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Saari Khudaai ik taraf joru ka bhai ik taraf

Posted on: March 14, 2014

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

When I plan to write an article for any series or a song, I ensure that I gather more than necessary material,so that I can select the desired material from that.In such exercises,many times I come across some unusual songs-in the sense that sometimes the singer is uncommon,or the theme of the song is different,or the composer is special or even the song is too obscure but needs an exposure. In such cases,I keep these songs in the ‘Draft’ section of my computer,to be used in future, at an appropriate time.

I intend to present to our readers,from time to time,some such songs-which are unusual in some or the other aspect.

Today I am presenting one such song from a lesser known film-” Joru ka Bhai “-1955. This is one of those films— utterly filmy type, which was done by the great Balraj Sahni, as a compromise with life. (After all, one needs money to survive, so that one can give his best). To see Balraj Sahni-like actor( of IPTA inspired films and films like Do Bigha Zameen, Kabuliwala, Seema etc) in such hopelessly masala film was a painful task ( another such ‘compromise’ film was ‘Black Cat’ ).

Right from the Mythological and Purana period to History, it was repeatedly emphasized that there is no alternative to RAAJ HATH, BAALHATH AND STREE HATH. There are countless examples of these Haths,changing the course of History, Mythology and social lives of Humanity. Let us examine one example each of these three haths.

RAAJ HATH… The king is supposed to be next only to God. His desires are always fulfilled. A ” HATH ” is insistence on a desire which is uncommon. The best example of Raaj hath is that of king Mohammed Bin Tughlaq-a Turkish king of Delhi, in the 14th century. While on a conquering trip, he reached DEVGIRI or Daulatabad (in Maharashtra). He was so impressed with this city that he decided to shift his Capital from Delhi to Devgiri. All his ministers and wise people of Kingdom tried to dissuade him from this thoughts, but he would not listen to anyone. Finally the whole population of Delhi was shifted to Devgiri. During this process, Historians say, ONE Lakh people died. Midway through the process the King decided to go back to Delhi and thousands more died again. This is because of RAAJ HATH.

BAAL HATH…The well known case of Baal Hath is that of King Uttanpada. He had two queens- Suruchi with her child Dhruv and Suniti with her child Uttama. Just to fulfil the Baal Hath of Uttama,the King removed Dhruva from his lap. This hurt Dhruv so much that he went to the jungle, did hard saadhna and got a boon from Lord Vishnu for a place in the sky (Dhruva-Taara or the North Star), for ever from where no one can remove him.

The most famous STREE HATH is that of Queen Kaikeyi in Ramayana, which sent Rama to Vanavaas for 14 years and gave the Kingdom to her son Bharat. However, but for this Stree Hath, we would not have had Ramayana !

In addition to these three Haths, I would like to add one more Hath and that is SHAALAK HATH. Now, what is Shaalak ? It is the Sanskrit name for Brother in law, or Joru ka Bhai or a Saala, in common language. In English there is a common word ‘ Brother in Law ‘ for both sister’s husband and wife’s brother. In Hindi-and most Indian languages- there are two separate words…Jeeja and Saala.

For the married people, the role of the Shaalak ( I am not using the word Saala, which has gained an ungentlemanly connotation ! ) is too well known. I would not I too have a Shaalak and I value conjugal peace. ( I am not a Shaalak to anybody, as I do not have a sister.)

Right from the ancient times, we find that in Sanskrit Literature, the role of Shaalak is invariably that of a trouble maker. The Sanskrit dramatist BHASA had written ” Charudatta ” in or around 100 B.C. In this drama, the character of ” Shakaar” is that of a Shalak of Charudatta, who creates trouble and is punished at the end. Similarly, another dramatist SHUDRAK wrote “Mrichhakatik” or “The Earthen Chariot”‘, in the 1st to 5th century AD. In it too, the character of Shaalak is known as ” Sansthanak “,who is actually the villain in the drama.

Besides this, many Hindi and regional films have shown wife’s brothers as trouble makers. Many readers may recall the popular TV serial of the 80s-” ye jo hai Zindagi ” featuring Shafi Inaamdar, Swarup Sampat and her brother Rakesh Bedi-who creates several problems for them.( Satish Shah had done 52 different roles in 52 episodes of this serial ). Finally, someone showed courage to make a film with an open Title ” Joru ka Bhai ” in 1955. The producer and director was Chetan Anand. The composer was Jaidev, with assistance from Prabhakar and Coutinho. Lyrics were by Vishwamitra Aadil, Sahir and Narendra Sharma. There were 10 songs, 5 of which have already been discussed on this Blog.

Today we will enjoy a qawwaali-type song by S.Balbir and S.D.Batish. By coincidence the debut song of S.Balbir, in film ‘Karwat’-49 was also with S.D.Batish. The song mukhada is ” Saari khudai ek taraf aur Joru Ka Bhai ek taraf”.

The cast of the film was Balraj Sahni, Sheila Ramani, Vijay Anand, Johnny Walker, Kumkum etc. The story is…

As the Assembly elections were fast approaching, there was a great commotion in Daana Paani Party to elect a leader and candidate of the party. After a long discussion, Chowdhary Ramchand (Balraj Sahni), a clerk was chosen the leader and as the candidate of the party. Surely, after this he could not continue to be a mere clerk. But when next day he went to the office with a resignation in his pocket, he found to his surprise that “the boss” had offered him the post of the Manager, as the Manager had died previous day without intimation. Now, but for the secret meetings of his sister(Sheila Ramani) with Kanhaiya (Vijay Anand), son of the Seth who was standing as a rival candidate, there was nothing to worry Ramchand.

Fate was very kind to him until the arrival of his wife’s brother. Now he felt that Fate was playing a cruel joke with him. For though Murlidhar ( Johnny Walker), who played trombone had come just for holiday, Ramchand found that his brother-in-law’s holiday would never end. Murlidhar did not have any reservation or formality of a guest; he made Chowdhary’s house his own and used his things as if they belonged to himself. So much so that once when he needed money he had no compuction to sell Chowdhary’s by-cycle for five rupees! And as if all this was not enough, he helped Chowdhary’s sister and her lover Kanhaiya, in their secret meetings.

But the climax came when Murlidhar went to Chowdhary’s office and robbed him of five thousand rupees. Just when two children had been born to Chowdhary’s wife and the event was being celebrated with great joy, this incident occurred- endangering Chowdhary’s job as well as leadership. Chowdhary knew the thief; but how could he catch him ? He wished that Murlidhar would return the money and the whole affair would be hushed. But Murlidhar had different plans. Now he was anxious to go away; and Chowdhary had to use all possible tricks to stop him from going and to make him confess his crime. When the tricks failed, he took him to see a magician’s hand. The magician hypnotised not only Murlidhar but Chowdhary Ramchand and Urmila, Seth and his son Kanhaiya and other people as well. There was commotion in the city as under the influence of magic, these crazy people wandered into the streets. At last normalcy was restored and Murlidhar admitted to the theft. He was sent to jail but Ramchand had to take care of Murlidhar’s family comprising his wife, six children and his wife’s brother “Joru Ka Bhai”.

Let us now enjoy the song….


Song-Saari khudaai ik taraf Joru ka Bhai ik taraf (Joru Ka Bhai)(1955) Singers-S D Batish, S Balbir, Lyrics-Viswamitra Adil, Md-Jaidev


aaa aaa aaa
joru ka bhai hai magar
kehlaaye ye saala mera
bhai bahan ke pyaar ne
ghar-baar khhaa daala mera
aa aa aa
botal piye ye doodh ki ee ee ee
khaali rahe pyaala mera aa
o o
o o o
iski malaayi ik taraf
iski malaayi ik taraf
aur meri kamaayi ik taraf
joru ka bhaai ik taraf
joru ka bhaai ik taraf
saari khudaai
o saari khudaayi
sari khudai ik taraf
joru ka bhaai ik taraf

kismat ka sab ye khel hai
taqdeer ka ye pher hai
kutta bhi dekho doston
apni gali mein sher hai
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
mehmaan ki ye gat bane
ae ae ae ae
andher hai andher hai ae ae
ho o o o o
andha kasaayi
andha kasaai ik taraf
bakre ka bhaai ik taraf
joru ka bhaai ik taraf
joru ka bhaai ik taraf
saari khudaai
haan saari khudaai
sari khudai ik taraf
joru ka bhai ik taraf
sari khudai ik taraf
joru ka bhai ik taraf

akde hai kya sookhi hui roti
hai tu tandoor ki
achchaa to aaja samne
?? teri manjur ki
bola to doonga tod main gardan teri amchoor ki
hat door ho aaya bada soorat bana langoor ki
?? mar ja tu
inki ladai ik taraf
haaye inki ladai ik taraf
aur apni duhai ek taraf
joru ka bhaai ik taraf
joru ka bhaai ik taraf
saari khudai ik taraf
joru ka bhai ik taraf
saari khudai ik taraf
joru ka bhai ik taraf
sari khudai ik taraf
joru ka bhai ik taraf

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Sir, enjoyed this informative and entertaining post 🙂 like this ‘shaalak ‘ and ‘value conjugal peace’ 🙂


Amazingly superb !


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