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Ye thhandi hawaa rangeen fizaa

Posted on: September 18, 2012

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I did not know that Shaminder was a playback singer until I came across a duet song ‘ye shokh adaa mast nigaah’ from the film ‘Son Of Alibaba’ (1955) sung by him and Geeta Dutt. Curious to know about him, I checked in this blog and found that one duet song chaand sitaaron mein kaun bulaaye sung by him with Lata Mangehskar from the film ‘Pilpili Saheb’ (1954) has already been discussed. Not finding any information on him, I searched various websites but being an unknown name, he was not on Wikipedia. But I found some comments on YT from two of his relatives and a write up by a person who claims to know him personally. After reading these materials, I found that Shaminder’s journey to Hindi film industry was an interesting one if not a bizarre one who aspired to become a playback singer mainly to fulfil his obsession of singing a song with his idol Lata Mangeshkar. What a ‘khwaaish’ !

Shaminder( also known as Bhai Shaminder Singh) belonged to a wealthy landlord sikh family in Muktsar Sahib district of Punjab. It is said that the family owned almost half of the village where they stayed. Since his childhood, he was fond of music. He was a fan of Mohammed Rafi and Talat Mehmood whose songs he would listen on the radio for hours and sing in sync with their songs. He adored Lata Mangeshkar as a Goddess. As he grew up, singing became his hobby and he could sing songs in the style of Rafi and Talat at ease.

As I said earlier, singing a duet song with Lata Mangeshkar was his obsession and to achieve his goal, he left his village for Bombay (Mumbai) some time in 1953 and met Sardul Kwatra, who was an upcoming music director. Sardul found that Shaminder had the quality of a professional playback singer. He felt that here was a man who could sing in a voice which had a blend of Rafi and Talat. So he decided to use him as a playback singer for songs in his Punjabi film ‘Vanjara’ (1954) which was being produced by Sardul’s family. In this film, there was a duet song which he was planning to get Shamshad Begum to sing with Shaminder. However, Shaminder was bent upon singing this song with Lata Mangeshkar. To fulfil his obsession, he offered a carrot to Sardul by way of financing his Punjabi film. This trick worked with Sardul. I had read elsewhere that Sardul Kwatra was a charming person especially among women folks. Probably with his charm, he must have persuaded Lata Mangeshkar to sing a Punjabi song with a newcomer Shaminder. Fortunately for Shaminder, not only this duet song but all songs sungs by him in this film became hits with the masses of Punjab.

Having tasted success, Shaminder was now interested in singing in Hindi films and again his obsession was singing a duet with Lata Mangeshkar. He got the chance to sing with her in the film ‘Pilpili Saheb’ (1954). It is said that he also got a chance to sing with Asha Bhonsle in some other films but I could not locate any such song in YT. In any case, he did get the chance to sing a song with Geeta Dutt in the film ‘Son of Alibaba’ (1954). I find that he sang almost all of his Hindi film songs under the baton of Sardul Kwatra. Later, S Mohinder also took him as a playback singer for Punjabi films.

Having fulfilled his obsession to sing with Lata Mangeshkar, he was no longer very much interested in playback singing. By late 50s/early 60s, he turned to acting in Punjabi and Hindi films. In Punjabi films he mostly acted in lead roles while in Hindi films, he got side roles in about half a dozen films including ‘Aas Ka Panchhi’(1961) and ‘Anpadh’ (1962). In the latter film, one can see Shaminder with Bindu in the song picturisation of jiyaale gayo ji mora saanwariyaa. Later on, he acted mainly in Punjabi films. He passed away some time in the early 90s.

The song I have chosen for discussion is from the film SON OF ALIBABA (1955) which was produced under the banner of M P Films and directed by Majnu. The star cast included Mahipal, Chitra, Majnu, Chandrashekhar, Maruti – the typical star cast of a fantasy film. The song was written by Prem Dhawan and set to music by Sardul Kwatra. The song is melodious and it is a typical ‘chhaya geet’ song. I like the voice of Shaminder which has some similarity of the voice of another lesser known playback singer Krishna Goel with a touch of Talat’s voice. His voice goes well with Geeta Dutt’s voice as a duet. Only the audio clip is available of the song but my guess is that it is picturised on Mahipal and Chitra.

Enjoy this duet song in an unusual combination of singers which sounds fresh to the ears.

Song-Ye thhandi hawaa rangeen fizaa (Son of Alibaba)(1955) Singers-Shaminder, Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, Lyrics-Sardul Kwatra
Shaminder + Geeta Dutt


ye shokh adaa
mast nigaah
ye shokh adaa
mast nigaah
jab tadapaaye
chain na aaye
tum hi bataao kyaa karen
ye thandi hawaa
rangeen fizaa
jab gungunaayen
dil ko sataaye
tum hi bataao kyaa karen

ye thandi hawaa
rangeen fizaa

tu meraa fasaanaa main teri kahaani
tere hi sahaare hai meri zindagaani

tu mera tasawwur khwaabhon ki raani
dil mein hai hardam teri yaad suhaani
ye khoyi nazar
tumko bhulaaye
lekin na paaye
tum hi bataao
kyaa karen

ye thandi hawaa
rangeen fizaa

ye dil bhi hai tera
jaan bhi hai teri
tu pass ho to saari duniyaa hai meri
tu mera shahaara taqdeer meri
tere beena hai dil ki duniyaa andheri

ae jaan-e-wafaa khuda hai gawaah
tujhko bulaayen baithen hain khaaye
tum hi bataao kyaa karen
ye thandi hawaa rangeen fizaa
jab gungunaayen
dil ko sataayen
tum hi bataao
kyaa karen
ye thandi hawaa
rangeen fizaa

2 Responses to "Ye thhandi hawaa rangeen fizaa"

Kamath ji,
Thanks for the info on singer/actor SHAMINDER SINGH.


There is another song of Shaminder Singh and GD in Tees Maar Khaan (1955). He was a friend of S. Mohinder and he belonged to khunde halal A village in muktsar. Actually he came to Mumbai to be an actor and with any luck to sing a song with Lata.
In 60’s he shaved off his beard and moustache to became a movie actor. Any way, once he was with S. Mohinder, and they happened to meet with Lata…she couldn’t recognized him. So, S. Mohinder told who he was. Lata told him..You looked so good in your blonde beard, moustache and turban, why did you do this to yourself? He was stunned by the remarks. May be it had a subtle message in her taunt!
But he got the message and later time he left for Punjab to act in punjabi films.


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