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Ae ichak bichak churr

Posted on: December 11, 2012

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

“Baawre Nain” (1950) was the film that made the industry and the masses take notice of this new music director named Roshan. Roshan had made a debut with the film ‘Neki Aur Badi’ (1949), produced and directed by Kidar Sharma. With the kind of year that 1949 was – an absolute parade of films with fabulous music, not a surprise that a novice music director’s debut venture went by unacknowledged. ‘Neki Aur Badi’ settled into obscurity both as a film and also for the music. When Kidar Sharma planned his next venture, ‘Baawre Nain’, he restated his confidence in Roshan, by once again engaging him to create the music for it. And Roshan responded likewise, creating such wonderful tunes for this film, this after more than sixty years, this film is remembered now, simply on the basis of its music and songs.

The film is a produced under the banner of Ambitious Pictures, Bombay; produced and directed by Kidar Sharma himself. The star cast of the film includes Raj Kapoor, Geeta Bali, Vijaylaxmi, Jaswant, Pesi Patel, Nazeera, Cuckoo, Sharda (Himmat Rai), Baanke, Siraaj, Prakash, Darpan, Kanta, Manju etc. The songs of this film are written by Kidar Sharma, and the music of course, is by Roshan.

The film is a story of love lost and found – it is a poet’s ode to love that Kidar Sharma has weaved. A dreamer, that is Raj Kapoor, meets the bubbly, naughty and very down to earth Geeta Bali. The rich and poor divide is there, the urban and rural divide is also there. A remarkable creation from Kidar Sharma that examines the facets of love as the two lovers go through experiences of being together, and then separated. The travails of the lady love as she goes to search for her beau, the comedy of meeting with the family and the prospective rich man’s bride, the lonely trek back and then the return of the lover. When released, it was a remarkable expression of the many aspects of love, a film that many considered to be ahead of its time.

The film has nine songs in all. Eight of these are already posted here. Here is the ninth – one more ‘Yippee’ moment, as Pradeep Raghunathan ji would put it. This song is a very atypical creation by Roshan for this film. As one checks out the other eight songs from this film, all are somewhat on the expected lines with what this film is about. This song is a
dream song, and the surprise song of the lot. Sung by Shamshad Begum, and performed by Cuckoo on screen, it is a real fun song to watch and hear. Raj Kapoor is asleep, and a tiny fairy, that is Geeta Bali, comes to knock on his ears. He opens his eyes, and sees this dream. Geeta Bali playing the role of a magician, warning the sleepy Raj Kapoor, that he will lose his heart in a jiffy. It will fly away and come to her. The song goes on to presage the pain and difficulties of love, making one remember the granny 🙂 – “yaad aayegi naani”.

And another remarkable thing to note. This is the only song in the film that carries the name of the film in the lyrics. The film name appears in the second antaraa. 🙂

The song is remarkably done on the screen. A very appropriate pace and tone for an actor like Geeta Bali, and the fronting presence of Cuckoo completes this wonderful picture frame. Listen to, and love this wonderful Roshan -Shamshad Begum creation. Enjoy.

ae ichak bichak chhurrr
dil udd gayaa baabu phurrr

Hey, abracadabra presto
See, your heart
It flies away from you

(NOTE: ‘abracadabra presto’ is not the literal English counterpart of ‘ichak bichak chhurrr’, although it very aptly represents the intent of these words).

shuru shuru mein pyaar kahega, tu dilbar mein jaani
dheere dheere rog badhaa, tab yaad aayegi naani

Ah, this love,
It would initially claim
‘You my sweetheart, me your life’
But as this malady grows on you
Then one thinks of granny

(NOTE: the phrase ‘yaad aayegi naani’ in Hindi means that when in trouble, people generally remember their mother (or even grandmother 🙂 ))

nazar ka teer lagaa seene mein, gayaa dil cheer
mann uljhaa uljhi do akhinyaan, ab kya ho tadbeer
oye ichak bichak chhurrr

The darts incoming from the glances
Will tear the heart apart
The heart is in a muddle
The eyes they are entangled
Oh what meaning then has prudence
Or careful forethought
Hey, abracadabra presto

abhi se ek se do do tum ko dene lagey dikhaai
sach much donon ek baney to phir kya hogaa bhai

Your are already seeing double now
Think what will it be
When the two are together to be one

baawre nain, na ko neend na in ko chain
dekhat hain ab baat kisi ki ye pagle din rain
oye ichak bichak chhurrr

Dreamy, zany eyes
No sleep, no respite for them anymore
Just gazing the path
And waiting, for someone
Ah these dsilly, inane eyes
O boy, abracadabra presto



Song-Ae ichak bichak churr (Baawre Nain)(1950) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma, MD-Roshan


ae ichak bichak chhurrr
ae ichak bichak chhurrr
dil udd gayaa baabu phurrr
dil udd gayaa baabu phurrr
ae ichak bichak
ae ichak bichak chhurrr
dil udd gayaa baabu phurrr
dil udd gayaa baabu phurrr

shuru shuru mein pyaar kahega
tu dilbar main jaani
dheere dheere
dheere dheere rog badhaa
tab yaad aayegi naani
nazar ka teer
lagaa seene mein
gayaa dil cheer
gayaa dil cheer
mann uljhaa
uljhi do ankhinyaan
mann uljhaa
uljhi do akhinyaan
ab kya ho tadbeer
oye ichak bichak
oye ichak bichak chhurrr
dil udd gayaa baabu phurrr
dil udd gayaa baabu phurrr. . .

abhi se ek se do do
tum ko dene lagey dikhaai
sach much donon
sach much donon ek baney to
phir kya hogaa bhai
baawre nain
na in ko neend
na in ko chain
na in ko chain
dekhat hain ab baat kisi ki
ee ee
dekhat hain ab baat kisi ki
ee ee
ye pagle din rain
oye ichak bichak
oye ichak bichak chhurrr
dil udd gayaa baabu phurrr
dil udd gayaa baabu phurrr. . .

4 Responses to "Ae ichak bichak churr"

Sudhir Ji, lovely article as always. Each of these posts have such a wealth of information and it must take quite a lot of time to come up with one article. Knowing this fact, and then seeing the number of songs discussed so far (more than 7100), is mind boggling. This blog will always remain one of a kind. Amazing labour of love. Atul Ji, we can never thank you enough for starting this blog.

Sudhir Ji, no I have not forgotten, Yippeeee!. One more movie joins the ranks of movies where all songs from the movie have been discussed. Roshan is one of my favourite music directors, so this yippeeee! is even more special. Thank you.


Very unusual picturization, like you have said. This is the first time I heard this song and enjoyed it. Cuckoo and Geeta Bali are so live! Thanks for the post.


What a lovely song! I really like the songs of Bawre Nain. Roshan is one of my favourite composers.

Lovely write-up too, Sudhirji. As usual. 🙂


Pradeep ji, Khyati ji, Raja ji

Thanks for your messages. 🙂



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