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Hoke maayoos tere dar se sawaali na gaya

Posted on: July 31, 2013

This article is written by Ava Suri, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

I am not really qualified to talk at length about Mohammed Rafi. I was lucky to be growing up during the 60s when the best of our music was all around me. Rafi was here, there and everywhere. He ruled the airwaves.

The careers of actors like Rajendra Kumar were actively boosted by the glorious voice of Rafi.

Shammi Kapoor was able to rise to the top of the ranks thanks to the booming voice of Rafi that yodeled ‘Yahoo’ as he slid down the slopes of Kashmir. He had oodles of charm, Shammi Kapoor did, but he needed Rafi’s voice to woo his lady love.

Of course, there were many very good films being made then. There were even more films that had nothing but the songs to draw the audience into the cinema hall. These were the films that ran purely on the magic of the music and voice of the lead singers, usually Lata and Rafi.

During the 70s Rafi had been upstaged by Kishore Kumar.

These are the ups and downs that the famous people have to contend with.

In 1976 Laila Majnu came out. The music was initially provided by Madan Mohan, and upon his death, completed by Jaidev. The tune of the qawwali that follows, resembles the music Madan Mohan provided in the film Hanste Zakhm (Yeh Maana meri jaan)

Rishi Kapoor started out by using the voice of Shailendra Singh, picked for him as Raj Kapoor wanted someone new for his son’s first film as a hero. In his next film on he lip-synched to songs sung by Kishore Kumar (O Hansini), which suited him as well.

In this film, Laila Majnu, he was playing the legendary lover, Majnu or Qais. Contrary to what Raj Kapoor thought, the voice of Rafi does not sound ‘older’ at all. His voice was still fresh and not like that of a singer whose career is about to end. He was only in his early 50s, and it seemed like he had many more years to go as a lead singer.

Alas, fate played a cruel trick, and on 31st July 1980, Mohammad Rafi’s passed away.

In this song, Laila and Majnu have been ordered to keep apart by Laila’s father. This has driven Qais crazy (Majnu). He is on the brink of death when he reaches the dargah of Sakhi Peer and vows to kill himself if he does not get to see Laila. Right at the moment, Laila comes to the dargah to pray.

Their eyes meet, and the qawwali starts. For the entire duration of the first part that is sung by Aziz Nazaan and an unidentified singer (Help!), Laila and Majnoon look deep into each other’s eyes. It was an intensely romantic moment.

Sahir came up trumps with his usual touch in all other songs of this film, except (I feel) “Koi paththar se na mare mere diwane ko”. Pathhar se maare to kis cheez se maare?

Here is this qawwaali in it’s full glory. Today is the day to listen to Rafi sahib’s voice ad infinitum.

Song-Hoke maayoos tere dar se sawaali na gaya (Laila Majnu)(1976) Singers-Rafi, Aziz Naazaan, Unidentified male singer, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Madan Mohan


Hoke mayoos tere dar se sawaali na gaya
jholiyan bhar gayin sabki
koi khaali na gaya
hoke maayoos tere dar se sawaali na gaya
Hoke maayoos tere dar se sawaali na gaya
na gaya
na gaya

jholiyaan bhar gayin
haan haan
jholiyan bhar gayin
haan haan
jholiyan bhar gayin sabki koi khaali na gaya
jholiyan bhar gayin,
bhar gayin
jholiyan bhar gayin sabki
koi khaali na gaya
khaali na gaya
khaali na gaya
jholiyan bhar gayin sabki
koi khaali na gaya
jholiyan bhar gayin

tere darbaar mein jo bhi pareshaan ho kea aaye
haan haan pareshan ho ke aye
duayen de ke jaye
aur muraaden le ke jaaye

aa haa
Muraden le ke jaaye

Tu rehmat ka farishta hai
tu ujde ghar basaaye
Tu roohon ka maseeha hai
tu har gham ko mitaaye

Aa Aa Aa aa
aa Aa Aa aa aa
Ehle dil,
ehle mohabbat pe inaayat hai teri
ee ee ee ee ee
toone doobon ko ubhaara hai
ye shohrat hai teri
ee ee ee ee

anokhi shaan teri,
niraali aan teri
anokhi shaan teri,
niraali aan teri
tu masti ka khazaana,
tera har dil deewaana
tu masti ka khazaana,
tera har dil deewaana

tu mehboobe khuda hai,
tu har gham ki dawa hai

Tabhi to sab kehte hain,
kehte hain,
kehte hain

hoke mayoos tere dar se sawali na gaya
hoke mayoos tere dar se sawali na gaya
jholiyan bhar gayi sabki koi khali na gaya
jholiyan bhar gayi sabki koi khali na gaya
jholiyan bhar gayi

jamaal e yaar dekha hai,
jamaal e yaar dekha
jamaal e yaar dekha hai, jamale yaar dekha

rukhe dildaar dekha hai,
rukhe dildar dekha
rukhe dildar dekha

kisi ka nazneen jalwa,
sare darbaar dekha
tammanon ke sehra mein haseen gulzar dekha
haseen gulzaar dekha

jab se dekha hai tujhe ae ae ae
dil ka azab aalam hai ae
jaano imaan bhi agar nazar karoon
to kam hai ae ae ae ae ae
thha jo sun’ne me aaya,
tujhe waisa hi paaya
thha jo sun’ne mein aaya,
tujhe aisa hi paaya

tu armaanon ka saahil,
tu umeedon ki manzil
tu armaanon ka sahil,
tu umeedon ki manzil

tu har bigdi banaaye,
tu bichchdon ko milaaye
tabhi to sab kehte hain,
kehte hain,
kehte hain
hoke mayoos tere darr se sawaali na gaya,
jholiyan bhar gayin
aji haan
jholiyaan bhar gayin sabki koyi khaali na gaya
jholiyaan bhar gayin

6 Responses to "Hoke maayoos tere dar se sawaali na gaya"

Thanks for the beautiful qawwalli.
Just few examples of Rafi & Rishi combo-
Rafi sang hit songs for Rishi in Amar Akbar Anthony, including Parda hai parda hai…. Tayyab Ali pyaar ka dushman….. Shirdi waale Sai Baba….
In Naseeb, he sang Chal mere bhai tere haath jodta hoon…. for Rishi too.
Can’t forget Sargam in which LP used Rafi for Rishi. Evergreen hits like Hum to chale pardes hum pardesi ho gaye… Ramji ki nikli sawaari….Mujhe mat roko mujhe gaane do…. and Dafli waale dafli baja… Parbat ke is paar…& Koyal boli duniya doli, with Lata Mangeshkar.
Another example of Rafi for Rishi-
In Ham Kisi Se Kam Nahin, Rafi sang for Tariq and KK for Rishi, but RDB knew who would give justice to the qawwalli Hai agar dushman dushman…., picturised on Rishi Kapoor. Rafi proved that he can sing for any generation. 🙂



I can’t say for sure but I think Laila Majnu was the first time Rafi sang for Rishi.


Nice tribute to Rafi saab, Ava.

Indeed many a film of the 1960s is remembered for its songs – and Rafi saab absolutely ruled at that time, like you say. Many an actor should be thankful for Rafi saab’s contribution to his success.

I absolutely love this qawwali – am surprised it hasn’t been posted yet. So, Atul, with this, are all Laila Majnu songs (1976) songs covered?

Rafi saab’s voice suited Rishi Kapoor very well. In fact, with the possible exception of Raj Kapoor (maybe we were too used to Mukesh for him), I can’t think of any actor for whom Rafi saab’s voice did not seem to go well. He was just such a natural at adapting to any face on screen.

Btw, according to my sources, there were 4 voices for this song. Rafi saab, Aziz Nazaan, Ambar Kumar and Shankar Shambhu.


Ava ji,

Thanks for the tribute post, i enjoyed reading it.

About ‘Koyi patthar se na maare’ it is a metaphor, which escaped the film makers even, they shot it actually in the stoning of ‘Majnu’ .

Verbal attacks are also as lethal as stone’s. There is a tradition/ritual of stoning the ‘devil’ , and the people are perceiving ;’ majnu ‘ as the ‘devil’.
And Laila is trying to defend him and appealing that he is not a devil.

There is one more song, a Rafi-Lata duet from the film remaining to be discussed. Story narration song at the beginning of the film.

Thanks and regards.


Nahm ji, singers for the story narration song are ‘ Rajkumar Rizvi, Preeti Sagar, Anuradha Paudwal’.
I have already shared this song to Atul ji. As per there are two parts of this song. I am not sure if the version I shared (and available on youtube) is for complete song or part-I only.
Thanks !!


Ava ji – enjoyed the post and thanks for this beautiful post !! I like this song very much and Rafi Saab – he was a ‘Farishtayee aawaaz’ !!
As Raja ji said , I was also under impression that this song have been posted. in fact when I shared ‘barbaad e mohbaat ki duaa’ to Atul ji , I had mentioned that now only one song that Nahm ji said is pending. But I was wrong. Well I have later on also shared the one balance song.
Now, reading your post I think it was better that I missed this quawwali, so that we all get your beautiful article to read.


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