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Baney hain ham to ghar janwaai

Posted on: May 1, 2014

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THE VIBRANT 40s(Episode No. 9)

There are many types of Humours. One of them is Mimicry. I was a great fan of Johnny Lever, before he entered films. I also liked Raju Shrivastava very much,on the TV.

What is Mimicry ?

The Dictionary meaning is to imitate someone in an entertaining way. The entertainment will come only if something special, abnormal or funny is seen. In Mimicry, usually the Physical defects of a person’s talk, walk or style is highlighted,e.g. Mimicry of a drunkard or a stammerer etc. This means the negative aspects of a personality are skillfully imitated.

But there are people who have made use of their own defects in body, talk, walk, style, voice or vision, to their advantage. Most comedians in Hindi films depend on some style, defect, voice etc to make people laugh. Examples are many. In early films-like the silent films-only the visible defects like too fat or too thin were used. When the Talkie films started, voice pitch, tone, style of dialogue delivery etc were used profitably.

While Bhagwan, Dixit, Ghory, Fatty Prasad etc were using their fat bodies for humour, Noor Mohammad Charlie, Yaqub, Jeevan (in his early films, he was a comedian) and Radhakishen used their peculiar voices for generating humour. Other examples are Damuanna Malwankar who used his squint, Madhu Apte his stammer, Bhudo Advani his toothless smile, Johnny Walker his walk and talking style, Radhakishen too used his defective voice, Asit Sen used his slow delivery of dialogues, Ram Awatar his Pot belly…so on and so forth.

Among all these comedians, no one used his God given gift of a Roly-Poly body, a cunning smile and dancing skills as much profitably as actor GOPE did !

GOPE VISHANDAS KAMLANI was born on 11-4-1913 at Hyderabad ( Sindh ). They were eight siblings- three sisters and five brothers. Only Gope and his younger brother Ram Kamlani joined Film world. Gope was more interested in acting than in studies, so he did not even complete his Matriculaton. Producer K.S.Daryani knew his acting skills and gave him a break in his film,” Shaitan ya Insaan”-1933, made by his Eastern Arts, Sindh. Incidentally, this was the FIRST film in the history,in which ” JANA GANA MAN ” was one of the songs. Of course it had not yet become our National Anthem by then.

Gope established himself quickly in films. By 1940, he had acted in 23 films and by the end of 1949 his tally was 65 films. His main films were Aaina, Laila Majnu, Rangbhoomi, Doosri Shaadi, Pyaar ki jeet, Patanga, Bazaar, Arzoo etc. Patanga’s evergreen song, ” Mere piya gaye Rangoon ” with Nigar Sultana on the screen is a Landmark song in Hindi films. He made a pair with comedian Yaqub and they acted together in Patanga, Meherbani, Sagai, Hungama and Maalkin. Their inclusion in a film was considered a guarantee of film’s success in those days. Gope also made a pair with comedienne Yashodhara Katju in films like Pyar ki jeet, Rangeen Zamana, Hamari Manzil, Raakhi, Bahurani and Bhai Behan.

In the 50s too Gope acted in 64 films. He established ‘Gope Productions ‘ and made films like Hungama-52 and Maalkin-53.( Even after his death 2 films-Bezubaan-62 and Biradari-66 were made under this banner, by his brother Ram Kamlani.) Important films of Gope in the 50s were, Sanam, Taraana, Sagai, Maalkin, Andher nagari Chaupat Raja, Chori chori, Makkhichoos and Baarish. In Taraana,he was a Villain.

He had married an actress Latika, a Jew by birth, who was Raj Kapoor’s Heroine in the film ‘Gopinath’-48. For her sake Gope converted to Christianity also. This was a coincidence that even Talat Mehmood’s wife was named Latika and she too was a Christian girl !

During the shooting of the film ‘Teesri Gali’-57 on 25-5-1957, he got a massive heart attack on the sets and he died, with make up on his face. His last dialogue in the film was ‘ Main ab upar jaa raha hoon’ ! For the last journey, his body was put in a Sharkskin suit, Tie and white shoes. Hundreds of film personalities attended his funeral .

For once this popular comedian made people cry !

(This is a free translation of an edited article on Gope from the Gujarati book ” Inhe na Bhulana “, written by Shri Harish Raghuvanshi ji. My sincere thanks to him.)

Gope’s younger brother Ram Kamlani was born on 20-10-1919. He was an actor, producer, Director and a singer too. He mostly sang for Gope and most of his songs are duets. His first song too was a duet with Shamshad Begum, in the film ‘Doosri shaadi’-47. He sang in films like Ghar ki izzat, Doosri Shaadi, Rangeen zamaana, Refugee, Kaajal, Laal dupatta, Naav, Pyar ki jeet, Raakhi, Maa ka pyar, Meena bazar, Bahurani, Khaamosh sipaahi, Maalkin, Chaalbaaz etc. He did not sing a single serious song. He died in 1983 in Bombay.

Ghar ki izzat-48 was made by Murali Movietone.It was directed by Ram Daryani. Music was by Pt. Gobindram for lyrics by Ishwar chandra Kapoor. There were 11 songs in the film. The cast included Mumtaz Shanti, Dilip Kumar, Jeevan, Manorama, Dixit, Gope, etc. Dilip Kumar was not yet a big star, so his name came after Mumtaj Shanti, who was already a superstar.

The story of this film depicts the lives of 3 families. Seth Chunilal is a very rich person. His daughter Radhika marries Chaman and they decide to live separately in a different smaller town. Chaman starts his Insurance business.

Roopa (Mumtaz Shanti) is an orphan living with her two brothers in this village. One of her brothers is Gope. Radhika’s brother Chaand (Dilip Kumar) comes to visit his sister and falls in love with Roopa. They get married and come back to the city to live with Seth Chunilal. Soon Radhika starts getting taunted for her poor background and she is very unhappy with the conditions. Roopa’s brother Ram becomes Chunilal’s Ghar jamaai, marrying his other daughter.

Chaand is frustrated with family squabbles and leaves the house and becomes a drunkard. After he leaves house, Chunilal realises his mistake and starts looking for him. Finally he brings him home and all is well in all the three families.

Here is a fun song by Ram Kamlani from “Ghar Ki Izzat: (1948). It is one of his few solo songs. It is picturised on Gope and the song depicts the life of a ghar janmaai whose life, going by the picturisation is quite unenviable.



Song-Baney hain ham to ghar janwaai (Ghar Ki Izzat)(1948) Singer-Ram Kamlani, Lyrics-Ishwar Chandra Kapoor, MD-Pt Govindram


Baney hain ham to ghar janwaai
baney hain ham to ghar janwaai
ghar janwaai bankar hamne ye hai izzat paayi
baney hain ham to ghar janwaai
subah savere pakad istri
ho jaaun taiyyar
haan ho jaaun taiyyaar
subah savere pakad istri
ho jaaun taiyyaar
sasur ka kurta
saas ki saadi
beewi ki salwaar
haan beewi ki salwaar
sasur ka kurta
saas ki saadi
beewi ki salwaar
ban kar dhobi karoon istri
ye hai meri kamaai
baney hain ham to ghar janwaai
baney hain ham to ghar janwaai

har pehli ko ghar ke naukar
apni tankhwaa paayen
haan apni tankhwaa paayen
har pehli ko ghar ke naukar
Apni tankhwaa paayen
ham lalchaai nazron se un sabko dekhe jaayen
ham lalchaai nazron se un sabko dekhe jaayen
jeb mein mere nahin ek paayi
jeb mein mere nahin ek paayi
baney hain ham to ghar janwaai

kabhi kabhi jo saas kahe baazar se sauda la de
kabhi kabhi jo saas kahe baazar se sauda la de
kaat tu jitna kaata jaaye
haath apne dikhla de
kaat tu jitna kaata jaaye
haath apne dikhla de
yahi haathon ki hai safaai
yahi haathon ki hai safaai
baney hain ham to ghar jamaai

ghar janwaai ban’na hai to baat meri ik maano
ghar janwaai ban’na hai to baat meri ik maano
saas sipaahi sasur daroga
joru afsaar jaano
milegi tumko doodh malaai
milegi tumko doodh malaai
doodh malaai khaa kar hamne ye hai sehat paayi
baney hain ham to ghar janwaai

4 Responses to "Baney hain ham to ghar janwaai"

Looked for your 8th episode on last Sunday. You made us wait for 10 days. Today I found the 8th and 9th episode. The episodes were worth the wait. Enjoyed them as much as you enjoyed your swimming. Thanks for the two very informative and wonderful articles. Will be looking forward to the next episode on Sunday.


His dhoti ya patloon is equally rollicking.


Gope’s wife Latika was not a jew by birth. She is an Anglo-Indian. Latika’s mother was Tibetan and her father an Australian who had turned to buddhism. Latika’s birth name was Hungu-Lamu and her stage name was Latika. Her father died when she was a child and her mother remarried an Anglo-Indian. Latika had a growing career as a Hindi actress but gave it all up when she met, fell in love and married Gope. They had two lovely sons who have the same wonderful skill of mimicry as their dad!




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