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Piya milan ki aas

Posted on: March 28, 2014

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“Piya Milan Ki Aas” (1961) was directed by S N Tripathi for Vijay Films. J S Cashyap was the producer. The movie had Ameeta, Manoj Kumar, Sunder, Pratima Devi, Jeevan, Nalini Chonker, Daisy Irani, Indira Bansal, Polson, S. N. Tripathi etc in it.

Four songs from this movie have been discussed in the past.

Today (28 march 2014) is the 26th death anniversary of S N Tripathi (14 march 1913- 28 march 1988). On this occasion, here is the title song of “Piya Milan Ki Aas” (1961). The song is sung by Lata. It is lip synced by Ameeta. Jeevan and Sundar are also visible in the picturisation.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.



Song-Piya milan ki aas (Piya Milan Ki Aas)(1961) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-S N Tripathi

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

kaagaa sab tann khaaiyo
ke chhunn chhunn khaaiyyo maans
do nainaa mat khaaiiyo
mohey piyaa milan ki aas

piyaa milan ki aas
piyaa milan ki aas rey
mohey piyaa milan ki aas rey
piyaa milan ki aas

baat takti
ek birahan
mann ke deep jalaaye ae
bujh na paati praan baati
jaane woh kab aaye
unnke darshan bin na nikley
unnke darshan bin na nikley
tann se bairan saans rey
piyaa milan ki aas rey
mohey piyaa milan ki aas rey
piyaa milan ki aas

jab se bichchde
aisse bichhde
nainan neend na aaye ae
yaad jagti
main sulagti
aisi aag lagaaye
sau sau saawan baras gaye ae
sau sau saawan baras gaye
par bujhi na mann ki pyaas rey
piyaa milan ki aas rey
mohey piyaa milan ki aas rey
piyaa milan ki aas

6 Responses to "Piya milan ki aas"

Surprised that this was yet to be posted!
heard it frequently on Radio during (my) radio years …
thanks Prakash ji!


Maar daala….. maar daala…..
Kya baat hai. Aaj to ek aadmi ka do dafa khoon ho gaya. Two songs….sent last year….. aaj ek hi din mein post ho gaye…
“wo din yaad karo……” “pia milan ki aas……” Pehle Nahmji 😦 aur ab Prakashji 😥 ….. Avinashji, aap to reham karna…. Kya hai na ki aadmi ka hriday do jhatka to le sakta hai lekin teesra agar mila to….. pata nahi kya ho jaaye. 😆 😆 😆
Thanks for posting these songs. Enjoyed it. 🙂


Khyati ji
Kal mera “raaj saab” ka gaanaa aapke naam ho gaya thaa 🙂



When i saw this post ‘piya milan ki aas’ and the year of the movie as ‘1961’, i was sure that this would be from you, since you have taken up to cover all ‘1961’. And when i read it was from Prakash ji, it was a pleasant surprise. 🙂
thanks !!


This lovely song belongs to the era of 1960 to 1965 when I had grown into a school boy and had just started liking and appreciating Hindi film songs.From my study time I was allowed, by my watchful parents, a time slot of 30 minutes only to listen to Radio and it was a matter of luck only if songs of my choice were aired on radio in this allotted time..This song and-Man ki gagariya mein both were my favourites.Thanks for posting them.
You are creating nice ripples in my Memory Bank which are not going to die out easily!!




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