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O phool chun’ne waale…adaa se muskuraaye jaa

Posted on: December 30, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular conributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

When I started the series ” VINTAGE KISHORE ” and the first article was posted on the 17th December 2013,same day, I received the following E Mail…

” Nitin Shah
Dec 17 (13 days ago)

Please find attached most of songs of Kishore 1951-1954 for your series. Rest follows. This was in my stock.
I do not want you to waste your time in mundane activity like writing lyrics which is very tedious activity. We all want you to devote more time for what you are best at. I do not want any credit. Thanks “

I was overwhelmed with the generosity and helpfulness of Nitin ji. As such from the day of my First Post on 1-10-2012, ATUL JI has been very kind enough to write Lyrics for the songs I send him in advance of my write up,as a HELP to me. That is how I was able to concentrate on the informative articles, which I wrote. And now,Nitin ji helped me by sending lyrics as well as You Tube links of Kishore songs from 1950 to 1954. He did not stop at this. He also wrote to me next day that even for any future series, I need not write any Lyrics, and that he will send them. So kind of him. What is more, he also wrote that he does not want any credit for this !

This is an indication that articles which I write seem to be interesting to readers. I feel contented. Thanks Nitin ji and Atul ji !!!

Today’s song is the 10th song in the series ” VINTAGE KISHORE “. It is from the film Khiladi-1950, sung by Kishore Kumar, under the baton of Music Director Hansraj Behl.

Hansraj Behl ( 19-11-1916 to 20-5-1984 ) was one of the leading composers of those times. His first film as a Music Director was Pujari-1946. Film Khiladi was his 19th film but it was the first time that he was using Kishore Kumar in his film music.

Hansraj Behl is known to have given breaks for solo songs to Asha Bhosle-Raat ki Raani-49 and Madhubala Jhaveri-Moti Mahal-52. Baby Mumtaz, who later became actress Madhubala also sang her first song in Pujari-46.

Film Khiladi-50 was produced by Talwar Films, Bombay and it was directed by R.C.Talwar. Raghubir Chand Talwar was born on 21-4-1910, at Tolaganj,in Western Punjab-now in Pakistan. His film life, as many others of his ilk, started in Calcutta and ended in Bombay. He was a screen play writer, producer and Director. Starting from Manchali-43, produced by Talwar productions, Calcutta, which he had established there, Talwar directed films like Albeli, Khiladi, Sangdil, Ilzam, Rukhsana, Memsahib, Ek dil sau afsane and Naya Kanoon-1965. He produced 2 films, Sangdil and Memsahib-for which he had written the screen Play also.

Talwar directed Kishore Kumar in 3 films, viz Ilzam, Rukhsana and Memsahib. In all films, the Heroine was Meena Kumari. While Ilzam was a social film, Rukhsana was a Costume film and Memsahib was supposed to be a comedy film. This was also produced by him.

After the film Memsahib was completed, Talwar had to pay a balance amount of Rs.8000 to Kishore Kumar. Even after Kishore’s several reminders, Talwar failed to pay Kishore his dues. Kishore Kumar employed a novel idea. Everyday, in the morning, before proceeding for any shooting, Kishore would go to Talwar’s house. Standing outside at his gate, Kishore used to shout loudly,” Hey Talwar, de de mera Aath Hazaar “. This continued for few days and Talwar was so much disturbed that he paid off Kishore’s dues.

This incident occurred during Kishore’s First Golden period- 1954 to 1958, during which he was undoubtedly the No. 1 popular Actor Singer of his times. The melodious and memorable songs which he sang in this Golden period will forever be remembered by his fans in their lives.

In the last episode we saw that despite the outstanding success of ” Padosan”-68, Kishore remained where he was-neither an actor nor a singer. The turning point came in 1969.

S D Burman was composing music for ‘Aradhana’. He had already recorded 2 duets of Rafi and then Dada Burman fell seriously ill. He handed over the reins of music of this movie to his son R D Burman. Dada had already made the tunes. R D had only to make the recordings. Fresh from the success of Padosan and the songs of Kishore in that film, R D decided to record 2 solos and 1 duet with Lata in Kishore’s voice. Dada was not at all in a position to even protest and R D had never preferred Rafi over Kishore.

Kishore recorded the songs and ” the rest is History” as they say. In the 21st year of his filmi career, finally, Kishore had achieved what he had been dreaming of. Now every other composer wanted only Kishore and not Rafi. R D Burman had quietly brought a revolution in HFM, hoodwinking all, even his own father ! On his part, Kishore too had matched Rajesh Khanna’s screen presence with vitality and freshness in the songs of Aradhana. The success of Aradhana-not only its songs, but also a successful popular film with the most ordinary plot ever, was so much that people forgot that Hemant Kumar too had used Kishore Kumar for Rajesh Khanna in 1969 only itself in film Khamoshi, for the song” Voh shyam kuch ajeeb thi”. But this classic song from Hemant Kumar was swept away in Aradhana floods.

With ‘Aradhana’, Kishore’s second Golden period started-1970 to 1975.
from 1970 to 1985, it is called Kishore Yug in HFM, but the melodious songs which he sang during the 6 years, i.e. 70-75 were really his best. Even after that Kishore did give some good songs, but,as he himself said in an interview ” the real music ended with 1975. Later on it was only factory production on line”. During 1970 to 1985 he sang more than 1800 songs in 764 films. You can imagine the quality of songs in later years.

Kishore had waited for 21 years to become a Singer, and he did become one, he sang only for 18 years !

We have seen the singing side of Kishore Kumar. From the next article, we will know Kishore Kumar-the man and the Artiste.

Let us now enjoy this song from Khiladi-1950, sung by Kishore, written by Rajendra Krishna and music by Hansraj Behl.

(My thanks to ‘Bollywood melodies’ and ‘swaron ki yatra’ for material used here).

Song-O phool chun’ne waale..adaa se muskuraaye jaa (Khilaadi)(1950) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Hansraj Bahl

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

O phool chun’ne waale
tu khud hi gulaab hai
phoolon se badhke baagh mein
tera shabaab hai

ada se muskuraaye ja
qayaamaten jagaaye ja
ada se muskuraaye ja
qayaamaten jagaaye ja
zara idhar bhi ik nazar
o bekhabar ho ik nazar
tadap raha hai ek dil
hansaaye ja
hansaaye ja
ada se muskuraaye ja
qayaamaten jagaaye ja
ada se muskuraaye ja
qayaamaten jagaaye ja

zara sambhal sambhal ke chal
kamar mein pad rahe hain bal
ye imtihaan e ishq hai
dilon ko aazmaaye ja
ada se muskuraaye ja
qayaamaten jagaaye ja
ada se muskuraaye ja
qayaamaten jaagaaye ja

ye arz hai hazoor se
na dekho yoon garoor se
ye arz hai hazoor se
na dekho yoon garoor se
garoor to fareb hai
fareb ko mitaaye ja
ada se muskuraaye ja
qayaamaten jagaaye ja
ada se muskuraaye ja
qayaamaten jagaaye ja

1 Response to "O phool chun’ne waale…adaa se muskuraaye jaa"

I am overwhelmed by ‘your’ generosity. I am sure inspite of my request try as you would you could not help spilling the beans. I am not surprised.
Few months ago also I offered everyone this service. I hate repeat work as it involves time and effort. As I have good stock of lyrics(my same stock also with Atulji) anybody can have a dip and pick. Thanks Arunji for availing my services. Anything for you.


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