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Man veena madhur boley

Posted on: July 29, 2012

This article is written by Shekhar Gupta, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Before she burst on to the Bollywood scene with C.I.D. (1956) and Pyaasa (1957), Padma Bhushan Waheeda Rehman starred in two movies each in Telugu and Tamil including, as the second heroine, in the D. Yoganand directed Anjali Devi-A. Nageswara Rao starrer 1955 Telugu production Jayasimha. It was later dubbed in Hindi by P. Ramesh Naidu and released as Jai Singh in 1959.

The original movie (Jayasimha) had a lovely duet “Madiloni Madhura Bhavam” vocalized by R. Bala Saraswathi and P. Ghantasala which was shot on an incredibly beautiful 17-year old Waheeda Rehman being ardently wooed by a debonair N.T. (“Anna Garu”) Rama Rao (who was later to become a long-serving chief minister of Andhra Pradesh) under the baton of T. V. Raju. This duet can be viewed on YouTube from 02:54 mins onwards in a video clip posted here.

In the Hindi version Jai Singh (1959), this lovely duet was morphed into a surpassingly sweet number “Man veena madhur bole” by Prem Dhawan and blessed by the sublime vocals of peerless Lataji on Waheeda Rehman and by Manna Dey on N.T. Rama Rao under the baton of Ramesh Naidu. In here, the young Waheeda Rehman doesn’t have much scope to unfurl what ultimately blossomed as her immense dancing and acting talent. But her fluid movements and vivid expressions befitting this romantic number foretell a greatness-in-making. An already seasoned NTR — he was 32 years in 1955 when it was originally shot — acquits himself rather well in this sweetly amorous number, one of the best but a lesser known Lata-Manna Dey duet.

Audio clip:

Song-Man veena madhur boley (Jai Singh)(1959) Singers-Lata, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-P Ramesh Naidu
Lata + Manna Dey


aa aa aa
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
o o o
man veena madhur boley
main raag tu meri sargam
man veena madhur boley
mein raag tu meri sargam
tujhe yaad kare dil hardam
tujhe yaad kare dil hardam
yoon karenge prem sada hum
man veena madhur bole
main raag tu meri sargam

aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa

dekho kaliyaan ghoonghat sii kholen
jiyara bhawaron ka rah-rah ke dole
main kyoon doloon re behaal tadpoon
main kyoon doloon re behaal tadpoon
jaadoo man pe kiya kaisa toone
man veena madhur boley
main raag tu meri sargam

aa aa aa aa
oo o o
o o o o
le gaye dil matwaale naina
unke hi nit mein geet gaaoon
dil ne tujhse hai jo dard paaya
dil ne tujhse hai jo dard paaya
us pe main jaan kurbaan karoon
man veena madhur boley
main raag tu meri sargam

man veena madhur bole
main raag tu meri sargam

5 Responses to "Man veena madhur boley"

The original Telugu duet “Madiloni Madhura Bhavam” by R. Bala Saraswathi and P. Ghantasala, over which this Hindi duet has been dubbed, can be viewed on YouTube from 02:54 mins onwards in the video clip posted at


The MD for the Telugu film was T.V. Raju. The tunes of some of the songs I heard are the same in both films though Ramesh Naidu was credited. It was not uncommon those days I guess.
There was another nice song in the Telugu version, a duet by Rao Balasraswati Devi and A. P. Komala ‘ manasaina cheli pilupu’. I wonder whether the Hindi version is ‘Man Soona Tere Bin Hoye Re’ but I could not get hold of it.


Gupta ji,
I am very glad that you chose this film and its song for posting.
I have seen both the Telugu and the Hindi versions.
The Telugu film was released on the Dashehara day-21st Oct 1955 in Hyderabad.NTR was extremely popular and there was a hugh rush on the first day itself.The music of Jayasimha,by T.V.Raju was excellent.There were 10 songs and they were sung by stalwarts like,Jikki,P.Susheela,Ghantasala,P.Leela,R.Balasaraswati Devi,K.Rani,M.S.Rao,P.Nageshwar Rao etc.
The Hindi version has only 8 songs and ALL songs have the same tunes as in Telugu.The Hindi film MD was Ramesh Naidu,ably assisted by S.L.Merchant.
JAI SINGH-1959 was a dubbed film in Hindi,which came after 3 years’ gap.
Jai singh(NTR) is an orphan Prince of Malwa state,who is broght up lovingly by the wife of the wicked Wazir Rudra Singh(SV Ranga rao).He wants to kill Jaisingh,but jaisingh escapes and reaches Magadh Desh,where he rescues Padmini(Waheeda Rehman),the princess from the robbers.They fall in love.
Jaisingh stays with his loyal but crippled soldier Randhir,whose daughter Kalindi(Anjali Devi)loves Jaising,who treats her as his sister.
The king of magadh is imprisoned by the rebels,but Jaisingh rescues him.Then Padmini is kidnapped.Meanwhile Rudra singh sends his senapathi and captures Jaisingh,to kill him.
Kalindi reaches the jail,rescues Jaisingh and dies in the fighting which follows,thus sacrificing her life for her love.
Jaisingh then fights Rudra singh,kills him and then rescues padmini also.
They get married and live happily thereafter.


Thanks so much for posting these illuminating details.
Shekhar Gupta


Thanks for this beautifull song. The orginal version VDO is here, if someone is interested


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