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Ajee dil ho qaaboo mein to

Posted on: May 1, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

On the eve of my retirement from the service in 2006, I had started buying VCDs/DVDs of many classic Hindi films mostly of 40s and 50s to watch them as a part of my post retirement activities. While I have watched most of them, there were still a few VCDs which were lying intact without even breaking the plastic wraps. One of such VCDs was of the film ‘Village Girl’ (1945). What caught my attention was not the intact plastic cover but a boldly printed statement on the top of the VCD cover in Hindi which in English meant ‘Mohammed Rafi’s first song – ajee dil ho qaaboo mein to dildaar ki aisee taisee’. Until now I was under the impression that Mohammed Rafi’s first debut Hindi film as a playback singer was ‘Pahle Aap’ (1944). I decided to first watch the film.

VILLAGE GIRL aka GAON KI GORI (1945) was produced under the banner of Ramnik Productions and directed by K Amarnath. The star cast included Noor Jahan, Nazir, Durga Khote, Rama Shukul, Anant Marathe, Jagdish Sethi, Bikram Kapoor, Shanta Patel, Rajkumari Shukla etc. The film had 12 songs, all penned by Wali Sahab and set to music by Shyam Sundar. Since I have watched the VCD, let me share the story of the film with a caveat that the duration of the VCD is of less than 90 minutes. So there must be lots of cuts and deletions in the VCD. I noticed that at least 3 of 12 songs in the film were deleted from the VCD including an all-female qawwali song like the one in ‘Zeenat’ (1945).

In a village, mother (Durga Khote) lives with her two sons Jani (Nazir) and his very young brother (Anant Marathe). Jani is a vagabond and does nothing to earn. He spends most of his time with his friends playing quail fights. Because of his mischief and wrong doings, his mother always receives flake from the villagers, sometime branding the family as outcast. Jani on a visit to a neighbouring village meets a village girl Billo (Noor Jahan) and they fall in love. Hari (Rama Shukul) who comes from a well to do family also has a soft corner for Billo. One day Jani sees Hari giving Billo a small bag full of money to be handed over to her father. After some arguments with Hari, Jani feels that it is now time for him to show him doing something better to earn and show Billo that he also has money with him. He goes to a money lender and takes a loan for buying a pair of bullock for farming against the mortgage of his house and starts earning. When Hari comes to know about this, he goes to money lender and coerces him to tear Jani’s loan papers so that he can tell in front of the villagers that Jani bought bullocks with false promise to the money lenders. His bullocks are confiscated.

When Jani goes to the money lender in a angry mood to question him about his lies, he finds that money lender has already been murdered. Hari gets Jani framed for his murder. Later the real killer is identified and Jani is released from the jail. World War II has already started and Jani enlists himself in the army. Jani is deployed for fighting with the advancing Japanese army. He gets medal for his bravery and return home to find that his beloved Billo is about to tie the knot with Hari. Just before the wedding ceremony, a village girl comes with a new born baby to tell the gathering that Hari is the father of her baby. The village council forces Hari to marry the village girl thus paving the way for Jani and Billo to marry.

The story of the film would appear to be on an expected line as movies with more or less similar story were made in the 50s and 60s also. But I guess that this story in 1945 was something new to the audience. The film with its hit songs was one of the top grosser of 1945.

The film had 12 songs of which two were qawwalis. Three songs of the film have been covered in the blog. I have chosen from this film for discussion a qawwali ‘ajee dil ho qaaboo mein to dildaar ki aisee taisee’ sung by G M Durrani, Mohammed Rafi, and chorus. I would not call it a classical qawwali but the song has been written like a qawwali in a lighter vein in keeping with the situation of the song. Jani (Nazir) sings this qawwali with his ‘tapori’ friends as a sort of enjoyment.

Only the names of G M Durrani and Mohammed Rafi’s are credited for this qawwali who give playback for Nazir and one of the two side actors singing the qawwali. I find that there is one more male singer who gives playback for the second side actor ( I guess he is Bikram Kapoor) whom I am not able to identify. I request the knowledgeable readers to identity the unidentified singer as well as the two side actors singing the qawwali with the lead actor Nazir.

As mentioned earlier, it is claimed that this qawwali from ‘Village Girl’ (1945) was Mohammed Rafi’s first recorded song for a Hindi film though his songs in ‘Pahle Aap’ (1944) were released first. It may be said that it was music director Shyam Sundar who gave Rafi his first break as a playback singer – first in a Punjabi film ‘Gul Baloch’ (1944) and in Hindi film ‘Village Girl’ (1945). It is interesting to note that in the same year, he also sang as a singer-actor in ‘Laila-Majnu’ (1945) with S D Batishin the song tera jalwaa jisne dekha. The video clip is partial but Rafi’s part of singing can be seen in the clip.



Song-Ajee dil ho qaaboo mein to (Village Girl)(1945) Singers-G M Durrani, Rafi, Unidentified male singer, Lyrics-Wali Sahab, MD-Shyam Sundar


ajee dil ho qaaboo mein to
arre dil ho qaaboo mein to
dildaar ki aisee taisee
tauba thha husn ke sarkar ki
sarkar ki aisee taisee
bewafa hoor ki

aa aa aa aa
?? maar ke aankh
kyaa samjhe
maar ke aankh jo
aashiq ko nikamma kar de ae ae
abbe aise maashooq
aise maashooq chidi maar ki
chidi maar ki aisee taisee
aise maashooq chidi maar ki aisee taisee
bewafa hoor ki

aan aan aan aan
tujhse to arq-e banab sahi bahut ?? hai
hai ae ae ae
abbe jaa tere sharbat-e

haan haan sharbat-e
deedaar ki
deedaar ki aisee taisee

jaa tere sharbat-e-deedaar ki
jaa tere sharbat-e-deedaar ki
o o o o
o o o
o o o

jaa jaa jaa
jaa tere sharbat-e-deedaar ki
ajee haan deedaar ki
arre haan deedaar ki
deedaar ki aisee taisee
bewafa hoor ki

o o o o
jab talak mera batera
taiyyaar ho jaa surkhe
jab talak mera batera salaamat tab tak
o o o o
abbe top ki teer ki
bachna bhai
haan zuroor bachna
top ki teer ki talwaar ki
talwaar ki aisee taisee
top ki teer ki
talwar ki aisee taisee
bewafa hoor ki

pichhle itwaar ko aana thha
na ab tak aayi ee ee
ee ee ee ee
aise maashooq se

haay haay
aise maashooq se itwaar ki
itwaar ki aisee taisee
aise maashooq se itwaar ki
itwaar ki shaniwaar ki aisee taisee
bewafa hoor ki

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Another version of the song sung by Afzal Lahori and Chorus:


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