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Pati charanan gun gaaun

Posted on: April 14, 2014

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“Shaadi” (1941) was directed by Jayant Desai for Ranjeet Movietone. The movie had Madhuri, Moti Lal, Khurshid, Ishwar Lal, Dixit, Ghori, Bhagwan Das, Kanti Lal, Bhoopat Rai, Tara Bai, Brijmala, Keshari, Baby Kamla etc in it.

Today (14 april 2014) is the 100th birth anniversary of Khursheed Bano (14 april 1914-18 april 2001). On this special occasion, here is a song from “Shaadi” (1941). Only the audio of this song is available, but it is clear that the song was picturised on her as well.

To those who wonder what a “Sati Savitri” song sounded like, here is a perfect “Sati Savitri” song to listen to, one that actually contains a reference to Saavitri in this song.

Though this movie had two lyricists, viz. DN Madhok and Munshi Dil but it is not known which of them wrote this song. Music is composed by Khemchand Prakash.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.


Song-Pati charanan gun gaaun (Shaadi)(1941) Singer-Khursheed Bano, MD-Khemchand Prakash

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

pati charanan gunn gaaun
pati charanan gunn gaaun
janam janam muskaaun oon
janam janam muskaaun oon
pati charanan gunn gaaun
pati charanan gunn gaaun
charan pati ke ganga jamuna
charan pati ke ganga jamuna
dho dho ke pi jaaun
dho dho ke pi jaaun
charan dhul tan man se jaati(?)(?)
charan dhul tan man se jaati
maathe tilak lagaaun oon
maathe tilak lagaau oon
pati charanan gunn gaaun
pati charanan gunn gaaun

jaise raam charan seva se
jaise raam charan seva se
sita sati kahaayi ee ee
jaise raam charan seva se
sita sati kahaayi ee ee
pati charan bal saavitri ne
pati charan bal saavitri ne
yam ko haar manaayi
yam ko haar manaayi
charan sheesh nawaaun oon
charan sheesh nawaaun oon
pati charanan gunn gaaun
pati charanan gunn gaaun

2 Responses to "Pati charanan gun gaaun"

(?)(?) sounds like “charan dhool chandan si jaase” to me.


I am very pleased to listen this song after almost 71 years!
I watched this film when I was in Rajkot,1942, the cinema name was Silver Talkies then, which father owned it.(Name was then changed to
Harichandra Talkies.) now it has gone completely and a shopping mall is
standing there.
Being sort of Bhajan type song, my father use to play the record of this song on our HMV Gramophone machines.
Khurshid was very popular artist in those days(in 1940’s) played some
good roles in films i.e.Shaadi,Pardesi,Murti,Prabhu Ka Ghar,Bhakt Surdas,Tansen.
Her decision to migrate to Pakistan was loss to Indian film world.
One another good song was from Padesi(Of Ranjit) its Mukhda was
“Dahinwali hamari gali aaiyo kasam tohe Ramji ki” I have tries
on many Hindi film weblinks but failed to get it.
Thanks again.


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