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Fariyaad na karna

Posted on: December 11, 2012

“Gharaana” (1949) was a Shan e Hind Pictures production. It was directed by S Bhatia. The movie had Amina, Khatoon, Leela Kumari, Paro, Iftekhar etc in it.

Here is a forgotten song from this obscure movie. The song is sung by Shyama Bahi and Rafi. Alam Syahposh is the lyricist. Music is composed by Mohammad Shafi.

Only the audio of this song is available. It is mentioned in some sources that the song is picturised on Kamal Zameendaar and Paaro bai.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by nahm.

Audio – Part II (Shyama Bai + Rafi)

Audio – Part II (Paro Devi + Raja Gul)

Song-Fariyaad na karna(Gharaana)(1949) Singers-Shyama Bai, Rafi/Paro Devi, Raja Gul, Lyrics-Alam Syahposh, MD-Mohammed Shafi
Shyama Bai + Rafi

Lyrics(Provided by nahm)

fariyaad na karna
fariyaad na karna
haay kahin fariyaad na karna
fariyaad na karnaa
haay kahin fariyaad na karna
dil toot bhi jaaye to
fariyaad na karna
haay kahin fariyaad na karna

jab pag se hi duniyaa lut jaaye
jab pee sang tujh ko thukraaye
jab badley chaal zamaane ki
jab badley chaal zamaane ki
rakh lenaa laaj gharaane ki
gar jaan bhi jaaye to
fariyaad na karnaa
haay kahin fariyaad na karna
fariyaad na karnaa
haay kahin fariyaad na karna

fariyaad na karnaa
haay kahin fariyaad na karna
yahi nadiyaa yahi kinaara thhaa
yahin maine tujhko pukaara thhaa
yahi duniyaa thhi deewaane ki
yeh baat hai guzre zamaane ki
ab yaad bhi aaye to
fariyaad na karnaa

haay kahin fariyaad na karna

10 Responses to "Fariyaad na karna"

Nahm ji,

Thanks for posting this wonderful touching song. I am hearing it for the first time today, and I like it.

Small correction. The lines
“jab pag se hi duniyaa lut jaaye
jab pee sang tujh ko thukraaye”
should read
“jab bastey hi duniyaa lut jaaye
jab preetam tujh ko thukraaye”

Also, one important point; the Geet Kosh does not list Rafi as the male voice in this song. The name listed is Raja Gul. I have sent a message to Harmandir ji for checking and confirming. Will let you know when I receive a response.



For me the male voice sounds like Rafi.



Thank you for the correction. The information that i have in the excel sheet , is that this songs is :

1. Fariyaad Na Karna Haye Kahin Fariyaad Na Karna -Gharana 1949 Mohd Rafi, Shyama Bai Mohammad Shafi, Lyrics: Alam Syahaposh (Kamal Zameendaar, Paaro) .

2. Tu Kahan Hai Baalam Mere Aaja – Gharana 1949 Mohd Rafi, Paaro Devi, Mohammad Shafi, Lyrics: Bahzad Lakhnavi. ( Kamal Zameendaar, Paaro )

Two songs of ‘Gharana'(1949) are mentioned there. I thought the excel sheet was compiled from ‘Geet kosh’ only.

The voice sounds as Rafi’s . The youtube link is giving the female singer’s name as Paro devi. So i managed to mix up the info of these two songs.

As the the excel sheet this song, ‘ faryaad na karna’ is sung by Rafi-Shyama Bai and lyricist is Alam Siyahposh.
Lyrcist name too is new for the blog.

I request you to pursue this matter to ascertain both singers names.




Please see this post too.

It seems this song is also not included in the ‘Geet kosh’. I am not sure if ‘geet kosh ‘ includes songs of unreleased films too. The movie “Nazrana’ (1948) was not released. Same thing applied to the rest of the songs of this movie.


I think this song is in 2 parts:

first by Mohd Rafi and Shyama;
second by Paro Devi and Raja Gul.

And no lyricist mentioned in the geet kosh.

Not sure if information got mixed-up somewhere.


This songs could well be in two parts as you said. Due to the link saying Paro Devi as female singer, i managed to mix the info. As for now the song link of youtube is of Rafi-Shyama,


Nahm ji, Bluefire ji,

Couple of points regarding Geet Kosh.
1. It includes information of unreleased films. However, I must also state that the information in the Geet Kosh may not be complete, for every film listed. Also, every unreleased film may not be listed. We have identified such instances, and the updates are being made to the Geet Kosh.

2. To the extent possible, the compilers of Geet Kosh have made stringent efforts to verify and cross check information before including it. And there are known cases where information which has some doubts and is not verifiable from more than one source, has not been included. Hence, there may be information available on the internet, which in all likelihood is also available with the compilers, but in the absence of full verification, it has not been printed.

3. The film ‘Nazraana’ from late 1940s is listed in the Geet Kosh, as an unreleased film, and so is the song you have referred to – “Itni Badi Duniya Mein. . .”, with the name of Rafi Sb as the singer.

Regarding this song from Gharaana (1949), Bluefire ji has correctly stated that this song appears twice in the film, and is listed twice in the Geet Kosh.

Now the surprise thing is – I searched through my collection, and I find that I have both versions of the song with me. (What delinquency on my part – I have them but had not heard them yet. 😦 🙂 ).

This song posted here is definitely the one listed as sung by Rafi Sb and Shyama. The lyrics match.

The second version of the song has different lyrics and definitely different voices (that of Paro and Raja Gul). I will try to post the second version soon, and then update this post with lyrics for that version.

Regarding the name of the lyricist, I do not have confirmed information as yet. The songs of this film have been written by two lyricists – Aalam Siyaahposh and Behzaad Lucknowi. There is also another piece of unverified information available that includes the name of one more lyricists – BR Sharma. As stated earlier, I do not have confirmed information on the lyricist.

I hope this helps to clarify.



Thanks for the above clarification. The name of female singer is required to be corrected, in the post details. If you have the Rafi-Paro duet ‘ tu kahaan hai balam mere aaja’ , maybe you could try and post that too.

Reg. ‘itni badi duniyaa mien main laachar hoon akelaa’ , the ‘laachari’ in it became too poignant, for it being called an orphan song, i guess 🙂


Nahm ji

I checked. Yes, I do have the Rafi Paro duet you have mentioned. I will try to post it soon.



Atulji & Deshmukh Sir,

Kindly confirm if the info regarding this song is correct as given below:

Fariyaad Na Karna Haye Kahin Fariyaad Na Karna -Gharana(1949) Mohd Rafi, Shyama Bai Mohammad Shafi, Lyrics: Alam Syahaposh
Picturized on :
Kamal Zameendaar, Paaro .

Accordingly the credits can be corrected.


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