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Aake apni sooratiyaa dikhaa jaaya karo

Posted on: May 10, 2014

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There were at least two movies called “Sultana Daaku”. One was produced in 1956 and another in 1972.

Kaifi Azmi (14 january 1919- 10 may 2002), whose 12th death anniversary falls today (10 may 2014) was the lyricist in both these movies. He shared the duty of lyrics writing with three other lyricists in “Sultana Daaku” (1956) whereas he was the only lyricist for “Sultaana Daaku” (1972).

“Sultaana Daaku” (1972) was produced by A V Mohan and directed by Mohd Hussain for Sangam Films. The movie had Dara Singh, Randhawa, Helen, Shaminder, Ajit, Bhagwan, Hiralal, Padma Khanna, Saudagar Singh, Sham Kumar, Kamal Mehra(guest artiste), D.K.Sapru, Mumtaz Begum, Daljit, Habib, Sanjid, Shefali, Vishwas Kunte, Sabir, Gulab Singh, Dhanraj, Aazam, Inderpal, Satnam Singh, M.Ali, Aravind Kumar, Uma Dutt, Nazir Kashmiri, Master Chikkoo etc in it.

Here is a song from “Sultaana Daaku” (1972). This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle. It is a dance song which is picturised on Helen and Dara Singh.

Kaifi Azmi is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madan Mohan.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Prakashchandra.

Regulars of the blog may be noticing that the daily output of songs in the blog have gone down from its usual level. That is because I have got busy in my personal matters. In brief, my daughter, who has completed class Xth now wants to attend coaching classes for medical at Kota, Rajasthan. After some usual parental reservations (how will she stay alone at Kota, she can study only when my wife is breathing down her neck all the time, she lacks the maturity to take care of herself etc etc), we have now reconciled to the fact that sooner or later she will have to grow up and learn to take care of herself. So yesterday I was preparing for my journey. Today I am at Jabalpur where my wife and daughter have joined me. Tonight we will board the train to Kota and reach there tomorrow morning. We will spend the next few days getting her admitted to a coaching institute (Allen is the best, according to all) and find an accommodation for her.

So, all the contributors who may be sore that their contributions are not appearing in the blog are requested to be patient for a while. I will try to post a few songs daily even in the interim period before normal rate of postings can be restored in a couple of weeks from now.



Song-Aake apni sooratiya dikha jaaya karo (Sultaana Daaku)(1972) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Madan Mohan

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

aake apni sooratiyaa dikhaa jaayaa karo
aake apni sooratiyaa dikhaa jaayaa karo
tere haath jodoon
ho tere paiyyaan padoon
main tere haath jodoon
ho tere paiyyaan padoon
zaraa pyaas mere dil ki bujhaa jaayaa karo
tere haath jodoon
ho tere paiyyaan padoon
tere haath jodoon
ho tere paiyyaan padoon
tere haath jodoon

jab se laganiyaa lagaayee maine tumse
bhole jiyaa ko kahin chaain nahin
jiss mein na dekhoon main teraa sapnaa
aayee toh aisi koyee raain nahin
chori chori galey se lagaa jaayaa karo
chori chori galey se lagaa jaayaa karo
tere haath jodoon
ho tere painyyaan padoon
main tere haath jodoon
ho tere painyyan padoon
tere haath jodoon

jab se sunaa hai ke mehandi lagegi
aane lagi hai badi laaj mohey
doli sajaao bajegi shehnaayi
chhodke jaanaa nahin aaj mohey
mere dil pe na bijli giraa jaayaa karo
mere dil pe na bijli giraa jaayaa karo
tere haath jodoon
o tere painyyaan padoon
main tere haath jodoon
ho tere painyyan padoon
aake apni sooratiyaa dikhaa jaayaa karo
tere haath jodoon
ho tere painyyaan padoon
main tere haath jodoon
ho tere paiyyaan padoon
aake apni sooratiyaa dikhaa jaayaa karo

12 Responses to "Aake apni sooratiyaa dikhaa jaaya karo"

Atulji Congrats. Great that she is thinking of persuing medical discipline. A word of caution. Its a long haul process; she may have to study upto 30 year of age if she wishes to do MD say in US or elsewhere whereas her freinds doing engg will start earning much earlier. I feel only the top 3 should think of medical. Its a big slog. If she is made aware of these facts and still wants to continue please encourage her.
As my daughter is in US and gone through the grind I know what she has gone through. She may avail of her advice if need be.


It all depends on the individual. Starting salary of a doctor with no experience is more than most engineers with 10-15 yrs experience, at least in USA. Of course in India, its almost the reverse. If goal is to go to US eventually, anything in health care helps, cause rest of the work they can get outsourced. With new Obama policies, salary of doctors is reduced, still its far better than other professions. Residency, fellowship and all takes many many years and one problem doctors (especially girls) encounter is that if they dont find a suitable match during their training, it becomes harder to find the right person at an older age. Most doctor girls obviously prefer a doctor guy as their first choice, then comes dentist, pharmacist, veterinarian, physician assistant, nurse and so on 🙂 But they wont (most of them) desire an engineer, even if he is Stanford educated and could have become a doctor if he wanted to 🙂 You can check out profiles on which will tell u the same. Medicine relies more on memorization and less on analytical skills. May be thats the reason 🙂 But yes, it does require a lot of hard work and long long hours for years. If a person wants to stay in India, engineering/software/IT are much better options.


Shri.Atul ji,
Gone through the post now, and was very happy your daughter will study at Kota, which is now the most preferred place for coaching for engg and medical students. I stayed there for almost 8 yrs from 1988 to 1996 during my posting at the site.
Congratulations to all of you on your daughter’s success in the Xth.
And our best wishes to your daughter for her further studies.
My younger daughter also wants to go for medical after XII th and after one year will have to be shifted to Hostel. Last year we have already gone through similar situation while shifting my elder daughter to hostel for her studies of Journalism and mass communication. Now she has completed a first year and back on vacation. i think slowly we adjusted to all that.
All the best again ! (and yes, Allen is the best choice so far)


oh my god! abhi shaadi nahi hui aur bachche ke baare mein soch liya naam karan kar diya aur uski bhi shaadi kar daali. this is so typical of Indians.
let the girl decide for herself whether it is MBBS or anything else she will study. and then let her think where to do MS or MD etc. then will come all the other stages that Bluefire has talked of. meantime the child has just finished Class X. first of all CONGRATS to her. but whatever course anyone pursues everything is hard work. iknow how my daughter went without sleep for 3 years during her graduation in Fashion Design. and spoilt her health totally. it took her more than a year to return to normal sleep patterns. but she stillcan’t sleep for 8 hours continuous. as far as expenses are concerned every course is expensive.
any way all the best to your daughter Atulji


Nitinji raised engineering vs medicine issue so i expressed my thoughts 🙂 Btw, this has nothing to do with Indian mindset. I know many many people who express regret at a later point in their lives that they didnt have the right guidance at the right time. Indian mindset limits people to pursue only medicine or engg. Kids finishing high school have no exposure to real world, most of them anyways. People talk about becoming a doctor and helping the poor and so on, but very few actually go to rural areas and serve. Making money is not a bad thing either. And if u want to move out of India and pursue medicine, its a very loooooooooong game than a 3 yrs fashion designing course. I have seen people who end up wasting almost a decade trying to be a doctor in USA. MBBS only has no value in my opinion and if u want to move out and/or pursue further education, marriage and all becomes a serious issue. Its a fact. And indian mindset comes where the girl thinks the guy should be making more money than her! So it creates issues for doctors as mentioned previously by me. Kids are impressionable and most have generation gaps with their parents. But they should be made talk to people who are 5-10 yrs senior to them. This is a new world now and you dont have time to learn from your own mistakes, but u have to learn from other’s 🙂 Thats all.


Hullo Bluefire
i am very sorry if i have offended you in any way. actually i was just making a statement based on my own experiences. let me relate it here
actually when my sisters and me came of (marriageble ) age and my pa was going throughthe various prospects (:)) he used to mentally map everything from the “sagai to the child ka naam karan” even before the horoscope matching took place(o i went through that kind of marriage and am very happy with the outcome mind it)
similarly when i wrote the entrance test for IITJee itself my Pa had decided that i will take it up only if the admission was in Bombay (now mumbai). this is what i meant by indian Mentality
arre bhai lets live each day as it comes. for any child it is tense enough whatever course they take whether MBBS or Engineering or Fashion Design for that matter. currently my Peevesie is chewing her nails waiting for the results of the entrance test to Masters. in Fashion. what i felt like conveying was let our children take the entrance tests without feeling “oh my god, iske baad yeh aur phir uske baad woh karni hain?”
hope i am not wrong in thinking like this.
and no i don’t want to discus anything about Fashion designing course as i know very few plunge into it as nothing is known about it. or Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition which my son took up.
sooorry once again Bluefire (do i need to address you as Bluefireji)


No, u dont have to call me by Ji and no Im not offended at all. Our perspectives are based on our own experiences. So u r absolutely right too in the way u think 🙂 Generally speaking, yes, it would be a stretch to think about very long term future when u r just doing high school. But medicine (especially pursuing in USA) is probably the only profession where one needs to be careful. Hence my thoughts. Im sure ur daughter would do well in fashion designing. Im glad all these types of professions are now being pursued in India. Heck, even housewives sharing food recipes on their blogs are doing well these days. I believe a child should be allowed to pursue his/her dreams but need to be made aware of realities as well. I dont agree with the message that one should do whatever that makes them happy disregarding parents/family etc, that movies like Wake Up Sid/3 Idiots are conveying. Thanks for sharing ur views 🙂


thank you for forgiving me


I am from Kota. At present I am visiting my dad’s house. Am Salim’s friend, if you need any help, pl. e-mail me. I will send you my phone nos. When are you planning to be in Kota?


Congrats to your daughter and lots of Aashirwads for her bright future and success, in whatever field she selects.
I have two grand daughters now studying in US and I have seen my son and daughter in law’s efforts and personal sacrifices to achieve that.


audio link



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