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Door desh se koi sapera aaya

Posted on: July 5, 2012

“Kavi Kalidas” (1959) was a Sindhu Films Production. It was produced and directed by S N Tripathi. The movie had Bharat Bhushan, Anita Guha, Nirupa Roy, Sapru, Sabita Chatterjee, Niranjan Sharma, Babu Raje, etc in it.

I have discussed as many as five songs from this movie in the past. Here is another song from the movie. This song is sung by Geeta Dutt. This song is picturised as a “been” song and it is initially picturised on kids playing the childhood roles of Anita Guha and Bharat Bhushan, who grow up within one stanza of the song and then the song is lip synced by Anita Guha.

S N Tripathi is the music director.

Bharat Vyas, whose death anniversary falls today (5th july) is the lyricist.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.



Song-Door desh se koi sapera aayaa (Kavi Kalidas)(1959) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-S N Tripathi

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

door desh se koi sapera aaya
door desh se koi sapera aaya
geet kya gaaya
liya mann chheen re
meethi meethi jaadoo ki
bajaaye koi been re
meethi meethi jaadoo ki
bajaaye koi been re

saanwariya tere rang mein rang ke,
saanwariya tere rang mein rang ke
ho gayi main toh saanwri
peeche peechhe
peechee peechhe doloongi,
banke bairaagan baawri
tadpoongi main din raat,
tadpoongi din raat
jo chhoda saath
jyun jal bin meen re
meethi meethi jaadoo ki
bajaaye koi been re
meethi meethi jaadoo ki
bajaaye koi been re

kaisa chheda geet re toone
kaisa chheda geet re toone
main apnaapan bhool rahi
kabhi hai dharti
kabhi hai dharti
kabhi gagan hai,
aisa jhoola jhool rahi
taj ke jagat ki laaj
taj ke jagat ki laaj
huyi mani aaj
tere adheen re
meethi meethi jadoo ki
bajaaye koi been re
meethi meethi jadoo ki
bajaaye koi been re
door desh se koi sapera aaya
geet kya gaaya
liya mann chheen re
meethi meethi jaadoo ki
bajaaye koi been re
meethi meethi jaadoo ki
bajaaye koi been re

1 Response to "Door desh se koi sapera aaya"

Atul ji,
KAVI KALIDAS was one of the greatest Sanskrit poets of India and he is rightly called MAHAKAVI KALIDAS.
Unfortunately,there is no info on his life,where he was born,where he lived etc etc.All his info that is available is based on the references found in his works.Some believe that he lived near Himalayas,because of his Kumara sambhavam descriptions of Himalaya,some think he hailed from Ujjain based on his Meghadootam and still some others think he was living in Kalinga Desh,because of his descriptions in Raghuvansham.
Atleast he is unanimously believed to have lived during 370-450 AD period.
It is popularly believed that initially he was illiterate and later on he became a scholar.Taking advantage of this ambiguity of his uncertain habitat,cinematic liberties have been taken in different movies made on his life.MAHAKAVI KALIDAS-42,a film made in Calcutta,says he lived in Kalinga,whereas MAHAKAVI KALIDAS-44,made in Bombay says he lived near Himalayas.
KAVI KALIDAS-1959 puts him in kashi and Ujjain.
Kalidas(Bharat Bhushan),an orphan-staying with stepmother (Tun Tun) and step brother,is thrown out because he loves a low caste girl Pushpavali(Anita Guha).They leave the village and go to Kashi(Banares/Varanashi).Kalidas,being illiterate cuts wood for a living and Pushpavali gets employed in palace of Princess Vidyottama due to her singing.Arrogant Vidyottama(Nirupa Roy) is taught a lesson by a sage when with his help,Kalidas defeats her in a debate and She marries him.
Vidyottama throws him out when she learns that he is illiterate and dumb.Pushpavali brings him to Ujjain and here Kalidas starts learning Sanskrit and soon becomes proficient in it.He writes Abhidnyan Shakuntalam and becomes so famous that Vikramaditya-King of Ujjain(Sapru) appoints him one of his NAVRATNAS.
The princes of ujjain takes Kalidas to her and Pushavali is thrown into Kshipra river.Meanwhile Vidyottama comes in his search and takes him with her to Kashi.
There Kalidas wrote,kumar Sambhavam,Malvikagnimitra,Meghdoot,Raghuvansha,Ritusanhara etc.


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