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Pitu maatu sahaayak swaami sakha

Posted on: March 1, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

It is a tradition or convention in most of the schools that just before the start of the classes in the morning, students collectively sing a prayer. During my early school days – probably in 1952 or 1953, I remember, we used to sing a prayer ‘pitu maatu sahaayak swami sakhaa tum hi ek naath hamaare ho’. In the absence of public address system, the prayer used to be sung by 4-5 students from our class who had aptitude in singing and others in the class would sing with them in tandem.

Later on, when I was taking my son and daughter for the school, I used to listen to their school prayer which would be audible even from a distance because the school was using public address system installed in all the class rooms. The prayer once I heard was hamko man ki shakti denaa from ‘Guddi’ (1971). Just to check whether the tradition of singing prayer in the school is still in vogue, I asked my grand daughter about it. It appears from what she narrated me that prayers are now sung in the school in a more elaborate manner. Some students with aptitude for singing are selected and given a short musical training after which they would be leading the prayer in the auditorium of the school. All other students will join and sing with them. There are five different prayers for five days of the week, that too in different languages – Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi etc. This is indeed a good way of instilling the feeling of national integration in the students.

It was much later that I came to know that the prayer we were singing in our early school days was none other than the one sung by Mukesh which I have chosen for discussion. I could not find as to who wrote this bhajan. This may probably be a traditional bhajan that is being sung for centuries. The bhajan sung by Mukesh was composed by Naresh Bhattacharya. I find from the audio clip of one more singer that the bhajan had six stanzas in it as against four stanzas in Mukesh’s version. This was done probably to accommodate the bhajan within the disc space of 78 RPM gramophone record. Going by the traces of of K L Saigal singing style, my guess is that this song may have been recorded during the late 40s.

This prayer has a universal appeal. It has the ethical and moral undertone to instill value system especially in the young minds. I am sure this bhajan continues to be one of the prayers in many schools even now. I have noted from the internet that this bhajan is one of the approved prayers in The Doon School, Dehradun.

Incidentally, in ‘Shiv Parvati’ (1962), Mohammed Rafi sang a similar bhajan in which the mukhda was more or less retained but other verses were changed while retaining the underlying meaning of the verses as in the original. This bhajan is accredited to Prem Dhawan.

Song-Pitu maatu sahaayak swaami sakha (Mukesh NFS)(1950) Singer-Mukesh, MD-Naresh Bhattacharya


pitu maatu
pitu maatu sahaayak swaami sakhaa aaa
tum hi ek naath hamaare ho
pitu maatu sahaayak swaami sakhaa aaa
tum hi ek naath hamaare ho

jin ke kachhu aur aadhaar nahin
jinke tum hi rakhwaare ho
pitu maatu sahaayak swaami sakhaa aaa
tum hi ek naath hamaare ho

sab bhaanti sadaa sukh daayak ho
dukh durgun naashan haare ho
pratipaal karo o o
pratipaal karo sagre jag ko
o o o o o
atishay karunaa ur dhaare ho
pitu maatu sahaayak swaami sakhaa aaa
tum hi ek naath hamaare ho

shubh shaanti niketan prem niket
man mandir ke ae ujiyaare ho o o
is jeewan ke tum jeewan ho
in praanan ke tum pyaare ho
in praanan ke tum pyaare ho
tum to prabhu paaye pratap hari
kahike ke ab aur sahaare ho
pitu maatu sahaayak swaami sakhaa aaa
tum hi ek naath hamaare ho
pitu matu sahaayak swaami sakhaa aaa

6 Responses to "Pitu maatu sahaayak swaami sakha"

Beautiful bhajan indeed. Thanks a lot.
Already uploaded by Ajayuv long ago. I have a suggestion that as far as possible we cover songs not already on the YT. By way of example Film Durga Mata 1957.


Excellent reminder Sadanandji. Reminded me of my school days. We had almost same procedure as your granddaughter, except no training! We also had groups who were assigned a prayer/bhajan for a certain day of week to sing on the microphone (that’s what we used to say). We had a separate room for this system and every classroom had a speaker, so whole school would sing the prayer with kids singing in the microphone. It was an excellent way to calm all kids down which would help teachers (at least for a period or two 🙂 ) Thanks again.


Kamath ji,
Thanks a million for this excellent Bhajan by Mukesh.Very Nostalgic indeed.


Beautiful bhajan by Mukeshji. Thanks Kamathji


Very beautiful bhajan Sir! thanks a lot for sharing this. And the write up reminds us of our school days. I was fortunate to lead the prayers many times and the patriotic songs (for the 15 aug/26 jan celebrations) also. Though i had a little aptitude for singing, but i can memorize the poems fast and so can sing without the paper in hand and becasue of this skill i get the benefit.



Your post about the school prayers has again reminded me my original quest which brought me to this blog 2 years ago.

We also had this practice of prayer in the assembly before the school began, in our school. There is this poem which i can recall only part of the lines :

khud jiyo auron ko bhi jeene do
yahi to hai zindagi ka raasta
tumhen aman ka shaanti ka waasta

hon rehnewaale ham kisi bhi praant ke
…….. …..
to phir khinche khinche se dil hain kis liye
chalo dilon mein le ke ek hi lagan
khud jiyo……..

I searched all over the net, but never found the song or its full lyrics.

But i found some information that this poem was sung by Mohammad Rafi for a documentary film made by Films Division of India. In the film Prithvi Raj Kapoor is singing this poem in the classroom to kids.

I even searched the archives of FDI which have very few films on the website.

If we can find this audio/video, it would be the only song on Prithvi Raj Kapoor, sung by Mohammad Rafi.



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