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Kya tujhpe nazm likhoon

Posted on: July 13, 2014

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This Non-Film Raaga Maala is by Ustad Ahmed Hussain and Ustad Mohammed Hussain. The composition is unique and very complex. The two brothers have incorporated 9 different ragas in each Antara (total 18 ragas in two antaras). Each time they mention a raga, they sing that verse in that particular raga. It is very admirable that the duo has written the lyrics themselves.

Ustad Ahmed Hussain and Ustad Mohammed Hussain are a unique phenonmenon in the world of ghazals. They hail from Jaipur, Rajastan and are the sons of the famous ghazal and thumri singer Ustad Afzal Hussain Jaipuri, of the Gwalior gharana. They were trained most rigorously in classical music and have made a name for themselves on the music scene as being the only brother duo to be singing ghazals on the concert and recording circuit and they have equally become known for singing geets, bhajans, and even shabads. The duo are versatile, touching genres like Classical and bhajans apart from ghazals. They started their singing career as classical and thumri artists, but are now established as masters of ghazal. Endowed with sweet voices highly suitable for ghazal singing, they sing with good feel and understanding for each other, which is so important when singing together, especially when there is improvisation involved.

They started their singing career in 1958 as classical and thumri artists. Their first ghazal album ‘Guldasta’ was released in 1980 and was quite successful. Since then they have released more than 50 albums. They have also leant their voices for few films including ‘Veer Zara’.

Song-Kya Tujh Pe Nazm Likhhoon(Ahmad Hussain Mohammad Hussain NFS)(2000) Singers- Ahmed Hussain-Mohammed Hussain, Lyrics- Ahmed Hussain-Mohammed Hussain, MD- Ahmed Hussain-Mohammed Hussain


kya tujh pe nazm likhkoon
aur kaisa geet likhun
Jab teri taareef karoon
sur taal mein meet likhoon
kya tujh pe nazm likhkoon

kalaavati mein teri chhabi hai
mukhda roop ka darpan
tere labon ke rang mein paaye
maine laal-e-yaman
hawa mein udti lat ka swaagat karti jaijaivanti
mehka mehka khila khila sa tera rang basanti
baali kamar pe jaise pahaadi par ghanghor ghataayen
megh se naina saawan bhaadon
prem ka ras barsaayen
teri sohni mohni soorat
komal kanchan kaaya
is mai se payee tere husn ki chhaya
jis mein sukhan raageshwari
rooh-e-sangeet likhoon oon
kya tujh pe nazm likhoon
aur kaisa geet likhoon
kya tujh pe nazm likhoon

teri dhaani chunariya lahre
jaise madhur bayaar
pyaar ka gulshan mehka mehka
tujh se jaan-e-bahaar
teri ek jhalak hai kaafi
mujh ko jaan se pyaari
chaal nasheeali dekh ke teri rakhs kare darbari
sar se paaon talak dilkash andaaz tera shaahaana
tu meri gunkali hai jaanum
main tera deewana
teri chaahat dil mein le kar ghooma desh bidesh
tujh se jai bhi door raha hoon
dhaara jogia bhesh
sada suhaagan bhairavi tujh ko preet ki reet likhoon
kya tujh pe nazm likhoon
kya tujh pe nazm likhoon
kya tujh pe nazm likhoon


3 Responses to "Kya tujhpe nazm likhoon"

Great Post Sir !
and thanks for the information about Hussain brothers.
i hv this cassette album ‘Guldasta’ in my collection and i like ‘main hawaa hoon kahaan watan mera…’ very much. (i do not know if this album was first released in 1980, because it is of 2005 and i got it in Dec 2005 i think).
thanks !

Bharat ji,
Very interesting post and song.
Let me put forward some of my quick observation. The eighteen Raags represent all the Thats, predominantly Kafi and Khamaj, except Thodi. Most of them are late evening/night Ragas, barring three at the end of the second antara, which are morning Ragas. I am not sure about Dhani and Chhaya. Is Dhani a day Raag? I have not heard of Chhaya before.
Thanks Bharat ji.

Thanks Venkat-ji,
Knowing my limitations to remembering the time-periods of each Raga, I will confirm it later after consulting with my Guruji.
I am very glad that You have commented on the contents of the presentation, which I don’t find often. Such comments encourage me to present more classical based songs on this blog.

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