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Aa chhua chhoo chhoo

Posted on: April 27, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Most readers of this Blog know Mr. Raja ji Swaminathan, as a very knowledgeable well wisher of this Blog and as a Blogger himself. His pioneering work of subtitling films is the most praiseworthy.

Raja ji had asked me a query on 18-2-2012 through this Blog and by an e mail sent to me. The query was about the exchange of cine artistes at the time of Partition in 1947 and its effect on both sides’ film industries.

At that time I did not have enough date and also I was extremely busy with something. Anyway,somewhere in my mind this point was gnawing my conscience that Raja ji’s query had remained unanswered by me.

In the first week of April, I was chitchatting with one of my Pakistani friends and this topic came up. Next day he sent me a few articles from across the Border and some other cuttings etc. The material was enough to write a small 50 page book on this subject ! On the 17th April I sent an E mail to Raja ji, replying his one year old query and his e mail of thanks came very promptly.

I would like to enlighten our readers about this topic-in brief- with the authentic information,today. This article and this post, therefore ,is dedicated to RAJA JI Swaminathan.

LAHORE an important city in the undivided Punjab in the pre-independence days was one of the major Film making Centres in India. Talented actors and musicians from all Punjab and Sindh area tried their luck in the Cine Industry at Lahore. Nevertheless, the biggest centre of film production was Bombay and it was every aspiring artiste’s dream to go to Bombay and shine there.

The film activity at Lahore increased considerably in the early 40s in terms of film production and Music. Those days Lahore was called ” a supply source” for Bombay, as many actors and musicians shifted their base to Bombay from there. The list of such people is very long, but suffice it to mention some well known names-

Noorjehan Pran, Saigal, Prithwiraj Kapoor and his sons, Shyam, Dilip Kumar, Surinder, Karan Dewan, Dev Anand, Balraj Sahni, Singer Khursheed, Mumtaz Shanti, Veena, Begum Para, Meena Shorey, Suraiya, Manorama, Kamini Kaushal, Shyama(Khursheed Akhtar), A R Kardar, M Sadiq, Suresh(Nazim Ahmed), Amar, Chetan Anand, Zande Khan, Ghulam Hyder, Pt.Amarnath and his brothers Husnlal-Bhagatram, Hansraj Behl, S.Mohinder, Firoz Nizami, Khursheed Anwar, Khayyam, Vinod, Shyamsunder, Kidar Sharma, Krishna Chander, O P Dutta, Saadat Hasan Manto, Qamar Jalalabadi, D N Madhok, Tanvir Naqvi, Prem Dhawan etc etc.

Many of the actors and producers used to shuttle between Lahore and Bombay for their work.

And then the PARTITION took place in 1947.

In the communal frenzy, polarisation of artistes took place. Hindus shifted to Bombay and Muslims left for Lahore.

At the actual time of Partition some artists were in Lahore for film work. They were B R Chopra, Ramanand Sagar, I S Johar, Gulshan Rai, Omprakash, Jeevan, O P Nayyar, Rajinder Singh Bedi, Naqsh Lyallpuri, Surinder and Prakash Kaur and Pushpa Huns. They all left Lahore hurriedly and reached Bombay Safely.

However this journey was not so safe for one actor-Comedian Durga Prasad, known as Durga Mota. He was very fat. In the melee, he reached the Lahore station and somehow entered the Train to Bombay. Suddenly a group of mad rioters entered the Lahore station and started killing the travellers. Most people ran helter skelter, but due to his heavy body, Durga Mota could not run and was cut into pieces on the Lahore station platform itself !

Same way many artists from Bombay left for Lahore and ALL of them reached safely.

I have full lists of who migrated, but to put it in short, some of the Directors who migrated were-

Syed Shaukat Hussain Rizvi, S M Yousuf, Najam Naqvi, Munshi Dil, Nakshab Jarachavi, M Sadiq, Zia Sarhadi, Sibtain Fazli(of Fazli Brothers), S T Zaidi , Zahoor Raja, Wali saheb and Manto.

Some of the Heroes were- Nazeer, Sadiq Ali, Masood, Sudhir, Santosh, Ratan Kumar, Najmul Hussain, Suresh and Nasir khan(both came back to India later), Sh.Mukhtar.

Some of the actors were- M.Ismail, Ajmal, Gulam Mohd, Kumar, Ghori, Majeed, Shahnawaz, Himalayawala, Shyam Kumar, Allauddin, Shah Shikarpuri, Charlie, Nazar Faizi etc.

Some of the Heroines were- Noorjehan, Meena Shorey, Khursheed, Zeenat Begum, Asha Posley, Najma, Kalawati, Rehana, Swarnalata, Ragini, Bibbo, Renuka Devi, Geeta Nizami, Maya Devi etc.

Some from the music field were- Khursheed Anwar, Inayat Hussain, Rafiq gaznavi, G A Chisti, Ghulam Hyder, Firoz Nizami, Nissar Bazmi, Nashaad, Tufail Faruqi, Tanvir Naqvi, Faiyaz Hasmi, Iqbal Bano, Premlata etc.

With so many people migrating to Pakistan at a time and the condition of Pakistan Film Industry then, it is a moot question, whether all these migrants could get work there and shine ?

There were 2 types of people who migrated-

1. Those who had achieved their peaks already in India and

2. Those who had just started their careers.

Obviously the second group, at least some of them, could do well there eventually.

Some of the successful migrants there were- Noor jahan, Khursheed Anwar, G A Chisti, Nissar Bazmi, Firoz Nizami, Najam Naqvi, kshab Jarachavi, Sibtain Fazli, Wali Saheb,Manto, Rashid Atre, Sudhir, Santosh, Asha Posley, Shameem, Najma, Yasmeen, Ragini, Zahoor Shah, Shaikh Iqbal, Himayatwala, Nazar, Rafiq Gaznavi, Tanvir Naqvi, Iqbal Bano etc.

The unfortunate ones were-some of them- Meena Shorey, Ratan Kumar, M Sadiq, Charlie, Ghori, Kumar, Shaikh Mukhtar, Najmul Hussain, Neena, Kalavati, Maya devi, Gulam Hyder, Nashaad, Premlata etc.

Almost all the artists who shifted to Bombay prior to Partition did very well here.

Notes- 1.All lists are only indicative and not exhaustive
2.Migrants means between 1947 to 1970 period.
3. My thanks to Harish Lalwani of Hyderabad-Sindh and Rafiq Ansari-Lahore .

M.Sadiq was one of the most successful Directors of Bombay who migrated to Pakistan in 1970. He was born in Lahore on 10-3-1910 and died in Lahore on 3-10-1971.

Sadiq was a Cinematographer, writer, screenplay and dialogue writer, producer and director-all in one. He started his career with Thokar-39 as writer and slowly developed into a Director who directed about 30 films. He directed films like- Namaste, Rattan, Anmol Ratan, Saiyan, Shabab, Musafirkhana, Chhoo mantar, Chaudhavin ka Chaand, Tajmahal and Bahu Begum for which he also wrote story and dialogues. He migrated to Pakistan and produced and directed a film called- Baharon phool barsao in 1971, but he died without thefilm being completed. It was completed later by Hasan Tariq and released in Lahore in 1972.

ANJAAN-1956( aka Somewhere in Delhi ) was directed by M.Sadiq. Produced by P N Arora, it had music by Hemant kumar(assistant Ravi), for lyrics of Rajendra Krishna. The cast was Pradeep Kumar, Vyjayanti Mala,Jeevan, Mubarak, S N Banerjee, Raj Mehra, Johnny Walker etc.

The story was-

Rai Bahadur Gopinath’s (Mubarak) only son Manohar (Pradeep Kumar) was a vagabond, who, after his education was complete spent his time and father’s money on friends and enjoyment. Looking at his attitude, his father sends him to a village in the valley, to his friend Seth Uday Das( S N Banerjee). His friend Badri( Johnny Walker) also goes with him.

On his way Manohar meets a village belle Ratna ( Vyjayanti Mala)nera the valley and they fall in love.

The village gunda Chandu(Jeevan) is jealous and attacks Manohar. Instead of Manohar Ratna is injured. Manohar nurses her back to wellness. they decide to get married with the girl’s father on their side, but on getting information from Chandu, Rai Bahadur arrives, cancels the wedding and takes away Manohar back to Delhi.

Taking advantage of the situation,Chandu instigates the villagers and Ratna and her father are thrown out of the village. They come to Delhi in search of Manohar. Badri sees them by chance.

Finally, Rai Bhadur relents and Manohar and Ratna unite.

The film had 8 songs. 7 songs are already posted. This is the last song now.

This is a special song which will give you all a nostalgic feeling,if you have played Kabaddi anytime in younger days.



Song-Aa chhua chhoo chhoo (Anjaan)(1956) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Hemant Kumar


aa chhua chhoo chhoo
ek main ek tu
chauki baitha bamhna
khel kabaddi angna
aa chhua chhoo chhoo
ek main ek tu
chauki baitha bamhna
khel kabaddi angna

kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi
kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi
kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi
kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi

aayi kabaddi, aayi kabaddi
aayi kabaddi taro sultan desh maro

aedi mein yoon aedi daaloon
din ko dekhe taara
aedi mein yoon aedi daaloon
din ko dekhe taara
maara, maara, maara, maara, maara
daanv lagaaya aisa maine maari gayi Jmuna
chauki baithha bamhna khel kabaddi angana
aa chua chhoo chhoo ek main ek tu
chauki baitha bamhna khel kabaddi angna

hmm hmm hmm

halwa laddu doodh jalebi khaake maaroo paala
hal kabaddi hal kabaddi mera bol baala
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
tililili tili li li jharrr

dekhe guiyaan zor dikhaana aur kisi ke sang na
chauki baitha bamhna khel kabaddi angna
aa chhua chhoo chhoo ek main ek tu
chauki baithha bamhna khel kabaddi angna

kabaddi re kabaddi
jo chhoolo to main jaanoon
ek nahin sau sau se haar main na manoon
are ja ja ja
dhak dharena
dhak dharena
thhotha chana baaje ghana

aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
aam chhoo aam choo kaala baadam chhoo
kabaddi re kabaddi jo chhoolo to main jaanoon
ek nahin sau sau se haar main na maanoon

dheere se marodo mudd jaaye na kangna
chauki baitha bamhna khel kabaddi angana
aa chhua chhoo chhoo ek main ek tu
chauki baithha bamhna khel kabaddi angana
aa chhua chhoo chhoo ek main ek tu
chauki baithha bamhna khel kabaddi angna

10 Responses to "Aa chhua chhoo chhoo"

As we all know Ratan Kumar had migrated to P in ’47. How come he acted in Jagruti a 1954 movie.
My father worked as a Gazetted Officer in the Evacuee Property Dept of GOI. His job was to offer equivalent land/property to people from either side of the boundary. Those who had properties in India were allotted equivalent property across the border and vice versa. In this connection many famous actors came in his cabin including Suraiya etc…


Ratan Kumar had migrated after 1954. In Pakistan he figured in a movie called ‘Bedaari” (1956) which was a direct copy of “Jagriti” (1954).


Nitin ji,
I have clarified in Note no.2,above that Migrants included people who shifted anytime between 1947 and 1970.
Till about 1965 Indo-pak war,many artistes used to go to pakistan to do a film or any other work ( Sheila Ramani for example), similarly some Pak artistes also used to come back here to do film roles(like Meena Shorey,for Example).
It was in the later period this practice stopped.


First of all, let me say I feel SO honoured – and extremely humbled – to have a post dedicated to me. Thank you very much, Arunji.

When Arunji refers to me as “knowledgeable” in his opening sentence, I feel like the earth should open up and swallow me. 🙂 Just kidding – but my knowledge is nothing, really NOTHING compared to many people here, like Arunji, Sudhirji, Kamathji etc.

But I will agree with the other bit – about being a well-wisher of this blog. That I most certainly am – and will always be.

Coming to the topic, indeed, I had raised this subject with Arunji. I’ve always been fascinated (and saddened also) by the partition. If one family has to split, it causes so much turmoil to the family members. Imagine a country splitting – causing turmoil to millions of people. How many lost their lives, how many were displaced, how many lost family/friends that they didn’t even know the whereabouts of.

Anyway, I asked Arunji about the impact of partition on the film industry and its artistes. About migration. I’d forgotten all about it – till I was very pleasantly surprised to receive his answer a few days ago. As usual, with a lot of info.

Here, when I read this post, I feel that the impact on the industry too must have been quite significant. Of course, it recovered (it had to) – but there was turmoil, for sure. Imagine Noorjehan suddenly not available anymore for the Bombay industry. (I cannot hide my relief that there were still many Muslims who stayed with India – the likes of Rafi saab, Talat saab, Sahir, Shakeel, Naushad and many more. I don’t even want to think of what it would mean if they had migrated).

In this list there are some people I don’t know – but I also see famous names (other than Noorjehan and Manto) like Tanvir Naqvi, Rafiq Ghaznavi, Najam Naqvi and Nissar Bazmi. I remember reading somewhere that Sahir and Tanvir Naqvi were good friends pre-partition. And of course Ghulam Haider was a top composer.

This piece of information is what I was looking for. Sad to read about comedian Durga Prasad. So many people lost their lives at that time. We must keep them in our thoughts – they were the unfortunate victims of mindless violence in which no one wins, there are only losers.

Thank you SO much, Arunji. My appetite is whetted with all this info. (Although if there’s more, I wouldn’t mind reading about it. ;-)).


Many thanks to Shri Arunkumar Deshmukh,giving such interesting details about migrations of film artists, since we are in this particular blog of music, which has no boundary and where politics has no room,however,those filmdom people who migrated to Pakistan many were repented and failed to make any good films there ,it said about some stalwart and big wig of Hindi films like Mehboob Khan,Dilip Kumar,
Nasir Khan,also tried and visited Pakistan to survey their fortune but
somehow, can be said luckily they were not fit there and came back very
quickly,so this was not much publicised and made very success in India,
One must still question loyalty to some characters living in India.
No any intention of igniting any politics in this blog of music.
Thanks again for this informative article.
Prabhulal Bharadia


Thanks Arun ji….a deluge of information as always! Great write up!


working video


video 2


video 3




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