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Nain mila lo nain milaa lo

Posted on: April 15, 2014

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

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The Many Colors of Love #13 – The Fears of Love
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And so wrote the scribe. . .

ho raama darr laage apni umariyaa se

Howsoever enchanting and inviting the emotions of love may seem, there are many a heart that fear the onset. As the feelings of youth begin to sprout inside, the heart is at once both eager to savor the flavors of this emotion, and yet nervous and afraid to step into this unfamiliar and unpredictable terrain. The mind recalls many a stories told of the agonies of love and the pains of loss. Or even if one does not become frightened from such tales of sorrow, there still is a fear of the unfamiliar and the unknown.

No wonder that these years of adolescent life are also called ‘kachchi umar’ – the emotions are rearing to go, but the maturity of handling and controlling them is lacking. There is a come-hither titillation that draws the young heart with a promise of a new fascinating world. But accompanying this are apprehensions of the unknown and not as yet experienced events. There are hearts that will be drawn easily. The euphoria and the energy of the new emotions is a powerful driver that nudges the self towards the new experiences. And then there are hearts that are anxious to consider consequences and outcomes, and they will be more restrained in stepping out. The apprehensions will keep a check on the flow of feelings. Sometimes the titillation wins over, and sometimes it is the restraint that has the upper hand.

In the realm of Hindi film songs, all flavors and shades of such emotions are to be found. I present a gem of a fun song from the 1952 film ‘Shrimati ji’. In this song, there is a very interesting exchange happening between two young hearts. They seem to be on the threshold of that emotion called love. The gentleman is making efforts to convince the lady, requesting her for “nain milaa lo” and “dil milaa lo”. And the lady is responding with all kinds of excuses, and expressing her fears for every suggestion that the gentleman is giving. The exchange builds up in a very jovial way, coming to hilarious head, when the gentleman simply gives up in what one may term as frustration, and announces that he will have nothing to do with the lady and the matters of heart with her. And then, right there in a flash, without a pause, without breaking the rhythm and on an even note and scale, the lady does an about turn and starts to sing the lines of the gentleman requesting him for “nain milaa lo” and “dil milaa lo”. It is absolutely mirthful.

Full marks on this song for the arrangement and the composition. There are four singing entities in this song. The male voice, that is Kishore Kumar, the female voice, that is Shamshad Begum, the male chorus and the female chorus. The lines of lyrics is short and quick, and there is such a rapid change of voice between the four entities, that simply has been arranged and managed superbly. The match of wits is played so briskly. The responses fly out so promptly, it leaves no time for the listener to breathe. The delicious surprise is the switch that the lady and her companions make near the end of the song, that is simply seamless, without batting an eyelid, that will take the listener by surprise. I was simply bowled over by the pace of the exchange, and how smoothly the singing voice changes between the performers and two chorus groups. Simply, simply marvelous.

The film ‘Shrimati ji’ (1952) is not new for the visitors of this blog. Four songs of this film are already represented here, and today we bring on the fifth. The film has a total of 10 songs done by three music directors and three poets together. The lyricists are Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri. Of the ten songs, RMA Khan has provided the verses for 8 of them, with Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri contributing one song each. Interesting to note that the single song contributions by Shailendra and Hasrat are both sentimental, poignant songs, both composed by Jimmy. Of the eight songs written by RMA Khan, only one is a sentimental song, and the remaining seven songs are all songs of fun, joy and happiness in love. The music directors sharing the compositions for this film are S Mohinder, Jimmy and Basant Prakash. This song is tuned by Jimmy. It is also interesting to note that in addition to there being three music directors on this film, the credits also identify a notable assistant music director, with name Ravi Shankar, whom we all are more familiar with as just Ravi.

The film is from the stables of Filmistan, and is directed by IS Johar. The list if actors includes Shyama, Nasir Khan, Ram Singh, Murad, Samson, Vimla, Indira, Prabha, Baldev Mehta, Ram Avtar, Yashwant, Mirazkar, Agha Miraz, Majnu, Johar and others. This last name, Johar, I am sure is IS Johar himself. Given the cast of actors, and the songs of this film, one can easily guess this one to be quite a fun film.

So listen to this fun and amusing exchange, and the kind of fears that the lady is expressing, to keep away from the entanglements of the heart.

It is opportune that the birth anniversary of Shamshad Begum was just yesterday. A timely remembrance of this voice that has put in the color of fun in so many Hindi film songs. Long live in memory.

Listen and enjoy. 🙂

PS-This song was excluded from the movie because censors had objected about the lyrics of this song.



Song-Nain mila lo nain mila lo (Shrimati Ji)(1952) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Shamshad Begum, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Jimmy
Male Chorus, Female Chorus


nain milaa lo
nain milaa lo
pyaar ka darr hai
pyaar to hoga
dil milaa lo
dil milaa lo
dard ka darr hai
dar to hoga

kya hoga ji nain milaa ke
dil milaa ke

haaye dil milaa ke
poochho shamma se yaa parwaane se jaa ke
parwaane se jaa ke
shama bano tum
parwaane hum
jalne ka darr hai
jalnaa to hoga

thhandi thhandi hawaa hai
mausam suhaana

o mausam suhaana
pyaar kar lo
pyaar ka aaya zamaana
aaya zamaana
bijli ho tum
baadal hain hum
toofaan ka darr hai
toofaan to hoga

darte darte beet rahi hai haaye jawaani
haaye jawaani
door chalen aur saath bitaayen zindgaani
bitaayen zindgaani
kahaan chalen
arab chalo
registaan ka darr hai
africa chalo
biyaabaan ka darr hai
kaabul chalo
pathaan ka darr hai
to ghar bulaa lo
abba jaan ka darr hai

ghar mein abba jaan ka darr hai
kaabul mein pathaan ka darr hai
arab mein registaan ka darr
africa mein biyaabaan ka darr hai
aan ka darr hai
jaan ka darr hain
duniya bhar mein
darr hi darr hai

yaane saare jahaan ka darr hai

to jahannum chalo
jahannum chalo
shaitaan ka darr hai
shaitaan to hoga
to hamen bhulaa do

nahin bhulaate
nain milaa lo

nahin milaate
dil milaa lo
nahin milaate
haath milaa lo
nahin milaate
wajeh bataa do
wajeh bataa do

pyaar ka darr hai
pyaar to hoga
nain milaa lo
nain milaa lo
pyaar ka darr hai
pyaar to hoga
dil milaa lo
dil milaa lo
dard ka darr hai
dar to hoga

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
नैन मिला लो
नैन मिला लो
प्यार का डर है
प्यार तो होगा
दिल मिला लो
दिल मिला लो
दर्द का डर है
डर तो होगा

क्या होगा जी नैन मिला के
दिल मिला के

हाय दिल मिला के
पूछो शम्मा से या परवाने से जाके
परवाने से जाके
शमा बनो तुम
परवाने हम
जलने का डर है
जलना तो होगा

ठंडी ठंडी हवा है
मौसम सुहाना

ओ मौसम सुहाना
प्यार कर लो प्यार का आया ज़माना
आया ज़माना
बिजली हो तुम
बादल हैं हम
तूफान का डर है
तूफान तो होगा

डरते डरते बीत रही है हाए जवानी
हाए जवानी
दूर चलें और साथ बिताएँ ज़िंदगानी
बिताएँ ज़िंदगानी
कहाँ चलें
अरब चलो
रेगिस्तान का डर है
अफ्रीका चलो
बियाबान का डर है
काबुल चलो
पठान का डर है
तो घर बुला लो
अब्बाजान का डर है

घर में अब्बाजान का डर है
काबुल में पठान का डर है
अरब में रेगिस्तान का डर
अफ्रीका में बियाबान का डर है
आन का डर है
जान का डर है
दुनिया भर में
डर ही डर है

याने सारे जहां का डर है

तो जहन्नुम चलो
जहन्नुम चलो
शैतान का डर है
शैतान तो होगा
तो हमें भुला दो

नहीं भुलाते
नैन मिला लो

नहीं मिलाते
दिल मिला लो
नहीं मिलाते
हाथ मिला लो
नहीं मिलाते
वजह बता दो
वजह बता दो

प्यार का डर है
प्यार तो होगा
नैन मिला लो
नैन मिला लो
प्यार का डर है
प्यार तो होगा
दिल मिला लो
दिल मिला लो
दर्द का डर है
डर तो होगा

1 Response to "Nain mila lo nain milaa lo"

Sudhir ji/Atul ji,

The video of the song is available which means that the song was not deleted from the film. Also the video of the song is longer in duration than the audio clip:


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