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Dekho ye kaun aaya

Posted on: February 19, 2013

This article is written by Pamir Harvey, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

It seems like “Saveray Wali Gaadi”(1986) makes a debut on this blog with this song. This reflects the fact that the film is hardly remembered now. The reason behind that is that the movie was not highly successful. Thus also sank the beautiful soundtrack of the movie. The songs are not vintage Pancham-stuff but they are very hummable and much better than what his stable would churn out in the later part of the 80s.

The song is filmed on Sunny Deol and Poonam Dhillon. They were a hot pair after the huge success of Sohni Mahiwal the year before.

Sunny Deol’s debut film found him moving his lips to Shabbir Kumar, a Rafi clone. Here he gets the voice of Suresh Wadkar, who had tasted success in the Hindi Film Industry with the huge success of Prem Rog (1982). He was talented no doubt, but he couldn’t recreate the success he had in the Marathi music scene.

Song-Dekho yeh kaun aayaa(Savere Wali Gaadi)(1986) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Suresh Wadkar, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-R D Burman


aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa

dekho yeh kaun aayaa
dekho yeh kaun aayaa

mujhko udaa laayaa
mujhko udaa laayaa

dekho yeh kaun aayaa
dekho yeh kaun aayaa
meri sadaa pe bhool ke rasta
ai dil yeh kaun aayaa aa

mujhko udaa laayaa
mujhko udaa laayaa
kiski sadaa pe jhonka hawa kaa
mujhko udaa laayaa aa
dekho yeh kaun aayaa
aa aa aa
mujhko udaa laayaa

mere veeraane ko kisne sajaa diyaa
ho mere viraane ko kisne sajaa diyaa
raunak zaraa dekho
o raunak zaraa dekho

kuchh to nahin hai
kyaa jaane tumko
kaisaa nashaa chaayaa aa
dekho yeh kaun aayaa
dekho yeh kaun aayaa

baatein banaate ho
kyun sache jhoothe
ho haan baatein banaate ho
kyun sache jhoothe
sapne dikhaate ho
sapne dikhaate ho
o phir se to kehnaa
maine sunaa nahin
kyaa tumne pharmaayaa aa

mujhko udaa laayaa
ha aa aa
mujhko udaa laayaa

aa meri baahon mein
baitha hoon kab se
haan aa meri baahon mein
baithaa hoon kab se
main teri raahon mein
o main teri raahon mein

jalti hoon main bhi
jab se padaa hai
dil pe teraa saayaa aa
dekho yeh kaun aayaa
o dekho yeh kaun aayaa
meri sadaa pe bhool ke rasta
ai dil yeh kaun aayaa aa

mujhko udaa laayaa
o o o o
mujhko udaa laayaa
kiski sadaa pe jhonka hawa kaa
mujhko udaa laayaa aa

la la la la la la
la la la
la la la…
la la la la la la
hm hm hm…
la la la…
hm hm hm…
la la la…
la la la…
la la la…


11 Responses to "Dekho ye kaun aaya"

Nice Post Harvey ji !
Suresh Wadkar’s songs in hindi too have done well with the music lovers, though he may not have got the ‘so called’ success and ‘awards’ in hindi. But he has given some memorable songs in hindi films and he is naturally talented rightly said by you. thanks !!

Avinashji, thank you for the appreciation.
Suresh Wadkar was indeed talented, a pity that he didn’t get a foothold in the Hindi Film Music Industry.

Harvey ji

Thanks for the lyrics.

Main bhi iss gaane ke lyrics ko leke aapke saath race mein October se hi thaa(October Mein Sunny Deol ka birthday thaa naa 🙂 🙂

Other Information of the movie:
Director:Bharathi Rajaa Producer:R.K.Soral
Production House:Suyog Films
Starcat:Dharmendra,Sunny Deol, Poonam Dhillon, Prem Chopra,Bindu, Rakesh Bedi,Dr.Sree Ram Lagoo, Om ShivPuri,Satyen Kappu, C.S.Dubey,Kiran Vairale, Janki Dass,Natasha Sinha,Ramlal, Roopali,H.L.Pardesi,Praveen Paul,Chandan,S.B.Sharma, Mohit Kumar,
Dulari, Mahavir Rana,

Must be a remake of South Indian movie, I liked the movie, But again North indian audience doesn`t like Sunny Deol get shaved off(for a few scenes in the movie) his head as a punishment in the movie story plot.
Dharmendra acted in a special appearance.

And other songs of Pancham are also good.


I hope I didn’t ‘steal’ the lyrics from you! 😉
Thanks for the extra info on the film. There is also a lovely Lata solo from the movie, which I like a lot: “din pyaaar ke”
I didn’t know that they shave off Sunny’s hair in the movie. Maybe the audience didn’t want to accept him in the role of a poet and would have rather seen him doing dishoom-dishoom roles!
You are right, I also had the feeling that it must be a remake of a South-Indian film.
Glad you liked the post!

The parrot in the song is priceless. Nice to see Sunny with curly hair. Poonam looks lovely. I loved the couple in Sohni Mahiwal.

The song is v pretty.

Just realised how good looking Sunny was! Poonam was lovely too! They do make a good pair!

A very hummable and sweet song. Both actors look beautiful. Prakashji, the location of the song looks like Talakaad in Mysore district, especially the one with sand dunes. But it may be any other place also. Have you been to the place?
BTW, a source on internet ( says the movie is remake of Bharathiraja’s Kizhakke Pokum Rayil.

Aparna ji
Thank you for identifying the location of the song, No I haven`t visited those places and I thought that song was picturised in Tamilnad state as the director Bharti Raja is from Tamilnad.

Sunny gave a very subdued performance in that movie(Before his cheekhnaa, chillaanaa period)I like his shy personality very much. and Poonam looks very beautiful(as a doll, which she always does, in a charming way)


That is a good piece of info Aparnaji. I was wondering, where the sand dunes suddenly come from? The temples didn’t look as if they would be from Rajasthan. But your info explains it all!

I am not so sure even though the sand dunes, trees around them and the temple do somewhat resemble the place. That is the reason I asked Prakashji to confirm. And I almost sure about the sand dunes 🙂

Prakashji, it seems Bharathiraja admits to being influenced by Puttanna Kanagal very much, so it might be that Puttanna suggested the location to Bharathiraja. This is purely a wild, wild guess.

At 4:04, the location looks like a river side location(of a temple) of Sri Ranga Pattana(between mysore and bangalore).I am not very sure about this fact also, I am imagining. 🙂
I have seen that movie once(long ago), but I am not able to recollect other locations of the movie exactly, sorry.

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