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Jiya doley ho jiya doley

Posted on: June 11, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This is the third song in the series ” Lata with uncommon singers”. Here Lata is with Shaukat Hyderi or Nashad. Yes, he is the same Nashad, Music Director, who gave several memorable songs in the 50s and 60s like ‘Tasveer banata hoon’ and ‘ O teer chalaanewaale’-both from Talat and ‘ Badi mushkil se dil ki’ by Shamshad Begum.

In those days, most composers were singers also and they sang whenever need arose. Nashad, S N Tripathi, Ravi or Chitragupta were singers on low key, while S D Burman,C Ramchandra or Anil Biswas were well known singers and gave many hit songs too.

NASHAD (11-7-1923 to 3-1-1981) whose real name was Shaukat Ali Hyderi was from Delhi and would put Dehalvi also with his name sometimes. When he came to Bombay in the early 40s, he worked as Assistant to the biggies of Hindi films like, Ghulam Hyder, Nisar Bazmi and Naushad.

He started giving music with his real name with Dildar-1947 and then came Payal, Jeene Do, Suhagi, Toote Tarey (in this film he composed Zafar’s famous ‘na kisiki aankh ka noor hoon and Rajkumari sang this song),Dada, Aiye, Gazab and Chaar Chand. In all these films sometimes he used the name, Shaukat Hyderi or Shaukat Dehlavi or Shaukat Ali. His films were not clicking and he was in dire conditions.

Then came the Turning Point of his life. It so happened….

Nakshab Jarachavi(Nakshab Hussain Hyder from village Jarachavi in Buland Shehr,UP) was from a rich family. He graduated from Aligarh university and came to Bombay to become a lyricist. His very first Lyric was “AAHEN NA BHARI SHIKWE NA KIYE”,the famous All-Female qawali from Zeenat. It made him very famous. He was also the writer of another epoch-making Lyrics “Aayega aanewala” from Mahal-1949, which catapulted Lata to a position where she stayed for a number of years-on her own merits, ofcourse.

From 1945 to 1952 Nakshab was the most famous and wanted writer in HFM. In 1953 he decided to produce films and floated a company named FILMCO.

His first film was to be NAGHMA. He wanted the then Topclass composer Naushad to do the composing for his film. When he proposed this to Naushad, who was an extremely busy composer in that period, said ” Hum kisi aire gaire ki film mein music nahin detey “.

Nakshab felt insulted and vowed to teach Naushad a lesson. He knew Shaukat Hyderi, with whom he had worked earlier. He called him and gave the film music to him, with a condition that he should be called NASHAD for this film, for obvious reasons. Shaukat had no objection. He too understood the gravity of situation and gave the music of this movie his best shot. Almost all songs of NAGHMA-53 became hit and popular.

After this film, till he died he always used the name NASHAD for himself. After his death, even his composer sons continued with name Nashad as a Surname, in Pakistan.

Nashad gave music to 20 odd films after this like, Darwaza, Baradari, Jawab, Sabse bada Rupaiah, Shahzada, Jallad, Bada Bhai, Awara Shahzadi, Mehfil, Hathkadi, Zindgi ya Toofan, Main hoon Jadugar, Zara Bachke, Katil, Flight to Aasam, Pyaar ki dastan, Rooplekha, Maya mahal and Flying man.

Nashad is also credited with giving a break to singer Mubarak Begum in film the AAIYE-49.

Nashad gave good songs, but when you hear his songs, somewhere you feel that you have heard this tune somewhere earlier too. Of course Nashad never copied any song blatantly. In one interview, Nashad had this to say about this problem- (Thanks to Cineplot)-

” Although no one says it to my face, I know that there is a section in the film industry who decry my music as “a re-hash of familiar tunes.”

This amounts to a charge of plagiarism.

I have no defense, no apology, to offer, except to say that, if am a plagiarist, I am one unconsciously.

With only seven main notes, six ragas, thirty-six raginis and seventy-two sub-raginis, every “new” musical composition is bound to sound familiar in places.

Try to hum any popular film composition of today and then cast back your mind. Make a carefulsearch for a parallel and you will easily find one in some celebrated songs of yesterday.

I believe in popular music, music which people will like, humming and singing it in their homes—in moments of joy or sorrow. I try my-best to keep my compositions free from complicated “alaps,” “tans” and those notational cascades which the man-in-the­-street (who has no musical training) cannot easily remember and hum.

Film music, to be good and popular, must always be the result of team-work. The ego of the music-director as well as that of the lyric-writer needs to be suppressed completely, even to the extent of accepting suggestions from everyone in the unit.”

Film Aaiye-49 was made in a period when Yaqub was in full swing. This film was directed by Yaqub and the cast was Yaqub, Sulochana Chatterjee, Masood, Ashraf Khan, Jankidas, Sheela Naik etc. The lyrics were by Nakshab Jarachavi.

In 1964, Nashad migrated to Pakistan and became very famous composer there. After his death, in 1981,his two sons started giving music and attained some success. They used Nashad as their family name. While going to Pakistan, Nashad had married singer Premlata and she too shifted to Pakistan with him.

Let us hear this song from Lata and Shaukat Hyderi……

Song-Jiya doley ho jiya doley (Aayiye)(1949) Singers-Lata, Nashaad, Lyrics-Nakshab, MD-Nashaad


Jiya doley
ho jiya doley
jiya doley
ho jiya doley
kisi ke khyaal mein jiya doley
panchhi phadke
O panchhi phadke
panchhi phadke
O panchhi phadke
mohabbat ke jaal mein
panchhi phadke

jiya doley
ho jiya doley
kisi ke khyaal Mein jiya doley

tumko paaya to
paate hi
dil kho gaya aa aa aa
ho o
aankhon aankhon mein
kya jaane ae ae
kya ho gaya
ab se pehle to
ab se pehle to
dil thha na Iss haal mein
jiya dole kisi ke Khayaal mein
jiya doley
ho jiya doley
jiya doley
ho jiya doley
kisi ke khyaal mein jiya doley

aankhon aankhon ka
aankhon aankhon ka
ye mel hota rahe
baaji lagti rahe
khel hota rahe ae ae ae
hum to filhaal
hum to filhaal
baithe hain iss chal mein
panchhi phadke mohabbat ke jaal mein
panchhi phadke
O panchhi phadke
panchhi phadke
O panchhi phadke
muhabbat ke jaal mein panchhi phadke

jiya doley
ho jiya doley
jiya doley
ho jiya doley
kisi ke khayaal mein jiya doley

2 Responses to "Jiya doley ho jiya doley"

Thanks for clearing the air between the several names of the same talented personality in multiple disciplines like composer, lyric writer,singer etc.. It seems he has a solo “chali vo nasib ki aandiya ke…” sung by himself in the film “Baradari” 1955. You are the right person to throw more light on his singing career.


Arun-ji, you are really a detective to find such anmol ratans


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