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Naiyya dheere dheere jaana

Posted on: April 6, 2013

Sometimes some producers get so obsessed with a story that they devote a good portion of their career to make a movie on that story. For instance, K Asif had planned “Mughal e Azam” as early as 1940s itself and it took him nearly two decades of time and enormous resources to finally bring his dream project to fruition in 1960 with different lead actors than what was originally planned. Likewise, Kamal Amrohi’s “Pakeezaa” was in the making for a decade or more before it finally got completed and released in 1972. By that time the lead actress and the music director of the movie were no longer around.

Then there are a few movie makers who are so obsessed with their pet story that they are not satisfied with making just one movie on the story. They remake the same movie, and the next time they make it on a grander scale. For instance, Mehboob Khan made “Aurat” (1940) and later remade the same movie on a grander scale as “Mother India” (1957).

Kidar Sharma was also one movie maker who used the same story to make two movies at a gap of naerly a quarter of a century. In his case, he even kept the titles of these two movies the same. He took a 1934 novel of Bhagwarti Charan Verma, titled “Chitralekha” and made movies with the same title twice. The movies were “Chitralekha”(1941) and “Chitralekha”(1964).

Unfortunately, the audiences were not as much enthused by his 1964 dream project as they were in case of the dream projects of K Asif, Kamal Amrohi and Mehboob Khan.

All the songs of “Chitralekha” (1964) have been discussed in the past. “Chitralekha” (1941) has not yet been represented in the blog. “Chitralekha” (1941) was a box office success, unlike “Chitralekha” (1964)

“Chitralekha” (1941) had Mehtab, Nandrekar, A S Gyani, Rajendra, Monika Desai, Ram Dulari, Leela Mishra, Ganpatrai Premi, Bharat Bhushan etc in it.

Here is a song from “Chitralekha” (1941). This song is sung by Ram Dulaari. Kidar Sharma is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ustad Jhande Khan.

Seeing that Ram Dulaari’s name figures in the cast of the movie, one can guess that the song was picturised on herself in the movie.

Song-Naiyya dheere dheere jaana (Chitralekha)(1941) Singer-Ram Dulaari, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma, MD-Ustaad Jhande Khan


naiyya aa aa aa
naiyya dheere dheere jaana
naiyya dheere dheere jaana
saajan hamko mat bisraana
saajan hamko mat bisraana
naiyya dheere dheere jaana
naiyya dheere dheere jaana

hamse ae
man ke baasi
hamse ae
man ke baasi
jit dekho
chhaayi hai
sakhiyon mein baaten hoti hain
sakhiyon mein baaten hoti hain
lipat lipat belen roti hain
lipat lipat belen roti hain
shaakhen haath hilaati hain
shaakhen haath hilaati hain
kyun waapas mujhe bulaati hain
kyun waapas mujhe bulaati hain
ab to bandhan tod chuke ham
ab to bandhan tod chuke ham
ab to door thhikaana
naiyya dheere dheere jaana
naiyya dheere dheere jaana

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