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Tum mere main teri

Posted on: July 5, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

In my school days, our Hindi teachers quite often used to mention about the troika of Hindi poets, Prasad-Pant-Nirala ( Jaishankar Prasad, Sumitranadan Pant and Suryakant Tripathi ‘Nirala’). They were the pioneers of ‘chhaayawadi’ (romanticism) movement in Hindi poetry. At a time when norms for writing Hindi poetry were different, these poets created a niche for themselves and set a new standard for Hindi poetry. About four decades later, a similar troika of poets was continuing the tradition of writing poetry in similar style but for Hindi films. The poetry was written in simple words for the benefit of masses. In doing so, they extended their coverage beyond ‘chhaayawad’ to include social issues, philosophy of life etc. These poets also created a niche for themselves at a time when the Hindi film songs were mostly written in Hindustani ( mix of Hindi and Urdu words). Pandit Bharat Vyas was one among the troika of poets who wrote lyrics for Hindi film songs, the other two being Pandit Narendra Sharma and Kavi Pradeep.

July 5th is the death anniversary of Pandit Bharat Vyas (18-12-1918–05-07-1982). A commerce graduate, his main interest was directing films but he started his filmy career by writing all the songs for ‘Duhaai’ (1943). Later he joined Shalimar Pictures owned by W Z Ahmed and among other films under this banner, he wrote a couple of songs for ‘Man Ki Jeet’ (1944),the other songs being written by Josh Malihabadi. Two songs of this film became the biggest hit of that time, one of which was ‘ ye chaand na itraana’ which was written by Bharat Vyas. He also tried his hand in directing a film called ‘Rangeela Rajasthan’(1949) . He wrote songs and composed three songs for the film too. After this,he concentrated mainly in writing lyrics for Hindi films besides singing a few songs in films. Though he wrote lyrics in Hindustani in the starting phase of his career,later on he wrote lyrics mostly in chaste Hindi as he got films of such genres.

1950s was his most active decade during which he wrote lyrics for films covering a wide range of subjects and worked with some of the big producers like V Shantaram, Bimal Roy, Vijay Bhatt etc. But despite the success of there films covering a varied range, he was typecast as the lyricist of historical and mythological films. As a result, his assignments started dwindling during the post 60s. But he remained associated with the film industry until his death on July 5, 1982.

On the occasion of the death anniversary of Pandit Bharat Vyas, I have chosen a song ‘tum mere main teri’ written by him for the film NAVRANG (1959). The song is a fine example of ‘chhaayawadi’ poetry. To me, this song is a perfect blend of poetry depicting husband-wife’s tender love, very sweet rendition by Asha Bhonsle, soft musical composition of C Ramchandra, excellent visual presentation by director V Shantaram and the restrained performance of the actors. Note how beautiful is the starting music which sets the mood of the song.

In the film, this song precedes the news of Kaviraj’s (the poet played by Mahipal)first born son. While eagerly waiting for the good news, he is lost into his imaginary Mohini (Sandhya) whom he sees in his wife Jamuna (Sandhya), his inspiration for writing poetry.



Song-Tum mere main teri (Navrang)(1959) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-C Ramchandra


tum mere
main teri
teri charan kamal ki cheri
janam janam ki teri pujaarin
laayi bhar ke tera pyaar
salone sainyyan mujhko karo sweekar
tum mere
main teri

ek praan do tan hain hamaare
jug jug se ham saathi
ek praan do tan hain hamaare
jug jug se ham saathi
sang sang hain aise piyaa hum
jaise diya aur bati
aasha mili
aasha mili nayi kaliyaan khili
dekho jeevan main aayi bahaar
salone sainyyan mujhko karo sweekar
tum mere
main teri

beeti dukh ki wo andhiyaari ghadiyaan
jyot suhaag se chamke
beeti dukh ki wo andhiyaari ghadiyaan
jyot suhaag se chamke
haathon mein kangna khan khan kare
mere maate ki bindiya damke
sab dukhde bhoolen
sab dhukde bhoolen
godi mein jhoolen
sapanon ka ye sansaar
salone sainyyan mujhko karo sweekar
tum mere main teri
teri charan kamal ki cheri
janam janam ki teri pujaarin
laayi bhar ke tera pyaar
salone sainyyan mujhko karo sweekar
tum mere
main teri

10 Responses to "Tum mere main teri"

The most memorable golden era of Bharat Vyas.
Most of his great songs are in films of V. Shantaram and Vijay Bhatt.


Some of the popular songs of Bharat Vyas:

-Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet
-Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyalia
-Tum Gagan Ke Chandrama Ho
-Yeh Kaun Chitrakar Hai
-Tere Sur Aur Mere Geet
-Aye Maalik Tere Bande Hum
-Saiyan Jhoothon Ka Bada Sartaj Nikla
-Tum Aur Hum Bhool Ke Gam
-Jeevan Mein Piya Tera Saath Rahe
-O Pavan Veg Se Udnewale Ghode
-Zara Samne To Aao Chhaliye
-Aadha Hai Chandrama
-Tu Chhupi Hai Kahan
-Chali Radhe Rani Ankhiyon Mein Paani
-Chahe Paas Ho Chahe Door Ho
-Saranga Teri Yaad Mein
-Thane Kajaliyo Bana Loon
-Haan Deewana Hoon Main
-Dil Ka Khilona Haaye Toot Gaya
-Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja


Thank you for this list, Bluefire. These songs are very beautiful.


Almost all of these songs already figure in the blog.


Sadanandji, thank you for so much information.

This song is so beautiful, soft and tuneful. There was a time when it was at the top of my list, I would be transfixed if it was playing on the radio.


Sadanand ji

Wonderful reminder, another of those songs one would be surprise that it is not on the blog already.

In this film, Bharat Vyas sang the song ‘Kaviraja Kavita Mat Ab Kaan Marodo. . .’, that is performed by Agha on screen.

Thanks for this post.



if I remember correctly, he also sung a couple of times. I have a faint memory that he joined the female singer in Chhup chhup ke mat dekho bhanwarji hamko nazar lag jaygi. He sang quite impressively..


Bharat vayas was one of the great poet and songs based on hindi


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