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Baar baar mera pyaar tujhe poochh rahaa hai

Posted on: August 28, 2012

“Albeli”(1974) was produced by Vijay Bali and directed by Marunesh (?) Thakur. The movie had Vinod Mehra, Rehana Sultan, S. Banerjee, Mehmood, Nazima, Sujit Kumar, Uttaraa, Nana Palsikar, Maruti etc in it.

The movie sank without a trace when it was released. The music of this movie is just as unsung as the movie itself.

A few days ago, I discovered ( as against stumbled against) a song from “Albeli”(1974). I was amazed that I had never heard this song before. I was also amazed to know that a song of this quality can end up as a forgotten song instead of becoming an evergreen song. In fact that is how it happens in case of movies which cannot sell.

What a wonderful song it is ! It is sung by Mukesh, with one sentence uttered by Nazima.

I guess that the song was lip synced on screen by Vinod Mehra while addressing Nazima.

Jaan Nisaar Akhtar is the lyricist. Music is composed by Kalyanji Anandji.



Song-Baar baar mera pyaar tujhe poochh rahaa hai(Albeli)(1974) Singers-Mukesh, Nazima, Lyrics-Jaan Nisaar Akhtar, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm
ruk kyun gaye
gaayiye na

baar-baar meraa pyaar
baar-baar meraa pyaar
mujhe puuchh rahaa dildaar
ki aisaa tujhamei kyaa hai
kyaa hai jo meraa chain gayaa hai
baar-baar meraa pyaar
mujhe poochh rahaa dildaar
ki aisaa tujhmein kyaa hai
kyaa hai jo meraa chain gayaa hai
baar-baar meraa pyaar
mujhe poochh rahaa hai

maine dekhaa hai jab se
tujhko chaahaa hai tab se
aur mere fasaane mein kuchh bhi nahin
mujhko itnaa pataa hai tujhmein aisi adaa hai
naam jiskaa zamaane mein kuchh bhii nahin
phir kaise main samajhaaun
aur kaise main batlaaun
ki aisaa tujhmein kyaa hai
kyaa hai jo meraa chain gayaa hai
baar-baar meraa pyaar
mujhe poochh rahaa hai

ye ujaalaa badan kaa
chaand jaise gagan kaa
kaise lafzon mein ye roop dhal paaygaa
main jo gaanaa bhi chaahoon
gungunaanaa bhi chaahoon
geet meraa adhooraa saa reh jaayegaa
phir kaise main samajhaaun
aur kaise main batlaaun
ki aisaa tujhmein kyaa hai
kyaa hai jo meraa chain gayaa hai

4 Responses to "Baar baar mera pyaar tujhe poochh rahaa hai"

The film ALBELI-1974 was Directed by noted film director KARUNESH THAKUR,who later turned to S/Play writing in the 90s.
The music was by Kalyanji-Anandji with assistance from 4 people,Bal parte,babla,Frank(of the Rai-Frank duo) and Fernandez.Together they churned out only 4 songs,sung by 6 playback singers-Lata,Asha,Kalyanpur,Kanchan(wife of Babla) and Mukesh and Manna Dey.Nazima not added here.


Never heard this song before. Arunji, any information on Nazima? I remember watching her movie” Adhikaar” with Deb Mukherji and “Sachha Jhutha” with Naaz playing as a RK’s sister, on DD when I was not even teen. I was so confused between them then.


Khyati ji,

NAZIMA started as a child artist (Baby Chand/Chandu) in Patita-53,Biraj bahu,devdas,Ab dilli door nahin and kan kan mein bhagwan.
Her first major role was in Tower House-1962.She acted in about 40 films.She was known as ” Resident Sister” due to her slot of a sister in most films.
According to one source,she died of Cancer in 1975.



Thanks Arunji. She must be too young when she died.


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