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Hey Ganesh jai Ganesh

Posted on: September 9, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.


Ganesh festival is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. But it is an especially popular festival in Maharashtra.

It is said that Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak encouraged people to celebrate the Ganesh Festival during the British raj as a social and cultural activity and it was expected that the platform of these celebrations would serve as a veiled motivation to Indians to fight for Independence. In olden days the celebrations in Maharashtra would last for a Fortnight and many Dramas, skits,song and dance programmes, Bhajans, Keertans etc were arranged. Huge crowds used to gather to enjoy this mix of free entertainment. Later on, some organisers began to show films for free as well on these occasions.

Lord Ganesh is undoubtedly the most popular deity in India. According to traditions, no religious or cultural programme will ever start without first offering prayer to Lord Ganesha. It is believed that Ganesh is “VIGHNA HARTA”, that is- One who will remove all obstacles.

Many films were produced on Ganesha Stories. There is plenty of literature in our old scriptures about Ganesha. His life is full of enchanting stories of his valour and wisdom, actually his birth itself is an interesting story. Ganesha is supposed to be the son of Shankar and Parvati,and the younger brother of Lord Subramanyam or Kumar Swami or Kartikeya.

Ganesh is very popular among children and this was encashed by ingenious filmmakers by producing animation films like My friend Ganesha etc.

In Ganesh Puran,there are many stories which are connected with almost all other Gods. There is a story about how even Lord Shri Krishna suffered, because of a curse by Ganesha. A film on this story was made in 1950. It was Shree Ganesh Mahima,by Basant pictures. The director was the producer Homi Wadia and in this film Meena Kumari had acted opposite Mahipal. My be, this was the only Mythological film of Meena Kumari. Although the title of the film was about Ganesha, most of the film centred around Lord Shri Krishna.

The story of the film was-

Great and Miraculous power are attributed to Shri Ganesh the benefactor of mortals as well as the immortals. Such a benign being was once laughted at by Chandra only to be cursed by him. Realising his folly Chandra begged her forgivenness and the curse was modified by the merciful divinity to be effective only on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. He ordained that anybody looking at the moon on that day will be a victim of false accusations. It was on such a day that Shri Krishna unwittingly looked at the moon and had to suffer the indignity of being falsely accused of theft of Syamantak Mani. This jewel was acquired by Satrajit, one of the Yadavas as a boon from God Sun. Shri Krishna had sent Narad to Satrajit expressing his desire to possess the Mani. The events took such a turn that there was circumstantial evidence against Shri Krishna who happened to be at the Chambers of Satrajit’s daughter Satyabhama, devotee of Lord Krishna on the night prior to Satrajits losing the Mani. Shri Krishna was shocked at such allegation made by Satrajit and Shatadhanva ( Another Yadava) who had been promised by Satrajit the hand of his daughter Satyabhama.

Shri Krishna took upon himself to find out the jewel and redeem it to its rightful owner only to clear himself of the allegation. A search party was organised which came across the dead body of Prasain, a carcass of lion and also the foot-prints of a bear blazing a new trail which when followed led the party to a cave. Shri Krishna went inside the cave telling the followers to wait at the cave entrance for seven days and if he did not return by then, to go back to Dwarka. Inside the cave Shri Krishna found the Syamantak Mani and also Jambuwanti, the daughter of the powerful bear king Jambuwant. There ensued a fight between Shri Krishna and Jambuwant lasting for twentyone days. The people at the entrance of the cave returned as per instruction after the seventh day. The duration of this fight gave Shatadhanva a real chance for villainy. He puts in an all over effort to win the hand of Satyabhama who would marry none but Shri Krishna. Jambuwant after losing the battle gave away his daughter in marriage and Syamantak Mani as dowry to Shri Krishna.

Coming to Dwarka, Shri Krishna returned the jewel to its rightful owner, Satrajit repented and made amends by giving away his daughter to Shri Krishna in marriage. Shatadhanva came to know of this alliance and made short work of his unsupecting father Satrajit and decamped with the Mani. Shri Krishna brought justice to the evil doer and the villain Shatachanva fell a victim to his famous Sudershana Chakra.

The singer’s name is not mentioned even in HFGK. The You Tube entry however mentions that the song is shot on an actress called Mangala.

Let us hear this Ganesh Stuti song on Ganesh Chaturthi Day.


Song-Hey Ganesh jai Ganesh (Shri Ganesh Mahima)(1950) Lyrics-Ramesh Pandey, MD-S N Tripathi


hey ganesh jai ganesh
hey ganesh jai ganesh
aayi sharan teri
hey ganesh jai ganesh

ab to laaj tumhare haath
ab to laaj tumhare haath
vinti sun meri
hey ganesh jai ganesh
aayi sharan teri
hey ganesh jai ganesh

koi nahin tum samaan
tum hi sarv shaktimaan
koi nahin tum samaan
tum hi sarv shaktimaan
rakh leyu prannath
rakh leyu prannath
charanan ki teri
hey ganesh jai ganesh
aayi sharan teri
hey ganesh jai ganesh

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