with it
Another dream will dissipate through the eyes

roshni ki door door dhool udeygi
dheere dheere raat ka ye raaz khulegaa
ik deewaana, jaag rahaa hai, sapnon ka maara

The dust of radiance
Will be scattered to places
Far far away
And slowly, imperceptibly
The secrets of the night will be revealed
That an obsessed one
Is spending the sleepless night awake
Fearing the dreams themselves

mat jaao. . . os ke sheeshon se paaon na kat jaayen
zaraa raahon se ye kaanch utthaa loon
bairi chaandni ki aanch bujhaa loon

Pray, don’t venture (into the garden)
The glass of dew drops will cut through your feet
Allow me, to clear this glass from your path
Allow me, to douse
The glowing cinders of the menacing moonbeams

jhuk gayee hai aankh to salaam kiyaa hogaa
dil ne shaayad tera naam liyaa hoga
kal kya hoga, aaj na jaane, raahi banjaaraa

The eyes are lowered
Must be a courtesy to you
The heart is probably remembering your name
What will happen tomorrow
Is not known today
By the wandering traveler

Song-Koi bechaara (Sannaata)(1966) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Hemant Kumar


koi bechaara
koi bechaara
dil ko kho kar
khoj rahaa hai
chaahat ka maara
koi bechaara

jaise jaise boond boond chaand ghulegaa
ankhiyon mein ek aur khwaab ghulegaa
roshni ki door door dhool udeygi
dheere dheere raat ka ye raaz khulegaa
ik deewaana
jaag rahaa hai
sapnon ka maara
koi bechaara

mat jaao. . .
os ke sheeshon se
paaon na kat jaaye
mat jaao. . .
os ke sheeshon se
paaon na kat jaaye
zaraa raahon se ye kaanch utthaa loon
bairi chaandni ki aanch bujhaa loon
mat jaao. . .
os ke sheeshon se
paaon na kat jaaye

jhuk gayee hai aankh to salaam kiyaa hogaa
dil ne shaayad hanske tera naam liyaa hoga
tera naam liyaa hoga
kal kya hoga
aaj na jaane
raahi banjaaraa
aa aa aa
koi bechaara
koi bechaara
dil ko kho kar
khoj rahaa hai
chaahat ka maara
aa aa aa
koi bechaara

11 Responses to "Koi bechaaraa"

The team of Hemantda and Gulzarsaab made “Sannata” than couple years later came “Khamoshi”.
The both films has more pathos in songs and not having romantic duets or comedy songs…etc…in either of the film. So looking at that point of view the both films songs/title/ music are very similar to each other.
(I think so)
There are five songs in this movie…
(1) & (2) Bas ek chup si. Solo by Lata and than Hemanta
(3) Aisa hota to..Lata
(4) Koi bechara (Lata)
(5) do akele chal rahe…raat akeli chaand akela..(Lata)
Here…the haunting one…just like…kahi dip jale…
I love this one…


In fact lyrics of all the songs of this Movie (including “koi bechara”is there with you Atulji from many days.
Hitinting at!!!!(joking Atulji, I hope you don`t mind me joking with you, because I am not very good at communicating or cracking the jokes with others,That`s why I always don`t joke, fearing that some one may misundersood and may get HURT.)



In fact even I had myself noted down the lyrics of the songs of this movie long back. But there are so many movies and so many songs to deal with that many movies and many songs have to wait.


I can understand your difficulties and pressures in that respect.
I just joked about it.
Hope you don`t mind about my words.(That`s what I am afraid of-HURTING OTHERS,I don`t want to do that.)


I love Hemant Kumarji`s composition for Lata ji and Asha ji
I just counted without much thinking.That process yielded following results:(Within 5 minutes of jogging my memory, I got these much of memorable Hemantda` compostions
Asha Bhosle:
1)asha bhosle:kyon mujhe itni khushi de di-anupama
2)asha bhosle:bheegi bheegi faza-anupama
3)Bin baadal barsaat na hogi-Bin baadal barsaat
Saahib bibi aur gulaam
4)meri baat rahi mere mann mein
5)bhanwraa bada naadaan hai
6)meri jaa o meri jaan achcha nahin itni situm
7)Saaqiya aaj mujhe neend nahin
8)chalo chale maa and other patriotic songs

Bees saal baad
1)kahin deep jale kahin dil
2)ai mohabbat teri duniya mein mera kaam na thaa
3)pyaar ki daastaan tum suno tho kahein
3a)Dil e naadaan ko sambhaaloon tho chale jaayiyega
4)Kuchch dil ne kaha
5)maa hi ganga,maa hi jamuna-Majhli didi
Bin baadal barsaat
6)zindagi kitni khoobsoorat hai
7)ek baar zara phir keh do-duet with Hemant kumar
7)-a-Kushi bhi mili
8)hamne dekhi hai unn aankhon ki mehkti-khamoshi
9)o bekaraare dil
10)Jhoom jhoom dhalthi raat

11-chhupp gaya koi re-champakali
12)Naagin songs-I can count 4 lata solo songs
13)kahaan le chale ho, batta do musaafir-Durgesh Nandini
14)and 2 or 3 songs of Sannata

I don`t know how many more Hemant gems(Lata,asha) I left out.To figure out that I require some more time.


Oops I left out Bees saal baad Lata solo:”Sapne suhaane ladak pan ke”
Anupama-dheere dheere machal ai dil e bekaraar
and Miss Mary and Anand Mutt ………………….
Sorry I leave my effort here itself.


Oh Sorry Sudhri ji
Mere JOKES aur statstics ke beech mein
“Thanks for Anuwaad” kehnaa bhool hi gaya.
I too liked the line “os ke sheeshon se paanv na kat jaaye” Beautiful expression” and
oopar se aapke dwaaraa likhe gaye “explaination”about the Lyric is just too good to read and I am enjoying my reading for the 3rd time.


Prakash ji

No problems, and welcome very much.
Regarding translations, I know there are other requests pending from you. Please be assured that I am keeping them on my list, and will post as soon as feasible.



So SWEET of writing to me every time about my translation request. No problem Sudhir ji , translation nahin bhi huaa tho koi baat nahin, par aap aise hi posts likhthe rehnaa,Hum itne mein hi khsuh ho jaate hain.

love you


typing mistake must be “KHUSH” not khsuh.
Sorry Sudhir ji

Haan, ek baat aur->apne busy schedule ke beech mein se samay nikaalke aap, atulji aur saare saathi jo likhthe hain , yehi badi baat hai hamaare liye…….


beautiful song, all aspects of it is beautiful and beautiful translation! Thanks, all of you.


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