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Dekho chakkar mein chakkar mein chakkar mein

Posted on: November 26, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

” Neem-Hakeem” Astrologers ( half knowledge experts) and Palmists have certain fixed phrases for the gullible customers, like ” actually you are very intelligent, but people have no value for you” or ” you are a very good natured person, but people take undue advantage of your goodness”. I am sure, most of you must have fallen prey to such hobby-nobbies.

NO, No, I am not doubting what he told you about your intelligence and your knowledge. I am sure of that.

So, here is a small Test for you.

Take a paper and pen and just write down the names of 100 Hindi films. Normally, you should be able to do it in no time, but I give you 2 hours…no, 4 hours to write 100 Hindi film names. And…No Cheating please. Do not take any body’s help, nor peep into HFGK, Lists on this Blog or any sites on Internet…….

OK, if you have failed in that test, here is a smaller Test. Just write down 50 names of Hindi Film Heroes and Heroines (combined)….

OK OK, let’s not check those lists. But I am sure it is a very difficult task indeed. Even though from 1931 to 2000 AD, over 8000 actors and actresses have acted in films, it is difficult to name even 50 Heroes or Heroines offhand without help. So far about 15000 films (roughly)have been produced ,but it is difficult to remember even 100 names offhand, without help.

Some films are remembered for their Heroes, some for their Heroines, some for music and some for other reasons like with “whom” you have seen the film etc. The Titles of films is yet another way of remembering them. Speaking of Titles, I find many strange and funny titles of some films. Most social and musical films have sober titles like Milan, Suhag, Albela etc, but ‘C’ grade and action films have titles to attract their audiences. While titles of sober films are indicative of their contents, titles of action films are meant to create curiosity, mystery and excitement. So you get titles like ” Safed ghoda kaala sawaar”, Cheeni Jaadugar, Jungle ka Jaadu or khaufnaak Jungle and Khooni khanjar etc.

C grade and Action films are generally patronized by lower strata of the society and such films were shown primarily in some very old dilapidated theatres in some corners of the towns. Of course its audience knew where to go and see the films.

Not that everything in C grade films was below average standards. In fact most of the well known composers of Hindi films have composed music for C grade films sometime or the other in their careers. Many times there are excellent songs in these films, but due to lack of exposure to a biggere audience these gems lie hidden. For example, the famous qawali,”Hamen to loot liya milke Husnwalon ne” is from film ” Al-Hilal”-58, an unknown film for most of us !

From Asha Bhosle to Umadevi and from Rafi to Shabbir kumar, including Lata Mangeshkar, all singers have sung for C grade films. C grade does not consist of only Action films, it also includes social, mythological, Costume, Mystery, adventure and Folk tales.

I have read many times in the write ups by our own ATUL ji that ” B grade film means A grade music “. This must have come out of his experience with thousands of film songs which he handled.

Many composers gave music to C grade films using Pseudonyms. For example, C. Ramchandra gave music to action films in the name of ” Annasaheb”, S D Batish used the name Nirmal Kumar, Durrani used Gunjan as his name, to quote a few examples.

From the beginning, I was fond of Religious , Action, Mystery and Musical films. During my school and college days, I visited far off theatres in different parts of old Hyderabad City to see these old films like, Khooni Khanjar, Sair e paristan, Alladin ki Beti, Adventures of Capt. Marvel, Trip to the Moon, Scaramouche etc. I never missed an opportunity to see such films. Seeing such films in an impressionable age made me tough and helped me face difficulties in life with greater courage.

By the end of 50s these class of films started diminishing and by mid 60s, it was The End for this genre of films. The dilapidated theatres gave way to new Cinemas and later to Multiplexes in turn. This was the end of an Era.

To revive these memories, I propose to start a series Titled “Gems from Obscure Movies”, from today. in this series, I will try to discuss some odd titled, obscure C grade movies, which normally no one must have heard the names of. Many of the films which I have seen will also be discussed. The readers will have a glimpse of a different world of actors,directors and composers too.

The basic idea of an action film is ” Good v/s Bad’, ” Victory of the Right over the Wrong” and ” Satyamev Jayate’, but the presentation and handling of the plot makes all the difference and sets them apart from other films. Usually the resources of C grade films are limited and they have to make do with shooting within the studios with the sets which are nothing to write home about.

It is the lilting music that gives you relief in such films. Many films feature qawwalis, as this is popular among the audience. Half of the cast is made up of Comedians, dancers, Dogs, Horses, monkeys and such other animals. In some films even snakes, Parrot and even Cats have played important parts.

Most of these films are from the period between 1950 to 1960. The reason is simple. This was the Golden period of Hindi musical films. Many financiers helped produce Hit films. The profits of these films were used to make ‘quickies’,i.e. C grade films with low budgets to fill in the gaps of Hit films. One complete generation of Film Heroes, heroines, Villains, directors, composers, producers and an audience thrived on the staple diet of such films. With Time and the end of this period, most of these artistes faded into oblivion.

I remember atleast one such C grade Hero’s name- Kamran Khan, who actually ruled the Action film era with actresses like Nishi, Nazi, Krishnakumari etc. After hero’s roles ended, Kamran turned to Direction and production. He lost money heavily and took to drinking and died in poverty. Thank God, at least his son and daughter have made good namea in Bollywood today with hard work. The son’s name is Sajid Khan, comedian, anchor, presenter and Director. The daughter is today’s leading choreographer, actress and Director,Farah Khan. Their mother was Menaka, sister of Honey and Daisy Irani.

The series is starting with a song from a film called ” Chaand ki Duniya”-1959. The film was a production of Filmistan, directed by Mohan Sinha (father of actress Vidya Sinha). The music was by Nirmal Kumar-a pseudonym used by S D Batish. His assistant was Pyarelal Sharma (of the L-P duo). The cast of the film was Sohan Kapila, Nalini Chonkar, Ram Avtar,Badriprasad, B M Vyas,Sunder etc.

End of 50s was a period when the World was dreaming of reaching The Moon. Russia had already sent ‘Lyka’ into space and in 1961 even Yuri Gagarin had gone into the space. Within the decade of the 60s, Neil Armstrong had stepped on The Moon itself. Hollywood had been making films like Trip to The Moon and serials on TV like Ascent to The Moon that had become popular already. Taking a clue from there probably,Filmistan decided to make this part Sci-Fi and part Hindi love Story, making a great mess of the whole thing.

The music was excellent. There were only 6 songsbut they were just superb. Here is one of the songs. It is described as Rafi S D Batish duet in all resources but it is a Rafi solo only. The important thing is that this is lip synched by the comedian Ram Avtar,which is a rarity. He has done a marvellous job, though. Ram Avtar Pandey, from Rampur-UP, started his filmi career in 1939 with character roles. In the early 50s, he switched to comedy, when he gained weight and a pot belly. Ram Avtar was a fixture in many Nasir Hussain films. His roles in Badi Behan-49,Nagin-54,Hum sub chor hain-56,Tumsa nahin dekha-57,jab pyar kisi se hota hai-61, Phir vohi dil laya hoon-63, Teesri Manzil-67, Yaadon ki Baraat etc are memorable. His last film was Prem Geet-1981.

Enjoy this third gem from the obscure film “CHAAND KI DUNIYA” (1959) to appear in the blog.



Song-Dekho chakkar mein chakkar mein chakkar mein(Chaand Ki duniya)(1959) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Nirmal Kumar (S D Batish)


dekho chakkar mein
chakkar mein
chakkar mein
hai duniya saari chakkar mein
hai duniya saari chakkar mein ae ae
roos cheen japan amrika
italy england aur africa
pade huye hain atom bomb
rocket ke chakkar mein
ho dekho chakkar mein chakkar mein chakkar mein

humne dekhe mard maraathe
motey dubley
saathe paathhe
ji ji ji ji ji ji
ji ji ji ji
o ji ji ji
ji ji ji
ji ji ji ji ji
ghedekar ghanekar
chitrakar joglekar
intekar untekar
aisa waisa kar
arre jaisa jaisa kar
amchi marathi
phhaar changli
sab is chakkar mein
ho dekho chakkar mein chakkar mein chakkar mein
hai duniya saari chakkar mein
hai duniya saari chakkar mein
roos cheen japan amrika
italy england aur africa
pade huye hain atom bomb
rocket ke chakkar mein
ho dekho chakkar mein chakkar mein chakkar mein


dekhe humne sindhi bhaai
arre unki boli humko bhaayi
suthho saain suthho
hallo saain hallo
suthho saain suthho
hallo saain hallo
idwani gidwani
waah re ashumal
mithaai waale yaar jaani
ownership ki building le lo
sab is chakaar mein
ho dekho chakkar mein chakkar mein chakkar mein
hai duniya saari chakkar mein
hai duniya saari chakkar mein
roos cheen japan amrika
italy england aur africa
pade huye hain atom bomb
rocket ke chakkar mein
ho dekho chakkar mein chakkar mein chakkar mein

dekhe humne bhai gujraati
kem chhe kem chhe
kare din raati
piya pehli pasangar maan aavi jyo
ho surat ni mitthai maane laavi dyo
ho piya
ho piya
ho piya
pehli pasangar maa aavi jyo
magan bhai
chhagan bhai
chaman bhai
raman bhai
ramu bhai
shyamu bhai
nanu bhai
mamu bhai
arre pann su thhaiyo
kyun chhe bhai
ho dekho chakkar mein chakkar mein chakkar mein
hai duniya saari chakkar mein
hai duniya saari chakkar mein
roos cheen japan amrika
italy england aur africa
pade huye hain atom bomb
rocket ke chakkar mein

3 Responses to "Dekho chakkar mein chakkar mein chakkar mein"

missing words :

amchi marathi
‘ phhaar ‘ changli

arre ‘ pan su thhaiyo ‘
kyun chhe bhai


kya gaana hai?


Only Rafi can sing with such aplomb, sangfroid and with savoir faire. He carried the song with ease and composure.


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