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Sochta hoon ki tumhe maine kahin dekha hai

Posted on: August 1, 2012

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This song is from the film ‘Raaz’, the year is 1967. It is a duet by Mohammed Rafi and Krishna Kalle. It is picturized on the hero Rajesh Khanna and heroine Babita. The composer is the duo Kalyanji Anandji and lyricist is Akhtar Romani. There are two unknown or should I say less known persons connected with this song. The female playback singer and the lyricist. I would have identified Krishna Kalle with the song “meri hasraton ki duniyaa” which is a duet with Rafi from the film “Gaal gulaabi nain sharaabi”, but that was before I heard this duet song from ‘Raaz’. This must be the high point and defining moment in her career where she is getting to sing a song for an ‘A’ grade MD, heroine and Film. This film has a very well known song which is posted here.

Now this song ‘Sochta hoon ke tumhen main ne” is being lip synched by Rajesh Khanna and Babita. Rajesh Khanna as we all know was little known in 1967. Though he had the backing of the times group and got rave reviews for his films even before ‘Aradhana” Rajesh khanna was a novice in this industry. The song sounded familiar the first time I heard and saw it . Maybe it is the same tune re-used but it is a hidden gem not just for the tune, but lyrics and singing of both Rafi and Krishna Kalle. And the way Rafi is giving his all to this song reminds me of the songs of “Shola aur shabnam” where he gave playback to Dharmendra. The lyrics by Akhtar Romani are heart and soul of the song.

The 32nd death anniversary of the one and only Mohammed Rafi is just behind us and we have lost Rajesh Khanna also during this last month. I have heard and read a lot about the superstardom of Rajesh Khanna from 1969 onwards. And how Kishore Kumar was the voice of superstar Rajesh Khanna. Also how the superlative success of Rajesh Khanna transormed him and it went to his head. With his coterie of ‘Chamchas’ and hangers on crowd he became known for his tantrums. In other words he could not handle his success well. And also his failure and loss of superstar status had an adverse effect on his personality, and he took to heavy drinking and womanising , etc. Even though he got married to Dimple kapadia in 1973-74 while he was still superstar. From what I read in the media during last week, he was never in financial trouble. He had invested well and with acumen. This shows a practical streak in the personality which contrasts with the image media has portrayed over the years.

This industry is full of superstitious people and here nothing succeed like success. I feel Rajesh khanna was not so superstitious as to insist only Kishore Kumar sing for him, even after ‘Aradhana’. I have read and heard a lot about him, but never he has been accused of this favoritism. He being a superstar could have dictated his terms just like Shammi Kapoor and Rajendra Kumar did who had an idea that their success was due to Rafi singing for them. Rafi continued to sing for Rajesh Khanna even during the Rajesh-Kishore-RD wave after 1969. So much so that even R. D. Burman used Rafi for Rajesh Khanna in at least one duet of “Bundalbaaz”(1976). The Lata- Rafi duet I am talking about is “Naghma hamaara gaaye gaa yeh zamaana”.

I think this song is good enough as a tribute to both Rajesh Khanna and Rafi Sahab.



Song-Sochta hoon ke tumhen main ne kahin dekhaa hai(Raaz) (1967) Singers-Rafi, Kishna Kalle, Lyrics-Akhtar Romani, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


sochtaa hoon ke tumhen
main ne kahin dekhaa hai
yaad kartaa hoon magar
yaad nahin aata hai
mere hamraaz mujhe
tum ne wohin dekhaa hai
dil jahaan hosh mein
reh kar bhi behek jaata hai

jaane kya baat hai
ham jab bhi mila karte hain
dil mein chupke se koyi
chot ubhar aati hai
dil se dil milte hain
afsaane banaa karte hain
aur taqdeer muhobbat ki
sanwar jaati hai

to phir
apne chehre pe mere
khwaab-e-pareshaan ki tarah
aaj in reshmi zulfon ko
machal jaane do
dil mein utthte huye
jazbaat ke toofan ki tarha
aaj har khwaab haqeeqat mein
badal jaane do

woh jo ehsaas thha halka sa
ke tum gair nahin
aaj woh ek yaqeen
bantaa nazar aata hai
kho diyaa thha jo kabhi
yaad ki soorat mein kahin
aaj woh pyaar mujhe
miltaa nazar aata hai
aaj woh pyaar mujhe
miltaa nazar aata hai

5 Responses to "Sochta hoon ki tumhe maine kahin dekha hai"

Nahm ji,
Apropos your comment that the 2 names connected with this song are less known,is not wholely true.
krishna kalle,born in Bombay,but educated and grown up in Kanpur was a regular student of classical music.In 1959 she won the Akashwani Sangeet Spardha(competetion) and in 1961,she stood First in Sehgal Sangeet pratiyogita.After marriage she came to Bombay and sang her first song in 1964,under Robin banerjee in ‘Hukum ka Ikka’.She has sung over 400 songs in 120 Hindi films.
lyricist Akhtar Romani started with the evergreen song of ‘Hatimtai’-1956,”Parvardigar e alam tera hi hai sahara”.In 1968 his songs in “Haseena Maan Jayegi” also became very popular(bekhudi me sanam uth gaye jo kadam).he also wrote some good qawwalis,but he got only B and C grade films later.He wrote some 75 songs in about 30 films.He was concentrating more on Screenplay and dialogue writing.His some films like,Do Raste,mera gaon mera desh,Kachhe dhage,nafarat,mehbooba,Ajanabi became popular.He also wrote for AIR programmes.


Deshmukh Sir,

Thank you for the information you have provided about Krishna Kalle and Akhtar Romani. I was not familiar with Akhtar Romani. even though i know the songs of ‘Haseena Maan jaayegi “.

If he wrote the film ‘Mera Gaon mera Desh” he deserved all praise for writing the original sholay(in parts). Because sholay was a rehash of ‘Mera GaonMera Desh” and ‘Ganga Jamuna”. If the film ‘Kachhe Dhaage” is the one in the 90’s starring Ajay Devgan, Manisha Koirala and Saif Ali khan, than i remember seeing the film and the story which was very original.


Krishna Kalle had such beautiful dulcet voice. She was hit with Marathi songs like parikathetil rajkumara yeshil ka…etc were hit. Somehow she had a few-song-run


Thank you Atulji and Nahmji for introducing a new voice. What a refreshing and beautiful voice she has. Request you to give us more songs from her.
Both Rafi and Krishna have sung the song beautifully, a very melodious song.



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