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Raam karey Allah karey

Posted on: June 20, 2013

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

A long time ago there was a song “Bachpan ke din bhula na dena” (Deedar 1951). Then there was “Bachpan ke din bhi kya din thhey” (Sujata 1959). Well we generally remember everything that happens in our life (good bad or ugly). But the good things of life we definitely do not forget and say “These are a few of my favourite things” (The Sound of Music – I only know the 1965 movie). Now all these movies mentioned above were before my time but the songs I have referred to from them are true to every one I suppose.

Now people will wonder why I am in flashback mode. Simple the song which I want to discuss is from my childhood Ladakpan (adolescence) to be exact. It is part of the good memories. (So I remember my Bachpan ke din ka song very fondly). I was in the final years of schooling when the movie released, and my daddy dearest took me to see the movie as part of the unwritten rule—one movie after every unit test or semester end exam. There was a bonus movie after every report card signed specially if there were very good marks. Later on in my life my dad let the cat out of the bag— all those movies that he took me too was because he loved the movie experience and he couldn’t take my mom along due to her various household duties. Also my siblings were quite small then so that ruled them out too. And after my marriage he tried the same formula with my sisters but it didn’t work out as per his liking – at least thats what he said once. Hence he reduced the number of movies he saw. Nowadays he says he doesn’t enjoy the multiplex as they have simply pushed the ticket rates to show greater sales.

So coming back to this song. Aap Ke Deewane was the first movie that Rakesh Roshan produced (officially it is credited to Vimal Kumar). The story was quite a simple love triangle. So to further add spice the guys are childhood friends who are ready to do anything for each other (bashing the bad guy Ranjeet), to be with each other (do some silly thing and getting rusticated from college just because the other has been expelled – I think both expelling & rusticating mean one and the same.) supporting each other financially (taking up job at the heroines house as tutors to the extent that one becomes a lady teacher). And finally for each others happiness they are ready to give up the lady they love. What a nice uncomplicated love triangle!!!! :-))

The song under discussion happens during the college days of the heroes. They say that since they don’t know their birthdates they celebrate the day they first met as their birthday. So this gangs of college friends are on a cycle picnic (oh how I wish I had located the video for this song) for the birthday party. They have a few West Indian or African friends in their group who begin this song, hence the undecipherable words that start the song. It is sung by Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd. Rafi & Amit Kumar.

PS-This song also has another brief version that appears at the end of the movie which is described as “Apni khushiyaan tujhko de doon”. It is sung by Rafi and Amit Kumar and it is picturised on Rishi Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan. Lyrics of this version have been provided by Avinash Scrapwala.

Audio – Part I

Video – Part I

Audio – Part II

Video – Part II

Song-Raam kare Allah kare (Aap Ke Deewaane)(1980) Singers-Rafi, Amit Kumar, Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Rajesh Roshan


Part I
a pini nanaa bento o ho
a pini nanaa bento o ho

a pini nanaa bento o ho
a pini nanaa bento o ho

pini nanaa bento o ho
pini nanaa bento o ho

he e e e
Raam kare allaah kare
teri meri dosti bani rahe
arre Raam kare allaah kare
teri meri dosti bani rahe
Aage aage tum dono
peechhe peechhe hum
humko nahin koi duniyaa kaa gam

arre rut aaye rut jaaye
koi hanse koi gaaye
mahfil saji rahe
pini nanaa bento ho o ho
a pini naa naa bento ho o ho
a pini nana bento o ho
a pini nana bento
ho o ho

apni khushiyaan tujhko de doon
tere aansoon le loon

he e
arre mar jaaoon main teri khaatir
apni jaan pe kheloon
tere binaa kaun meraa sun mere yaar
meraa sab kuchh bas tu meraa pyaar
ho ghm nahi hum na ho charche ye kam na ho
raunak lagi rahe
a pini nana bento o ho
pini naa naa bento (a a a a a la la la)
pini naa naa bento (ya ya ya ya )

la la la la la la
ham sab saathi ek dooje ke
naam ko yaad rakhenge

arre is mastaani is divaani shaam ko yaad rakhenge
Kabhi kahin aisaa mazaa aayaa hi nahin
kabhi kahin aisaa sama chaaya hi nahin
ye haseen yaadon ki
pyaar bhare vaado ki duniyaa basi rahe

la la la la la la la
la la la
la la la la la la la
la la la

he e e
Raam kare allaah kare
teri meri dosti bani rahe
arre Raam kare allaah kare
teri meri dosti bani rahe
aage aage tum dono
peechhe peechhe ham
hamko nahin koi duniyaa kaa gam

arre rut aaye rut jaaye koi hanse koi gaaye
mahfil saji rahe
pini naanaa bento ho ho ho
pini nanaa bento (a a a a ya ya ya ya )
pini nanaa bento (ya ya ya ya ya )
pini nanaa bento (ya ya ya ya )
pini nanaa bento (ya ya ya ya ya )

Part II (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
Apni khushiyaan
tujhko de doon
tere aansoon
Le loon
mar jaaoon main
teri khaatir
apni jaan pe kheloon

tere bin kaun meraa
sun mere yaar
meraa sab kuchh bas tu
teraa pyaar

ye haseen yaadon ki
pyaar bhare waadon ki ee
duniyaa basee rahe

13 Responses to "Raam karey Allah karey"

One version


another version


thanx atulji 4 posting dis song. ab hum saare atuldom waale picnic gaye hain aisa lag raha hain
now only cake cutting is left!!!!! 🙂


Ah, Peevesie’s Mom, so here’s the song you were referring to earlier! Nice write-up. I love the way you talk about your dad talking you to the cinema – and actually he wanted to also see the movie.

I remember seeing this movie in the early 80s – but as usual, I have completely forgotten it. And I just cannot remember this song. Maybe I should watch this again. Nowadays I’m re-watching a lot of movies of the 70s, which I had last watched ages ago.


Wow ! finally the telepathy has worked !!
I wished this song to be posted after the party mood built up among our team yesterday morning !! nice post Peevesie’s Mom ji.
this is one of my very favorite movie and have watched it many times and all its songs are also too good and enjoyable.
As the party is done now (on Atul ji’s behalf) , ‘return-gift’ is awaited !!

This song has second part (sad version) – apni khushiyaan tujhko de doon- mentioned as separate song at ‘wiki’, and thus making it total 06 songs from this movie.
I have requested Atul ji to post this second part (already sent with this song earlier)!!
Thanks !


i know Avinashji that there is a sad version. & from the two links that PCji has provided above in the comments section one is the sad version.
i had forgotten its existence till i saw it there yesterday. and anyway for the Happy Birthday occasion that we were celebrating only one version was needed. right?


Youtube link


video link:


link to the vinyl records of the movie LP:

where it has been clearly written ANAND BAKSHI is the Lyricist of all the songs from the movie (and not by AMIT KHANNA-as stated above)

Atul ji
Please correct the lyricist name as ANAND BAKSHI



Apni khushiyaan tujhko de doon

Aap Ke Deewane – 1980
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Mohammad Rafi, Amit Kumar

Apni khushiyaan
Tujhko de doon
Tere aansoon
Le loon

Mar jaaoon main
Teri khaatir
Apni jaan pe kheloon

Tere bin kaun meraa
Sun mere yaar
Meraa sab kuchh bas tu
Teraa pyaar

Ye haseen yaadon ki
Pyaar bhare waadon ki
Duniyaa basee rahe


audio link:



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