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Naina chaar karna jee dil pe vaar karna

Posted on: March 26, 2014

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Nainon se naina milaa ke – Song no. 8
ishq qaatil se bhi, maqtool se hamdardi bhi
ye bata kis se mohabbat ki jazaa maange gaa ?
sajda khaaliq ko bhi, iblees se yaarana bhi
hashr mein kis se aqeedat ka silaa maange gaa ?

(Allama Iqbal)

When in doubt tell the truth. (Mark Twain)

There are innumerable ‘when in doubt…’ quotes out there from ‘when in doubt wear red’ to ‘go public’ to ‘throw it out’. Just to give the briefer ones. There are some sensible ones like ‘do not react’ or ‘sleep over it’. For someone like me fortunate enough to know Urdu, it makes sense to turn to Urdu poetry.

So I was in doubt, what to write in this post for a song from the film ‘Qaatil'(1960). I did not panic, did sleep over it, then eventually turned to Urdu Poetry. Maybe I will turn to prose or literature next time. So far this series has had some half hearted posts, the major players. Audience and the captain must surely wonder, why she starts something if she can not be bothered to make an effort. And when I do make an effort, it turns out to be effortless 🙂 , really. Well to believe one’s own publicity is high fashion nowadays. So just going with the flow . This reminds me of a dialogue in the film ‘Kora kaaghaz’. A. K. Hangal who is the father of Jaya Bhaduri, says to her, right after she has signed the divorce papers, sent by her husband Vijay Anand :

‘ Mujhe ummeed nahin thhi ke tum haalaat ke bahaao mein itni aasaani se beh jaaogi. Tum ne mujhe maayus kiya hai . ‘

The couplet at the beginning of this post is more contemporary in relevance today than it was a hundred years ago. It seems Allama Iqbal was a visionary with a wider or should I say widest thought process among Urdu poets. Even in other languages, it would be hard to find someone whose poetry encompasses such wide range of topics and socio-political atmosphere. No wonder some statesmen, who were Finance Ministers in the union cabinet, started with a sha’ir from Iqbal while presenting the Annual Union Budget in the Parliament. It was a tradition of sorts, which was helped by the fact that most of them were from North India mainly from Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. The tradition is all but lost.

Here are some urdu couplets with the word ‘qaatil’ in them :

ham aah bhi bharte hain to ho jaate hain badnaam
wo qatal bhi karte hain to charcha nahin hotaa

sab ke honton pe tabassum thha mere qatal ke baad
jaane kya soch ke roottha rahaa qaatil meraa

apne qaatil ki zahaanat se pareshaan hoon main
roz ek maut naye tarz ki eejaad kare

(zahaanat = intellegence
tarz = way, tune

nikloge to har mod pe mil jaayengi laashen
dhoondhoge to iss shahar mein qaatil na milegaa

In the poetic context, the ‘qaatil’ is not simply the murderer. It is frequently used to mean ‘sitamgar’ or ‘zaalim’. Figurative murderer, i.e. destroyer of love, heart, hopes etc.

Another famous sha’ir which ought to be referred here is :

Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mien hai
dekhnaa hai zor kitna baazuye qaatil mein hai

(Ram Prasad Bismil)

The song I am presenting as song no. 8 of the series is a Rafi-Asha duet from the film ‘qaatil’ (1960). It is said to be filmed on Prem Nath and Chitra. The lyricist is Faarooq Qaiser and music is composed by Nashaad. As opposed to ‘ Naushad ‘ which means ‘new happiness’ / nayi khushi, ‘Nashaad’ refers to someone ” unhappy ” / nakhush .

Only one song so far has found its way into the blog .

To conclude, here is another one from one of the contemporary poets :

maseehaon ko jab aawaaz di hai
palat kar aa gaye har baar qaatil

(Ahmed Faraz)

Song-Naina chaar karnaa ji dil pe vaar karnaa (Qaatil) (1960) Singers-Rafi, Asha, Lyrics-Faarooq Qaisar, MD-Naashad


o veena
o veenaa
o veena aa
hoy hoy hoy
jeena o jeena o jeena
o jeena

haay haay haay haay
haay haay hoy
aha naina chaar karnaa
dil pe vaar karnaa
aji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe

pyaar karna
aji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa
naina chaar karnaa ji
dil pe vaar karnaa
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa

aa aaa aaa
aa aa aa
hotaa jo hamaara dil na jawaan
arey wah wah waah
lagtaa ye nazar ka teer kahaan
shaayad ye tumhen maaloom nahin
aurat ke binaa soona hai jahaan

achha ji
waah waah waah
arey in ki baat ka mat aitbaar karna
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa (oye hoye)
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe (hoye oye)
pyaar karnaa (oye hoye)
naina chaar karnaa ji
dil pe vaar karnaa
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa aa

aa aaaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
dikhlaaye agar ham
paaoge nahin tum apna pataa aa

haay haay
nazron ki kataari tez nahin
ab jaa ke khareedo
koyi chhuraa aa
haay haay haay
kabhi haay karnaa aa
kabhi aah bharnaa
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa

arre naina chaar karnaa ji
dil pe vaar karnaa
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa
aeji ham ne sikhaaya tumhe
pyaar karnaa ho

8 Responses to "Naina chaar karna jee dil pe vaar karna"

Missed one meaning :

apne qaatil ki zahaanat se pareshaan hoon main
roz ek maut naye tarz ki eejaad kare

zahaanat = intelligence
tarz = way, tune
eejaad = invention


Thanks nahmji, I was also wondering about the meaning of eejaad which was missing. Now the lines make more sense.


Ada Qatil, Nigaah Qatil, Zuban Qatil, Bayan Qatil,
Bata Qatil, Kahan Jaaoon…? Jahan Jaaoon… Wahan Qatil…

Thanks Nahm Sir for this Qatil post with Qatilana Sher-o-shayari.


It should be nahm madam.


Gustakhi maaf Sir and Madam too if my words hurt you, i was not aware about this but still I was not wrong coz its a corporate practice to address a lady with Sir to show honour & respect towards her…

Btw thanks for quick corrction…


Anekant ji,

Agreed. It is not the same as, say addressing a man as ‘Madam’. But I am sure Atul ji had his reasons for correcting you.

Thanks for reading the posts and appreciating.


Ok Ma’am, got it. But may I know the word meaning of “nahm”


It has no meaning. Just a set of initials.


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