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Aksar koi kadka is haal mein

Posted on: March 30, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

HASYA RAS is one of the nine Rasas described in our sciptures. They are the basic elements of our Literatures and we find events pertaining to these in our day to day life.

The 9 Ras are….

1. Hasya Ras= Mirth
2. Karun Ras= Pity
3. Raudra Ras=Anger
4. Bibhatsa Ras=Disgust
5. Veer Ras=Heroism
6. Shringar Ras= Love
7. Adbhut Ras= Astonishment
8. Bhaya Ras= Fear and
9. Shant Ras= Tranquility

Bharat muni, the original Dramatist had described Hasya Ras as an essential element in Man’s day to day life. In all his dramas, there is a character called ‘VIDUSHAK’ or the Court jester.

As such Hasya is a part of our daily life. One may not come across any other Ras on his ordinary days, but it is impossible to find a person who has not laughed in the day atleast once !

comedy has been an integral part of our cinema from the Day one in some form or the other. Usually there is a Comic Side plot with special comedians in the film(atleast this was the situation till about the arrival of Amitabh, Govinda, Akshay kumar and actors of their ilk).

Sanjeet Narwekar, Journalist and author of the book, ” The story of Hindi Film Comedy”, writes in this book about different types of comedies that are used in our films.

The First is based on the ‘Cinematic Gags’, which are actually short stories within the framework of the main story and belongs to a special comedian(which is called CSP or the Comic side plot). This he calls as slapstic comedy.

Then there is Situational comedy. Hindi film writers are very fond of ” Mistaken identity”- like, a Prince is expected, but a Pauper is mistaken for the prince etc.

Within this theme there is also a comedy about the exchanged identities, like Ram aur Shyam, Seeta aur Geeta or Chaalbaaz etc.

Then there is a comedy developing out of a Lie told once. To carry that Lie ,several more lies are used like,in Amol Palekar’s film ‘ Golmaal’.

I think there is yet another set of comedy, which is born out of the Middle class life styles like, Chashme baddur, Rajnigandha, Chhoti si baat, Chupke chupke, Khoobsoorat etc.

Basu Chatterjee and Hrishikesh Mukherjee were adept at this genre.

Today the face of film comedy has totally changed. Almost every character in the film does comedy nowadays. Incidentally Stand-up comedy shows and comedy shows on TV have also become popular nowadays.

With all this background can anybody name 10 exclusive comedy films, say in last 30 years ?

A very tall order indeed. I tried and could not go beyond 2 films- Bombay to Goa and Herapheri-1.

This happens because in Hindi films, comedy has never been the main and the only theme of any film, unlike Hollywood where films were made on the strengths of the Comedians. Today’s generation can have Mr.Bean’s films as an example of what I am saying.

However,once in a while few films were made in India casting all possible comedians in one film. One such film was MAZEY LE LO made in 1975. The cast included I S Johar, Jagdeep, Bhagwan, Asit Sen, Keshto Mukherjee, Paintal, Preeti Ganguly ( who recently died) etc etc.

There was no story. It was like an entertainment show only with lot of gags and jokes.

This was a Vithal production film, directed by Kumar Vasudev. There were three music directors. There was a pair of Mahesh-Naresh….they are the famous Gujrati pair of music directors. Mahesh and Naresh had their own outfit called “Mahesh kumar and party” who staged music and mimicry stage shows all over the world in the 70s. Another Music Director was Chris Perry…he was basically a music arranger from Goa. He had done work with Khayyam, R D Burman, Laxmikant Pyarelal and Kalyanji-Anandji. The third Music Dirctor was Shakila Bano Bhopali…..usually she liked to compose her own songs only in the films where she acted. In this film also she has one qawwali.

Interestingly there were 6 lyricists for the 6 songs ij the film. The LP of this film was Labelled “Gaana Gaayiye- Hansate Jaaiye”.

Let us enjoy a parody song from this film, shot on Paintal and Preeti Gangully.

Song-Aksar koi kadka is haal mein (Mazey Le Lo)(1975) Singers-Mahesh Kumar (Male voice), Mahesh Kumar (Female voice), Lyrics-Vishweshwar Sharma, MD-Mahesh Naresh


hmm aksar koi kadka is haal mein
kisi kachhi kali ke jaal mein
jyun fansta hai yoon mujhe fansna hai
aksar koi laila is haal mein
haa haa haa haa
kisi majnu ko fansaakar jaal mein
jo karti hai wo mujhe karna hai

aksar koi kadka is haal mein
pehle tum, pehle tum
pehle tum , pehle tum
pehle tum
tum tum tum tum

hum tum
hum tum ek kholi mein band hon
aur sanp aa jaye
saanp se main kahoon mujhko chhod ke
tujhe kaat khaaye

hum tum is bistar pe lete ho
aur tera baap aa jaye
apne dande se teri kamar tod ke
mujhe le jaaye

hum tum
hum tum
hum tum
hum tum

boot bole
boot bole
bapu aaye mere bapu se dariyo
wo tumko khoob marenge tum maar kha laiyo
wo tumko khoob marenge tum maar kha laiyo

main aaya hoon leke saath munde ko
tujhe aabaad kar dega
tu apna le munde ko o o o
main aaya hoon leke saath munde ko
na na na na na na

rafta rafta dekho moonchh meri khadi hai
sala rafta rafta dekho moonchh meri khadi hai
muchh meri khadi hai hath mein lakdi hai
aaj tujhe marunga na chhodunga mai tujhko
bade dino bad saala mila hai tu mujhko
meri biwi kaise teri ho gayi
o mundiya teri chhuti ho gayi chhuti

hey jai jai bori bandal
jai jai bori bandal
tu kar de isko andar
ye daaku mere peechhe pada
ho hai ye bap ya kasaai
jo beti ko fasaai
ke mujhe ye din dekhna pada
o saurab di

beshak haddi pasli todo
tera yaar ye kehta
beshak haddi pasli todo
tera yaar ye kehta
par us ghar mein mujhe le jaao
o o o o o
jis ghar mein doctor rehta
jis muchhad ne mujhko maara
aa aa aa aa aa aa
jis muchhad ne mujhko maara
us muchhad ko nahin chhodna aa aa
tauba isko na chhodna nahin chhodna
nahin chhodana ise nahin chhodna

aur nahin bas aur nahin
tan ke kapde aur nahin
aur nahin bas aur nahin
tan ke kapde aur nahin
khol na saare hi saathi
kuchh to rehne de baaki
aur nahin bas aur nahi
aur nahin bas aur nahin

o ho ho o o o
ho o o
ho o o o
maara ho maara
maara ho maara
mote ne maara
le gaya kamre mein
tujhe pahalwan
lut gayi
lut gayi
meri jaan aan
tera shikaar ho gaya aa aa
main bekaar ho gaya
ho gaya aa
main bekaar ho gaya aa aa

chura liya jab pahalwan ne mujhko
kiya nahin kuchh usne sanam
agar nahin ho tumko yakeen to
agni pariksha le lo sanam
agni pariksha le lo sanam

lo uth ja uth gayi daud ja daud gayi
uth ja uth gayi daud ja daud gayi
kud ja kud gayi aag me, aag me
ghum ja ghum gayi gayi gayi gayi gayi gayi gayi gayi

chal waapas aaja
aa gayi raja
aa gayi raja
aa gayi

na dharam mein ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae
na paap koi kamaane me ae ae ae ae
chain milta hai tujhe seene se lagaane mein

choom baraabar choom hatheli
choom baraabar choom
choom baraabar choom hatheli
choom baraabar choom
aag lagi hai pyaas jagi hai
choom baraabar choom hatheli
choom baraabar choom
choom baraabar choom hatheli
choom baraabar choom


4 Responses to "Aksar koi kadka is haal mein"

Ha ha! Hilarious parody – ek ke baad ek gaane ka parod kiya hai.

Never heard this before. Good fun.

Thanks for this post, Arunji.

Probably the only song ever lip synced by the villain Shetty.

I think Angoor was a good comedy too

did i miss this when it was posted. it is indeed a laugh riot. wow!!!!!
definite laughter gas stuff

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