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Ho raama darr laage apni umariya se

Posted on: November 30, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Starting with the original superstar of Comedians-Noor Mohd.Charlie, it was a trend that atleast one song was given in every film,to the comedian. After Charlie,there was a big gap, when there was no comedian of his stature in Hindi Films. Ofcourse Kishore Kumar was there, but he was more of an actor and singer than a comedian.

In the late 50s, the rise of Johnny Walker brought the golden age of the comedian once again, to be followed by Mehmood later. These two actors ruled the roost in Hindi Comedy world. It was almost an unwritten rule that they must have songs shot on them in every film. Stories and screenplays were written for them, situations and songs created for them in the films. Ofcourse both were not singers and did not sing any solo song in any film. May be Mehmood tried, but not with much success.

After Mehmood again there was a hugh gap for comedians. After 1980, the major stars started doing the comedy part themselves and it was feared that the genre of Comedians was getting annihilated. Paintal, Deven Verma, Keshto Mukherjee, Paresh Rawal etc were trying hard.

Amongst all these comedians, one name kept the flag of clean comedy flying high and that was ASRANI.

GOVERDHAN KUMAR ASRANI was born on 1-1-1941 at Jaipur.His father had a flourishing Carpet business and he wanted his son to join his business,after education. But the bug of Film acting had bitten Asrani and he ran away to Bombay to seek roles in Films. He did not get more than Extra’s roles. A chance meeting with Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Kishore Sahu,he was advised to complete studies and take an acting course. Meanwhile, his family took him back to Jaipur. Asrani completed his graduation and joined the Acting course of Film and Television Institute of Inda, Poona, in 1964.

After completion of the course, he got a break in “Hare kaanch ki Choodiyan” in 1967. Not getting further roles, he went to Ahmedabad and did 4 Gujarati films. In 1969, H.Mukherjee cast him in Satyakam. And in 1971 came Guddi, in which he did his real life role of a film bitten boy doing Extra’s roles in films.

Work kept him busy till 1977, when he made ‘Chala murari hero banane”. Then came ‘Sorry Memsaab’ and finally ‘Hum nahin Sudharenge’ in which he did Triple role. The films flopped and he stopped getting any roles, besides incurring heavy losses. At that time director Vijay Bhatt( Ram Rajya fame) offered him roles in his Gujarati films. He started working there. His first film as a Hero ” MAI BAAP ” was a super duper hit and roles poured on him. He did about 50 films. Due to jealousy or some other reason, the Actors’ Association of Gujarat banned all artists from Bombay from working in Gujarati films and thus Asrani had to come back to Bombay.

This was a time when South producers took a fancy for him and they offered him roles in every Jeetendra film that was made in Madras. Asrani is terribly impressed with the Sothern Film Industry working. In one interview he said,” I was shooting in Jaipur. I got a message that I should come to Rajahmundry in A.P. next day for just one scene. I took a flight from Bombay to Hyderabad and travelling by road reached the shooting site. Can you believe it ? My shot was just of 10 seconds and I had to run after the Hero, without any dialogues. I did it and I was immediately paid and I went back to Jaipur. What planning, what discipline and what execution ! ” He worked for 10 years in south films.

He has acted in 350 films and directed 5 Hindi and 1 Gujarati films. He has got Gujarat Government Best Actor Award and two Filmfare awards in 1973 and 1976. His roles in Abhimaan,chhoti si baat and Sholay can not be forgotten. He is one actor who never resorted to vulgar and cheap comedy, no drags and no face contortions. He has always been a Gentleman Comedian.

he has sung two solo songs in Alaap-77 and one duet with Kishore kumar in phool khile hain Gulshan Gulshan.

let us enjoy this solo song sung by Asrani in Alaap. Amitabh Bachchan is also visible in the picturisation of this song.


Song-Ho rama darr laage apni umariya se(Aalaap)(1977) Singer-Asrani, Lyrics-Dr Rahi Masoom Raza, MD-Jaidev


ho rama darr laage
apni umariya se
ho rama darr laage ae ae ae hey
ho rama darr laage
apni umariya se
ho rama darr laage ae ae ae he he hey

sur aur taal ka maamla hai saahib
zara gaur se suniye
haan haan
arre waah waah waah waah

phoonk phhoonk kar paaon dharoon main
phir bhi paayal baaje ho raama
phir bhi paayal baaje
arre phoonk phhoonk kar paaon dharoon main
phir bhi paayal baaje ho raama
phir bhi paayal baaje
sainyya jee ke ghar ka koi khada more darwaaje
o shyaama
khada more darwaaje
chale jawaani peechhe peechhe
chale jawaani
arre chale jawaani peechhe peechhe
bachpan aage aage raama
dar laage
ho raama darr laage apni umariya se
ho raama darr laage
arre shyaama darr laage
hey hey hey hey heyy

ang ang mein chandan mehke
ye kaisi ritu aayi ho raama
ye kaisi ritu aayi
arre ang ang mein chandan mehke
ye kaisi ritu aayi ho raama
ye kaisi ritu aayi
chaahe jaisi hawaa chale
par mohe lage purwaayi ho raama
mohe lage purwaayi
naina din bhar sapna dekhen
arre naina aa aa aa aa
arre nainaaaaa aa aa aa aa
aji naina din bhar sapna dekhen
kaajal raat ko jaage
darr laage
ho raama
darr laage apni umariya se
ho raama darr laage
arre shyaama darr laage
arre gaama darr laage

darr kitne prakaar ke hote hain
unko bhaavon mein dekhiye
ho raama
darr laage apni umariya se
ho raama darr laage
arre shyaama darr laage
arre gaama darr laage
ho raama darr laage apni
budhiya se
arre chhote sarkaar
darr laage
aa gayi meri maan
kiraaya lene

19 Responses to "Ho raama darr laage apni umariya se"

Thank you Arun ji for the song and all other goodies.

Aalaap is a Very good movie and a nice role for my favorite Asrani ji
and Jaidev ji `s musical compositions are very good.

I liked Asrani ji`s roles in Abhiman,Anaamika,Namak Haraam,Khushboo(He is very good in this one)Khoon Pasina(He is very very good in this one also 🙂 ) Rafoo Chakkar,Koshish,Bawarchi,Sholay,again in Balika Badhu(He is very very very very good in it),Dillagi(as Hema Malini`s brother-Basu chatterjee directed movie)


Prakash ji,
Thanks for your comments and additional info.


Thanks for this article on Asrani. I remember watching his Gujarati film Maa Baap and that also in theater 🙂 (As it was Gujarati and the title gave me easy permission from my parents to watch this in theater.) There was a Kishore Kumar song in the movie “hoon Amdavad no riksha waado…..” Music was by Avinas Vyas. It was a story like Baaghbaan (AB), Zindagi (Sanjeev Kumar, Mala Sinha).
Mehmood has sung one song in Kunwaara Baap-74, “Main mandir pohcha….” part of the hijara song.


Khyati ji,
Thanks for info on Mai Baap and mehmood,as well as your comments of appreciation.


kya baat hain Arunkumarji. u ve written on Asrani & i ve jsut sent atul an Asrani song. kya coincidence hai?


Great minds think alike !




i remembered this song the minute i saw the title. actually asrani has done a good job of singing & he is not so besura also!!!! but please tell me who is the old time actress who plays the “baiji” in the movie.




This is the same Chhaya devi who also starred in another 1983 Hrishikesh Mukherjee directed movie Rang Birangi.In that movie she is paired romantically with Om prakash. If my memory serves me right one song(Lyric contains some “Mrignayanee ….”words)was picturised on Om prakash and Chhaya devi. They play an elderly pan chewing romantic couple(some romantic comedy sequences are picturised on them), I think. Chhaya Devi must be a big name in Bengali Film industry.
Arun ji over to you.


Yes indeed.


Thank you Sir jee
Prakash 🙂


Chhaya Devi also acted as a typical ‘Kothewali’ in film ‘Mamta’.


Which song you have sent to Atul-ji?
Asrani’s other song from Alaap ‘Binati sun le tanik’ is ready with me and I will be sending it in a day or two to Atul-ji.
Realy what a coincident!!!


Jaidevji had used many un-heard voices in films, unlike the then Music Directors, who would not think of singers other than Lata, Asha, Talat, Mukesh, Rafi, Manna Dey and the popular singers of that period.
Jaidevji gave chance to the following Singers, in his Films:
Madhurani, Fayyaz, Bhupinder, Yesudas, Minu Purshottam, Parween Sultana, Chhaya Ganguli, Balbir, Vinod Desai, Krishna Kalle, Lakshmi Shankar, Sharma Brothers, Ranu Mukherjee, Rajkumar Rizvi, Anuradha Paudwal, Runa Laila, Preeti Sagar, Hariharan, Suresh Wadkar, Hiradevi Misra, Vani Jairam, Penaaz Masani, Neelam Sahani, Bhimsen Joshi, Shubha Joshi, Shaila Gulwadi. Asrani etc.
Is there any other Music Director, past or present, who could boast even half of these names, as singers in his or her compositions?


Thank you Bharat ji for updating us about Jaidev ji`s discoveries, I heard only some of them, But now I have to search for the songs sung by other singers introduced by Jaidev ji. They must have sung very good songs, Aakhir Jaidev ji`s discoveries,I hope never disappoint us musically.

Thanks again


I like this new tag of non singers singing. Thank you Arun Ji, you are truly amazing :).






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